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SMART PEOPLE IN FUNNY HATS: USU faculty members stream into the Spectrum for commencement ceremonies. / Photo by Bryan Williams

Today's word on journalism

May 9, 2008

Liberal Patriot:

"Molly Ivins was an unabashed patriot, and it drove right-wingers nuts. Conservatives somehow got it fixed in their brains that patriotism meant being in lockstep with their ideology, that dissent was treason. Molly made a career of reminding them otherwise, always careful to point out how cute they were when they acted like fools."

--Gary Cartwright, senior editor, Texas Monthly, 2007. Molly Ivins (1944-2007), a sharp-witted and clear-eyed columnist who died of cancer last year, was an unapologetic liberal. She once observed, "There's nothing you can do about being born liberal -- fish gotta swim and hearts gotta bleed."

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APRIL 2008



USU students raising money for charity through 'Art Saving the World'
"Buy art, save the world," is the slogan for an emerging organization that was founded by three Utah State University students, who are also artists, and is devoted to raising money through art sales for charities. / By Jessica N. Prado

'I can do better than that' is USU art student's creed
A beaded curtain depicting the Mona Lisa covers the large front window of Laura Metcalf’s apartment. / By Riki Richards

Meet Erica Anderson, reluctant artist, and her amazing shoes
Pressing play on her iPod, 20-year-old Erica Anderson settles down cross-legged in a makeshift basement studio and reaches for the box of shoes next to her. Her short white-blond hair bobs and sways to the intricate folk music that is pouring out of tiny speakers. Pulling out a single white canvas sneaker, she starts to sketch out five familiar faces with delicate pencil strokes- John, Paul, George and Ringo. / By Amanda Mears

USU students win international acclaim for designing building to uplift slum neighborhood
"Design Like You Give A Damn." Barbara Lundberg does. Interior design is not just about picking fabrics and coordinating paint tones, she said. An innovative building can help lift the morale of a community and usher in change. / By Ashley Schiller


'Eclipse' by Stephanie Meyer has big choices in good-vs.-evil battle
by Stephenie Meyer, the latest in the epic story of Bella and Edward, is the battle of good vs. evil and the alliance of enemies that once existed for the sole purpose of annihilating the other, and the intertwining of the fate of the Quillette tribe and the Cullen coven of vampires. / By Seili Lewis


Whittier Community Center to celebrate centennial with alumni reunion
The playground in the back yard of the Whittier Community Center has seen a lot in the last 100 years. The swings look sad and broken, but that's all about to change. / By Ashley Zarate

Actors and their roles opened window on culture, Chicano playwright says
Luis Valdez, Chicano playwright, spoke Wednesday afternoon about the "Genesis of the Farm Workers Theater" as part of the Tanner Symposium in the Eccles Conference Center. / By Marshall Young


Students rate Road Runners as top on-campus eatery
Along with Hazel's bread, Aggie Ice Cream is another favortie treat that can be found at the Hub.It is so popular that ice creams can order it online from virtually anywhere. This traditional Aggie treat comes in a variety of flavors including Aggie Blue Mint, Lemon Custard and Strawberry Cheesecake. / By Liz Wilson

Arches vs. Marches: An Irishman's take on Utah
Comparing Arches National Park, Utah, to my home country Northern Ireland has given me the dilemma: Do I want to go home yet? / By Ross Davis

USU students deep into surviving finals week
Summer's almost here, but finals have just begun. Evidence of this clear: no parking in the B lot on a Saturday night, private rooms in the library are full to capacity (and have been for three weeks) and the university's cleaning staff has been overwhelmed by unrecycled cups from Starbucks. / By Jackson Olsen

Psychedelic Improv closes year with 'Bucket of Death'
Utah State's newest club, Psychedelic Improv, held its final performance for the year Thursday night at the Taggart Student Center auditorium. They played games like the ones you see on the television show Whose Line Is It Anyway. / By Seili Lewis

North Campus helps teen mothers get high school diplomas
Just across the street from Logan High School is North Campus, a place where young women in high school who become pregnant have a place to study and take care of their babies. / By Bethany Crane

Lewiston CVTD riders say more people should stop driving, take the bus
Every morning Callan West gets up at 5:40, gets dressed and ready for work, says goodbye to his wife and two kids, and then walks out the door by 6:15. / By Davis Archibald

