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Today's word on journalism

Friday, May 12, 2006


PETERSBORO, Utah -- Gloom like a Bulwer-Lyttonesque pall hung heavily over the Cache Valley as word came that the WORD had gone.

"As he stared at her ample bosom, he daydreamed of the dual Stromberg carburetors in his vintage Triumph Spitfire. . . ." No, wait. . . . That's actual Bulwer-Lyttonism. Scratch it.

We conclude, with joy and trumpets and a tankard or two, the 10th season of TODAY'S WORD ON JOURNALISM. What began in 1995 as a professor's strategy to get his students to read email (guess that worked!) now has spread, birdflu-like, far beyond that unwilling audience to self-flagellating WORD volunteers on five-and-a-half continents. But the willing and unwilling alike--the halt and addled and addicted and deluded--will have to get a life and smell the roses, for a while anyway.

Today marks the end of the WORD for this academic season. Even ere the rosy dawn that didth bust o'er this glade, this vale, this happy home. . . . ooops. Avert already, Sir Bulwer, you mangy cur!!!!

See you in the fall. . . TP

Cornish P&Z postpones paintball park decision

By Katie Smedley

April 7, 2006 | CORNISH -- The Planning and Zoning Commission reviewed a request from Jeff Balls to run a paintball park on his property. The council discussed concerns about parking and stray paintballs. Other issues such as which permit to be granted and what kind of insurance would be necessary were also discussed.

Chris McKnight, commission chairman, said there were two options for which permit to be granted. Either the special permit which requires a public hearing or conditional use permit that leaves the decision of whether a public hearing takes place up to the town council. The commission decided to study the issues more thoroughly and make a decision in the following planning and zoning meeting.

Next on the agenda Amy Murphy, town recorder, reported on her recent training where she became a certified city planner. Murphy said in the training the main topics that were discussed were how to keep your town rural and the importance of council members separating the business of the town and their personal lives.

Murphy said, "The best way to keep the town rural is to keep lot sizes small and keep the people together."

Murphy said, any conversation between a council member and another member of the town must be recorded if any town business is discussed.


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