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Today's word on journalism

Monday, September 3, 2007

"I've always been all over the lot in my writing. Except for poetry -- even though they say all the old-time sportswriters use plenty of it. Maybe it's just part of what we do."

--Frank DeFord, 2006

Cache Valley craft makers show their skills at Sugar N' Spice in Hyde Park

By Laura Mecham

April 13, 3007 | HYDE PARK -- If you're looking for some house decoration ideas, Sugar N' Spice has a lot to choose from.

The store is at 55 N. U.S. 91 and is lined with giant, wooden, pink and yellow flowers, making it difficult to miss. It opened about five years ago and sells crafts, home goods, jewelry, bags, furniture and many other products produced mainly by women from Cache Valley.

Upon entering the store, one is lead down one of four aisles, each lined with separate booths filled with assorted crafts and home goods. Every booth's content is quite different and may require a slow stroll past in order to take in what each has to offer. As I zigzagged up and down the aisles I saw a few women slowly browsing while others had shopping carts full of frames and signs and were excitedly loading them with more. Employee Brandi Hoggan said the store has quite a few loyal customers, and it seemed as if a few of them were there the same time I was.

"I was impressed with the variety of items they have. I was also impressed with the low prices because that kind of stuff is usually pretty expensive," a new customer said.

Hoggan said the store has more than 40 vendors. She said to become a vendor at Sugar N' Spice one must bring a sample of their product before a small jury who determine whether to sell it in the store.

"The jury knows what will and won't sell and can tell pretty quickly if the product will make it," Hoggan said.

When asked about the competition Sugar N' Spice faces in Cache Valley, Hoggan said the store On the Avenue on Federal Avenue in downtown Logan is the main competitor. She said Sugar N' Spice is a bit larger than On the Avenue, doesn't really feel any negative effects from their similarities and continues to do well.


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