4 Paws: Helping homeless pets connect with good humans
Sheri Zollinger, a 4-Paws volunteer and a foster caregiver for homeless cats, got her start with adoption and rescue more than five years ago. / By M. Kathryn Hanberg

Ag College plays host to barbecue at closing social
Nearly 100 USU College of Agriculture students and faculty attended the college's annual closing social at Willow Park on Thursday evening despite the late-April snow. / By Lisa Rose Woodworth

Secrets of the Old Main Bell Tower at USU
Utah State University Students are familiar with Old Main, especially those who make the climb up Old Main hill every morning on their way to class. / By Bronden Jessup

Cooking 101: Quick roasts for Sunday dinner
Time is a huge factor in cooking. Most of the time people do not have time to sit around all day and cook. So, a quick and easy Sunday diner is the way to do it! / By Errin Stevenson

Fun ideas for the warm weather ahead
With this semester finally winding to an end we will all have a little bit more spare time. So get off that couch and enjoy the upcoming warm weather. / By Heather Maile

Baby Animal Days bringing kids of all ages to Heritage Center
Oink … Baa … Bleat ... Neigh … Chirp ... Moo …"Baby Animal Days” is more than just a petting zoo. / By Brittany Strickland

12 Ton Jezus drummer has played the same drums for 11 years
The drum kit stands like a Tibetan temple shrine. Brett Johnson settles his rear cheeks into a black, thick cushioned, three legged stool. The soft plastic has been well formed over the past 11 years to move as he moves. Two wooden sticks are picked from the floor and Johnson turns into his drums. This is his throne. Each snare, tom, and cymbal, are his minions, faithful to Johnson's commands. He doesn't mean to beat his loyal subjects, but this is heavy metal. Beat hard and beat fast. / By Kathryn Philpot

USU student creator of motocross racewear company
"The boots I painted that Twitch wore were my babies," says Brett Throckmorton, 22, a student at Utah State University. Throckmorton is the creator of Perpa Casual Racewear. "I painted an American flag design with the red and white stripes on the lower section of the boot, and the star design on top," Throckmorton said. "I was really proud of them. They were definitely my favorite project to work on."
/ By Whitney Schulte

The comforts of homemade applesauce
Applesauce is one of those childhood comfort foods that seems to solve all collegiate hunger issues. It can be eaten with a bowl of rice, on toast, alone, hot, cold, with green eggs and ham, and the list really does go on. /
By C. Ann Jensen

Hills in heels goes the extra mile for SAAVI
You may not know a man named Doug Hills, but you may be seeing Hills in heels at Cache Valley coffee shops, such as Citrus and Sage, Starbucks and Borders, during April, a nationally designated month for sexual assault awareness. / By Jessica Prado

Healthy Living Tips for College Students on the go: With finals approaching, sleep is essential
It seems like the end of the semester is crunch time for the majority of college students. Papers, projects, and tests consume a large amount of our precious time. Whatever these next few weeks may entail, be sure to get enough sleep! / By Heather Maile

Lewiston teacher retiring to the after-school bunch
After 21 years of teaching at Lewiston Elementary, Jeanne Nielsen will retire from teaching after this school year. / By Davis Archibald

Utah's oldest celebration of May Day will happen again in Mendon
The approaching May Day has many residents working and practicing to make everything spectacular. / By M. Kathryn Hanberg

Pageant winner says problems fade, success comes together on stage
“Click, Click, Click” is the sound 5-foot-tall Rachel Jensen’s 4-inch clear, pageant heels make as she walks across the stage. This sound is a relief to Jensen because this means the pageant has started and she no longer has the strong urge to urinate. / By Jennifer Taylor

Making a better snow machine is one man's obsession
When most teenagers were saving money to buy a new bike or the most recent Nintendo set, Gregg Blanchard said he was counting his dimes to buy a $300 air compressor. / By Tamra Watson

An unlikely pair behind the table at Boots'N'Things in Richmond
The sign sitting outside the shop tells visitors the times the shop is open for business and at the bottom the sign reads “We are always here unless we’re not.” / By Stephanie Hebert

