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Monday, September 3, 2007

"I've always been all over the lot in my writing. Except for poetry -- even though they say all the old-time sportswriters use plenty of it. Maybe it's just part of what we do."

--Frank DeFord, 2006

USU's 'Anything Goes' light and fun

By Britt Shepherd

April 19, 2007 | USU Theatre's production of Cole Porter's musical Anything Goes is a cute and lighthearted rendition.

The show, set aboard a cruise ship, started out with the introduction of many characters as they prepared to set sail. At first it was difficult to determine a storyline or plot. However, throughout the production, each role seemed to be connected and the plot evnetually became apparent.

The production was filled with fun and entertaining musical numbers including the famous songs Let's Misbehave and I Get a Kick Out of You. The vocal ability of the lead characters was all very good, and each musical number was performed flawlessly. They also had some talented dancers who provided further entertainment in those musical numbers. During the song Anything Goes, the entire cast was on stage and tap dancing. The synchronization of the dance moves and the dancers ability to tap was impressive and fun to watch.

Mark Wayne, who played Moonface Martin, was definately a scene stealer. He made his character, who was supposed to be the 13th most wanted man in America, lovable. be Not only did he have a great voice, but he kept the audience's attention and often had to hold the stage alone, which he did successfully.

John McBride, who played Billy, also did an exceptional job. His character was in hiding during most of the play, so he had to adorn disguises and fake accents, which kept the audience laughing.

The female leads were not quite as strong as the male ones. Emily Heap, who played the celebrity Reno Sweeny, had a wonderful voice and was a treat to listen to during all of her musical numbers. However, she did not hold the stage as well as she could have. Her character was supposed to be a sexy celebrity with a lot of attitude. She could have put more into that.

Lacey Jackson played Hope Harcourt. She also had a great voice and definitely looked that part. However, I would have like to see more emotion from her as her character was caught in a love triangle.

Overall, Anything Goes was an enjoyable way to spend an evening. The costumes and set were fantastic and very realistic of the time and setting. The production was filled with comic relief and lighthearted love stories.

Anything Goes: 7:30 p.m. through Saturday, April 21. Chase Fine Arts Center, Morgan Theatre. Tickets $7 to $10, USU students free.



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