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Today's word on journalism

Friday, May 12, 2006


PETERSBORO, Utah -- Gloom like a Bulwer-Lyttonesque pall hung heavily over the Cache Valley as word came that the WORD had gone.

"As he stared at her ample bosom, he daydreamed of the dual Stromberg carburetors in his vintage Triumph Spitfire. . . ." No, wait. . . . That's actual Bulwer-Lyttonism. Scratch it.

We conclude, with joy and trumpets and a tankard or two, the 10th season of TODAY'S WORD ON JOURNALISM. What began in 1995 as a professor's strategy to get his students to read email (guess that worked!) now has spread, birdflu-like, far beyond that unwilling audience to self-flagellating WORD volunteers on five-and-a-half continents. But the willing and unwilling alike--the halt and addled and addicted and deluded--will have to get a life and smell the roses, for a while anyway.

Today marks the end of the WORD for this academic season. Even ere the rosy dawn that didth bust o'er this glade, this vale, this happy home. . . . ooops. Avert already, Sir Bulwer, you mangy cur!!!!

See you in the fall. . . TP

Agriculture's Cody Bingham wins Robins Award

By Aaron Falk

April 27, 2006 | At USU's most prestigious awards ceremony, Cody Bingham was on top.

For his academic excellence and leadership skills, Bingham, the ASUSU Ag senator, was give the Bill E. Robins Memorial Award at the annual Robins Awards ceremony.

"Cody is one of those individuals who have helped create an important legacy here at Utah State University," USU President Stan Albrecht said. "He truly cares about the success of the university."

Albrecht also said that Bingham went above and beyond expectations in his handling of the September van accident that killed eight of his fellow Agriculture students and one instructor.

Bingham's advisers and coworkers said they were "in awe" of his ability and wisdom in dealing with media and planning vigils and memorials.

"He is always willing to help where needed and looks for opportunities to serve," Albrecht said. "He is one of those quiet and natural leaders."

The ceremony also honored and memorialized the victims of the rollover van accident with a new award: the Legacy of Utah State Award.

Robert Peterson, a survivor of the accident, said the accident was a tragic time for the victims' families, but that the university responded with love and hope.

"The award will be given each year to a student who embodies the true spirit, heart and soul of Utah State," he said.

Other Winners:

Val R. Christensen Service Award
USUBC Student Government

Achievement of the Year

Organization of the Year
USU Ambassadors

Scholar of the Year
Glen de Guzman

Female Athlete of the Year
Zuzana Cernianska

Male Athlete of the Year
Trever Ball

Graduate Teaching Assistant of the Year
Jenna Glover

Graduate Research Assistant of the Year
Chris Feldman

Professional Advisor of the Year
Lynne Slade

Faculty Advisor of the Year
Susan Dudash

Talent of the Year
Jamilyn Manning White

Professor of the Year
Leigh Monhardt

Gerald R. Sherratt Award
Juan Franco

Man of the Year
Jay Price

Woman of the Year
Kiersten Hewitt


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