Banana Chocolate Chip Cookies
You bought a bunch of bananas and after a few days you forgot about them so now you are stuck with two brown bananas. Most people give themselves two options here, throwing them away or freezing them "to make smoothies" which we all know never happens and by the end of the semester your freezer has about a dozen frozen black bananas in it. / By C. Ann Jensen

Cooking 101: Easy treats
It is nice to have a list of quick and easy treats for surprise guests. There is nothing worse then people showing up and not knowing how to entertain. With only a few ingredients included, these treats are always good and always a treat. / By Errin Stevenson

Jeweler Joe Needham started 'young and dumb,' grew to love design
Joseph Needham may not have initially wanted a job at the family business at age 13, but he has come to enjoy his work and the technological changes he has seen. / By Alison Baugh

Cycling through the mind of Logan's free-spirit bike shop owner
Jeff Keller was in his kitchen at 8:57 p.m. ricocheting off of the objects while he prepared some tea. He had gone to Beaver Mountain ski resort and was still dressed in his base layers looking much like someone on a cold morning running out to grab the paper in pajamas and winter boots. / By Lukas Brinkerhoff

Photographer went from being Linda to Casey, and things just developed
When she was 37 years old, Linda Edwards changed her name to Casey. / By Brittany Strickland

Glass art reveals and reflects the muse of Peggy Wolford
Shards of different colored glass are embedded in the corners of her front stoop. They flash hello to passers-by. A portion of her driveway shows chalked shapes, yellow, pink and blue drawings that look like rectangles intersecting triangles. It looks like something her grandkids drew with help from Grandma. A store-made banner with flaps in the wind on a garage wall. /
By Brittny Goodsell Jones

Concert organizer, artist 'able to know what people want
As a child, Marcel Cochegrus liked to watch movies and press “pause” to draw Disney cartoon characters on the television screen. He began designing whatever he could at a young age and has become more passionate about his work with time. He said the way he sees things in the world, is what make his designs unique. / By Tonnie Dixon

USU to stage 'King Lear'
Adrianne Moore, professor of acting and directing in the department of theatre arts at Utah State University and production director, said "King Lear" is one of Shakespeare’s most accessible plays.

High heels and baby steps
Over one hundred men in high - heel shoes with purses collecting money is not something seen everyday around the USU campus. / By Natalie Archibald

Cooking 101: Cheap and healthy taco soup
As a college student, a newlywed, or in a working family, it is hard to find a meal that can be either frozen or reheated or serves a lot of people and is also cheap. I understand because I fit all three classes of people. / By Errin Stevenson

How to avoid the 'freshman 15'
Everyone has at least heard, if not experienced or been warned, about the "Freshman 15." Unfortunately, it occurs quite frequently every year among college students. After taking a poll at Utah State University, 70 percent of the students who participated said they had, indeed, put on some excess pounds. / By Lauren Jones

Derby Days has goal of raising $7,500 for Huntsman Cancer Foundation
Derby Days, which starts this week, is put on by the Sigma Chi Fraternity to raise money for the Huntsman Cancer Foundation. / By Renae Cowley

Information technology expert urges students to be 'Internet skeptics'
Students should be Internet skeptics, the USU Information Technology Network Security Team coordinator said Wednesday. / By Seili Lewis

Can't think of a yummy Vegan treat? Well, fudge
When many people hear that something is "Vegan" or "vegetarian" their immediate reaction is "gross!" There really isn't anything gross about Vegan or vegetarian food. It is like most food only minus the meat and or dairy. So put on your adventure shoes and hit the road because this Vegan recipe that will give you a run for your money. / By C. Ann Jensen

Step aside for men in high heels
April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month, a national designation recognized for the fourth consecutive year by men who are willing to be seen in high heels as they take a stand against sexual violence and raise money to help prevent violence at Utah State University. / By Jessica Prado

Crisco on door handles, Kool-Aid in shower head rank as classic April Fools' jokes
April is always exciting as college students begin the final countdown of the school year, the weather begins to change and spring romances emerge. However, it's not uncommon for some to start off the month on a bad note, becoming victims to April Fools' Day. / By Jason Chesney

