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Today's word on journalism

May 8, 2008

Liberal Patriot:

"Molly Ivins was an unabashed patriot, and it drove right-wingers nuts. Conservatives somehow got it fixed in their brains that patriotism meant being in lockstep with their ideology, that dissent was treason. Molly made a career of reminding them otherwise, always careful to point out how cute they were when they acted like fools."

--Gary Cartwright, senior editor, Texas Monthly, 2007. Molly Ivins (1944-2007), a sharp-witted and clear-eyed columnist who died of cancer last year, was an unapologetic liberal. She once observed, "There's nothing you can do about being born liberal -- fish gotta swim and hearts gotta bleed."

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Fun ideas for the warm weather ahead

By Heather Maile

April 24, 2008 | With this semester finally winding to an end we will all have a little bit more spare time. So get off that couch and enjoy the upcoming warm weather.

Here are some ideas for cheap entertainment:

- Get some friends together and have a potluck barbeque. Everyone provides their own meat and brings something else along to share with everyone. Itís a good idea to keep in mind that whoever is planning it needs to make sure that there will be plates and utensils for the food, also drinks. So if someone doesnít know what to bring you could assign those things out. Youíre sure to have plenty of food and laughter.

- Take advantage of all of our beautiful public parks. A local favorite is the Lundstrom Park at around 1300 North and 1500 East in Logan . There is plenty of room to play any team sport such as: football, baseball, soccer, ultimate Frisbee, steal the flag, beach volleyball, and many more. Also, parks are a great place to set up smaller games such as: croquet, ladder golf and horse shoes. Pack up a picnic and donít forget the kites to spend a fun filled day in the fresh air!

- Read a book outside, try to find somewhere with peace a quiet (possibly up the Logan Canyon) where you can just get absorbed into your book and enjoy the serenity of nature. Another relaxing spot is in a comfortable chair or hammock out in a the warm sun. This is also a great time to reflect on your own thoughts, you may want to have a journal handy.

- Exercise. Go for a jog on the beautiful river walk trail in South Logan. Take a nice bike ride through Sardine or Logan Canyon. Go hiking or rock climbing. The possibilities are endless just be sure to be prepared with water.

Hopefully, we can all enjoy the beautiful Logan weather that is just around the corner.



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