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Today's word on journalism

Thursday, April 6, 2006

"It was a big mistake to lose control of CNN. I lost control over it, and I lost it a long time ago and I apologize to everybody. I had a sacred trust there, and I let it get away. I was overconfident. I thought I had done such a good job there was no way they could phase me out.

"We at CNN tried to cover controversial issues as fairly as we could. . . . That's why CNN was accepted all over the world. It was making a positive contribution to the information store of knowledge, encouraging the better nature of mankind."

--Ted Turner, CNN founder, 2006 (accepting the 2006 Delta Prize for Global Understanding at the University of Georgia, 3/30/06)

River Heights P&Z holds on subdivision request

By Ben Walker

aPRIL 06, 2006| RIVER HEIGHTS -- Seven days after the City Council rescinded a motion for a moratorium on subdivisions, Dan Weston tried to get one approved at Tuesday's Planning and Zoning Commission meeting.

Weston said he would like to create a cul-de-sac and build five homes near 700 East and 600 South, where he has already built three homes. He said he plans on building the homes and already has friends interested in buying them.

"I'm not a developer. I don't want to be doing this," Weston said. "I'm doing it so I get a home and I want to pick my neighbors."

Commission Chairman Chris Himmel said the commission would need more time to review Weston's master plan, despite Weston's desire for an immediate answer.

"If you really have to think about it, that means no to me, and I'll just sell it," Weston said.

Commissioner Gladys Ann Atwood said a sewer problem may make the subdivision too expensive to be realized. Other discussions about the potential subdivision included a possible through road instead of a cul-de sac.

"Two homeowners are going to be really upset because they thought it was going to be a cul-de-sac like was on the origial plan," Weston said. "I don't even want to start if I'm not able to put a cul-de-sac in."

Himmel said, "My personal opinion is that we need just a little bit of time to talk about this."

The commission also discussed requirements for a business license for adult-oriented businesses. Though River Heights has no adult-oriented businesses currently, commission member Mike Rickson prepared an ordinance in case of future attempts to move such a business to the city.

"I looked at the existing ordinance at the county and [Logan] city level and I made it more restrictive. I wanted to define it in a way that would give us a great amount of latitude when we deal with this kind of business," Rickson said. "They had not violated any First Amendment issues, yet it gave them control as to when and how and what."

Shiela Lind, city recorder, said she had never received any applications for an adult-oriented business.


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