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Today's word on journalism

Monday, September 3, 2007

"I've always been all over the lot in my writing. Except for poetry -- even though they say all the old-time sportswriters use plenty of it. Maybe it's just part of what we do."

--Frank DeFord, 2006

Sunset Park likely to get new neighbors in Nibley

By Shannon K. Johnson

April 13, 2007 | NIBLEY -- Residents of Sunset Park may be seeing new neighbors if the development for Sunset Parks II goes as planned.

When the original permit was granted for Niel Anderson, Randy Ghenm it was granted with the condition that the nearest development would be one and one-fourth mile away.

According to Conley Thompson, the city planner, the original reason was to make sure that the communities were dispersed.

Now that the community is developed, the neighborhood is eager to expand and residents would like to see the new neighborhood right next to the older development.

Sunset Parks is a active senior development requiring that 80 percent of the residents be older than 55.

The problem was simple the original limitation prevented the further development of the neighboring lots to join in the communities.

So Anderson and Ghenm applied to have the condition appealed.

The council had no qualms about waving the previous limitation, but the problem was which set of development plans could be chosen.

A road was platted (a plat is a blueprint of the city) right down the middle of the new development and the developers had prepared a plan with the road and one without.

Nibley has a law that requires that any reconsideration of a road that has already been platted to be approved in a public hearing.

So the committee approved the permit and requested that a hearing take place shortly so the development could begin.

"There is a distinct difference more then any other developer they are open minded to what we have to say instead of being argumentative," said committee member Aaron Blesner. "It changes how we interact with them."


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