Cooking 101: Low-fat, low-calorie dessert
Eating a delicious dessert and not feeling guilty is a feeling most people don't enjoy regularly. But, today I am going to teach you ways you can eat sweets and feel good. With spring here and summer around the corner, light, fresh, and healthy desserts are a popular treat. / By Errin Stevenson


Utah movie producer true to the 'go' name of his company
Adam Abel pulls up in a gray Volvo with a vanity license plate that says “Go Films,” the name of his 6-year-old production company. / By Angeline Olschewski


Combined choirs of USU perform music out of Africa
African chants, Islamic calls to prayer, thundering percussions, and the sounds of primitive instruments filled the Kent Concert Hall on April 23 as the combined choirs of Utah State University performed African Sanctus. / By Nathan Laursen

Minus the Bear rocks Salt Lake
Hailing from Seattle, Minus the Bear joined forces with up-and-coming experimental indie band Portugal. The Man on April 22 at Salt Lake City's In the Venue. / By Amanda Mears

'Rock Band' competiton raises money for bakery in Sierra Leone
When it comes to rocking for a cause, Aggies for Africa has it down, especially when video games and rap music are involved to help raise funds for a bakery in Sierra Leone. / By C. Ann Jensen

He'll touch your heart
For those of you who need to feel your music rather than hear it, Joshua James just may tug at those little strings around your heart. / By Ben Hibshman

'Drum god' marches to his own busy beat
With heavy tattooed arms branding an Eye of Rah to Kanji characters meaning “Drum God,” Clay Barnum, 27, knows well how industrious you need to be to make a life out of music. / By R.M. Monk

Juilliard application was heaven and hell for gifted USU student
Talking about the interview process is still a little unsettling for Adam Nelson. His entire life he had dreamed of going to Julliard and it all came down to one moment at the piano. / By MJ Henshaw

Eve 6 plays ‘best show’ of tour in Logan
An estimated 1,300 fans flooded Utah State University's Nelson Field house Wednesday night for the concert of recently reunited Eve 6. / By Jacob Fullmer

Wild Art

Up, up and away: Snowmobiles climb the Beav / Photos by Trevor Brasfield

Big Air contest at the Beav -- flying and falling / Photos by Trevor Brasfield


Biz Features

It's no 'yolk' -- Lewiston egg farm ships more than a half million eggs per day
Five hundred, forty thousand brown and white eggs are shipped out from the Oakdell Egg Farms in Lewiston every day. / By Davis Archibald

Rock Haus owner traded skateboarding for climbing
For eight years he rode his skateboard for eight hours a day, seven days a week. He received multiple sponsorships from skate and snowboard companies. But at 25, Trevor Berrett found something worth letting it all go. / By Jacob Fullmer

Theurers' meat market going strong in Lewiston after three generations
Small town grocey stores are something that is a rarity in the United States today, but the Theurer family has been able to make it a long lasting and profitable business. Rick Theurer is now the third generation of Theurers to run the market, as well as their meat packing business./ By Davis Archibald

Smithfield's 'Heavenly Animals' offers cremation service for pets
Andrea Younkers and her husband, Chuck Mackin, ran three businesses but decided that just wasn't enough. Looking around for a need to be filled, they started Heavenly Animals Crematorium four years ago. / By Lisa Christensen

Looking for Garden of Eden? Fonnesbeck Greenhouse in Mendon is the place
The greenhouse that started as a hobby for Barry and Tawna Fonnesbeck has grown into a thriving, sought-out business. For 14 years now, the Fonnesbecks have been selling their plants. Fonnesbeck Greenhouse is now an acre in size, and sells thousands of plants each year. From trees and shrubs, to poinsettias and pansies, this quaint greenhouse has it for you. / By M. Kathryn Hanberg

Smithfield's 'A Different Drum' combines passion for music with reality
In a world filled with country music and controlled by corporations, Todd Durrant said he wanted to do something a little different and make the world a little more friendly to independent musicians. Starting a music label called "A Different Drum," he said he strove to do, as the name implies, just that. / By Lisa Christensen

From gas station to bistro, Callaway's in Smithfield has evolved into a dining experience
Ten years ago, people would pull into what is now Callaway's in Smithfield to buy gas. Today they go there to sit down and enjoy a meal. / By Lisa Christensen


