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Today's word on journalism

Thursday, April 6, 2006

"It was a big mistake to lose control of CNN. I lost control over it, and I lost it a long time ago and I apologize to everybody. I had a sacred trust there, and I let it get away. I was overconfident. I thought I had done such a good job there was no way they could phase me out.

"We at CNN tried to cover controversial issues as fairly as we could. . . . That's why CNN was accepted all over the world. It was making a positive contribution to the information store of knowledge, encouraging the better nature of mankind."

--Ted Turner, CNN founder, 2006 (accepting the 2006 Delta Prize for Global Understanding at the University of Georgia, 3/30/06)

Mother-daughter duo in drug court

By Di Lewis

April 06, 2006| LOGAN -- Rosemary Fritz, 44, was ordered to get more information on a detoxification center in Ogden, and her daughter, Alison Fritz, 19, was told she couldn't be admitted to drug court until she moved out of her mother's house.

The decisions came from Judge Thomas L. Willmore on Tuesday afternoon when the women came into drug court. Before she can be admitted into drug court for treatment programs, Alison Fritz must find a separate place to live, said Willmore.

"You can't associate with your mother if you come into drug court," said Willmore. He said that because she was using methamphetamine with her mother, she shouldn't be around her while she was completing a drug court treatment program.

He also said Alison Fritz must give a urinary analysis at the Bear River Health Department to show that she is no longer using methamphetamines. Willmore told Alison Fritz that she should call the Bear River Health Department every day to see if she has a random drug test that day.

Rosemary Fritz told Willmore that she didn't want to go to the Logan detoxification center because she didn't like the use of methadone to treat patients. "I don't want to get sick from sudden withdrawals," she said.

A detoxification center in Ogden has a step-down program for methamphetamine addiction that she said she was investigating. Willmore ordered Rosemary Fritz to get more information on the center and report to him next week about the center's treatment program.


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