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Today's word on journalism

Friday, May 12, 2006


PETERSBORO, Utah -- Gloom like a Bulwer-Lyttonesque pall hung heavily over the Cache Valley as word came that the WORD had gone.

"As he stared at her ample bosom, he daydreamed of the dual Stromberg carburetors in his vintage Triumph Spitfire. . . ." No, wait. . . . That's actual Bulwer-Lyttonism. Scratch it.

We conclude, with joy and trumpets and a tankard or two, the 10th season of TODAY'S WORD ON JOURNALISM. What began in 1995 as a professor's strategy to get his students to read email (guess that worked!) now has spread, birdflu-like, far beyond that unwilling audience to self-flagellating WORD volunteers on five-and-a-half continents. But the willing and unwilling alike--the halt and addled and addicted and deluded--will have to get a life and smell the roses, for a while anyway.

Today marks the end of the WORD for this academic season. Even ere the rosy dawn that didth bust o'er this glade, this vale, this happy home. . . . ooops. Avert already, Sir Bulwer, you mangy cur!!!!

See you in the fall. . . TP

Rolling out the blue carpet

By Lauren Murakami

April 30, 2006 | The blue carpet was rolled out for the most coveted awards at Utah State University, the 49th annual Robin's Awards Ceremony took place Saturday, April 22 at the TSC and was followed by the Blue Carpet Ball.

The Robins Awards recognizes those students, faculty members, and organizations who have demonstrated excellence and exceptional contributions to USU.

The night began with a reception held for the who's who, or more accurately, the who's contributed the most to USU, at the Student Alumni Center catered by Hamilton's. The nominees and the presenters then proceeded to the award's ceremony hosted by Reed Cowan, an Emmy award winning newscaster for ABC 4 and an alumni of USU.

"I could not have asked for a better host or entertainment" said Maren Barnett, Traditions Director. "They really knew how to keep the program running. We were honored to have Gerald R. Sherratt and Val R. Christensen attend the evening and to present their awards."

Special guest, William Joseph, a world renowned pianist who opened for both Josh Groban and Clay Aiken, provided the entertainment throughout the ceremony. He was accompanied by Aaron Ashton and an outstanding violinist who has performed and recorded for events and clients such as PBS, CNN, and the 2002 Winter Olympic Opening Ceremonies. Ashton is from Logan and an alumni of Utah State.

"It was nice to see the university bring in a world-class professional" said Zach Ames, Robin's Awards Chair. "William Joseph was absolutely amazing - definitely the highlight of the evening."

The Robin's Awards are held in memory of Bill E. Robins, who was the student body president of USU. His exceptional contributions to USU and his vision helped to create the Taggert Student Center. In 1954 Bill and his wife died in a plane crash and the Sigma Nu Fraternity, of which Bill was a member, established the Bill E. Robin's Memorial Fund.

The president of Sigma Nu, Steve Morrill said, "I am happy of how the Robin's Awards turned out. This year we were able to be as involved as we have been in the past. We collaborated well with the ASUSU Traditions committee in making sure our vision of the Robin's Awards matched theirs. Sigma Nu started the Robins Awards 57 years ago, and we are proud of the success of the awards throughout the years and are excited for next year."

Maren Barnett also felt like the Robins Awards went well this year. "All I can say is that the President and his wife, as well as many others who have attended several Robins Awards, said this was the best ceremony they have been too. I couldn't of asked for a smoother program" Barnett said.

After the awards ceremony, the Blue Carpet Ball hosted a multitude of entertainment opportunities. There was big band swing music by the USU jazz band, William Joseph and Aaron Ashton played around on the piano and violin, there was also a DJ and a classic rock band.

"The Blue Carpet Ball, previously known Spring Formal, was a great success and the beginning of a new Utah State tradition. There was a good variety of entertainment that seemed to please all in attendance" Barnett said.

Next year's Traditions Chair, Karilyn Flake, said "Next year we will continue with the Blue Carpet Ball. We will keep the ceremony pretty much the same, but we hope to be able to invite more people to the ceremony itself because as of right now it is by invite only."

Both the Robins Awards and the Blue Carpet Ball were memorable not only for the winners of the awards, but all in attendance.

For a complete list of Robin's Awards winners refer to this article at Utah State Today.

If you have questions or comments contact: Lauren Murakami.


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