Local News

Traffic on the 'Iowa String' dangerous for Corinne drivers
Imagine this: you and your children are on your way home from school. You are traveling on a two-lane state highway, and you stop at an intersection to make a left-hand turn, but there is a mile-long stream of traffic coming toward you. / By Amy Macavinta

AT&T wants to put new cell phone tower in River Heights
River Heights may be the deciding factor in whether parts of Cache Valley get better cell phone service. / By Paul Kelley

Will River Heights be able to stay a city? Residents of two minds on the issue
People who live in River Heights love their little city, but it might not always be their little city. / By Paul Kelley

Preliminary hearing set for suspect in forgery and identity fraud
Jesus Pedraza-Martinez, Logan, was given a court-appointed attorney by Judge Clint S. Judkins Thursday afternoon. / By Davis Archibald

Richmond firefighters will get $9,000 surplus
Richmond's fire department will be rewarded with about $9,000 in funds to be made available to the department because of the recent surplus of money brought in by the department. / By Matt Sonnenberg

Softball mom's dinging of gas pump was a hit and a run, but no error, police decide
In a rush to catch her daughter's USU softball game Thursday, Bountiful native Joanne Evans and her mother Dorotha Taylor failed to realize they had backed their black GMC Sierra into an Aggie Station gas pump and drove off. / By C. Jake Williams

Logan man arrested, booked on DUI
Logan resident Dwight E Beyeler, 45, was arrested April 18 on suspicion of driving while under the influence of alcohol, and a turning violation in a no-turn zone. The arrest was made at 10:30 p.m. at 372 E. 400 North, by Logan City Police Officer Jared Percial. / By Paul Kelley

Some River Heights streets will be repaved when weather warms
Having streets in River Heights repaved may be an inconvenience, however it will not cost the city anything. / By Paul Kelley

Lewiston man sentenced for voyeurism
Marcus Simmons, 30, of Lewiston, was sentenced to six months in jail on Tuesday, and fined $850. / By Paul Kelley

River Heights will charge outsiders who teach tennis on city courts
If you live outside of River Heights and want to teach tennis lesson on their courts, it will cost $50. / By Paul Kelley

Brigham City to try placing crossing flags at unlighted intersections
There are three pedestrian crosswalks in Brigham City that are not located at a lighted intersection. According to information provided by the Police Department, there have been a total of 84 auto/pedestrian accidents at those locations since May 2000. Of those, it was a fatal accident last year that prompted a local businessman to approach the city with a request to use crossing flags in those locations. / By Amy Macavinta

ATV News for April 21, 2008

Hard News Cafe, student writers, ATV news win Mark of Excellence awards
Students of the USU department of journalism and communication won 15 Mark of Excellence awards at the Society of Professional Journalists Region 9 conference in Fort Collins, Colo.

Lewiston man arrested
Lewiston resident James Barnes, 39, was arrested April 17 on accusations of child abuse and damage to a communications device. The arrest was made at 2:45 a.m. at 73 E. 200 South by Cache County Sheriff's Sgt. Wyatt Goring. / By Leah Lopshire

Logan man arrested on drug charges
In the continuing crackdown on Logan's drug problem police were able to make another arrest. Stosh G. Jones, 33, was arrested by Officer Rob Italasano at an apartment complex at 61 W. 100 North. Italasano is a detective with Logan City Police Department, and had been called to go out with Private Probation Service Inc. on a probation visit.
/ By Greg Aullman

Richmond OK's $3.3 million bond for sewage plant
A $3.3 million bond was approved by the Richmond City Council Tuesday, that will assist the city in the production of a new sewage plant. / By Matt Sonnenberg

Hyde Park P&Z OK's senior citizen housing project
Only one hurdle remains for the 4.69-acre Gittins Heritage senior citizen housing project and a one-acre rezone request. /By C. Jake Williams

P&Z waits on changing Smithfield subdivision sign ordinance
The ordinance for signs in subdivisions was reviewed in the Smithfield Planning and Zoning meeting Wednesday. By Lisa Christensen

Crash survivor tells Lewiston Council people are ignoring stop signs
Five fused vertebrae, 18 days in the hospital and months of bed rest later, Adam Johnson came to talk to the City Council about an issue he said didn't know was a problem in Lewiston until it happened to him./ By Davis Archibald

Judge sets May 9 bench trial for Hosley
Matthew Wayne Hosley had a pretrial conference in 1st District Court early Monday morning. Hosley is charged with simple assault and reckless conduct taking the form of child abuse, both misdemeanors./ By Gregory Aullman

Millville council appoints new member
After City Councilman Ryan Pierson resigned, the council had the task of finding his replacement for the remainder of the term until December 2009. / By Leah Lopshire

Man sentenced for damaging house
Brian Leavitt, 28, pleaded guilty in 1st District Court yesterday to class B and C misdemeanor charges related to damaging a home. / By Bethany Crane

Former cheerleader gets May 13 court date
Tuesday in 1st District Court Charles Jerome Glover, a former cheerleader for Utah State, stood before the Judge Gordon Low for his initial appearance. He is being charged with 11 felonies in connection with fraud and one class A theft misdemeanor. / By Leah Lopshire

Cache Rendezvous for April 17, 2008

River Heights woman charged in theft of ring
Barbara Palmer, 52, of River Heights, has been charged with one count of second-degree felony theft. She appeared in 1st District Court Tuesday and her preliminary hearing was set for May 8. Attorney Dave Perry will represent her. / By C. Jake Williams

Nibley residents take time out to thank city council
In the midst of public hearings to discuss parks, bonding and volunteer work for citizens, residents of Nibley give thanks to their City Council. / By Ashley Zarate

Garden City Fire Department 'raising the ladder' to raise money for new fire engine
The small town of Garden City, Utah, has a big goal of raising $700,000 for a new 75-foot ladder fire truck for its fire department. / By Bronden Jessup

ATV News for April 14, 2008

Trial set for 62-year-old on sexual abuse charges
First District Court Judge Thomas Willmore on Monday ordered a two-day trial for Roger A. Willeto, 62, to resolve two charges of aggravated sexual abuse of a child. / By C. Jake Williams

ASUSU votes to restrict graded assignments during no-test week
ASUSU passed a recommendation Monday that could make dead week more peaceful for students. / By Lisa Rose Woodworth

Council decides against permitting sales at Millville's town celebration
At the Town Council meeting an item not on the agenda was brought up by council member Jared Taylor. "People have called me and want to do booths at the city celebration. I didn't know if we ever did that?" Taylor said. One of the members replied to Taylor by saying that Millville has not had booths in the past. / By Leah Lopshire

Hyde Park's spring cleaning starts Monday
Piles of branches and garden trimmings will soon line the streets of Hyde Park as part of a continued annual program to beautify the city. / By C. Jake Williams

Mormon Tabernacle Choir's former director to head USU music department
Craig Jessop, former director of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, has been announced as the head of the music department at Utah State. He will replace interim head Dr. Nicholas Morrison. / By Jason Chesney

Franklin city council approves spring and summer projects
The City Council was lucky to get a visit from Scott Workman who has a goal of running for District 2 county commissioner in the next election. Workman said, "Your vote should be heard," and "you should feel like your taxpayer money is being put to good use." / By Gregory Aullman

Students at USU take part in a day of silence
Get ready for the Utah State University campus to be a little quieter. Students at USU will join students across the nation in “Day of Silence” Friday, April 25, to protest the discrimination, harassment and abuse ­ in effect, the silencing ­ faced by lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender students and their allies in schools.

River Heights' street will get 'slow' signs, not speed bumps
The drive down 700 South may look a little different in the future. Residents living there have been complaining about speeding on the street. / By Paul Kelley

Cache Rendezvous for April 10, 2008

Hyde Park approves two subdivisions
It was déjà vu in Hyde Park Tuesday night as the city council approved two subdivision final plats back-to-back. The approvals included matching contingencies that the respective development agreements be finalized before building begins. / By C. Jake Williams

Brigham City's proposed budget $8 million less than last year's
Mayor LuAnn Christensen presented next year's city budget at a public hearing recently. Proposed expenditures for 2008-2009 are $33 million, down from last year's $41 million. / By Amy Macavinta

Brigham City council votes 3-2 to purchase Tamiflu for city employees
City Council members narrowly passed a motion to use public tax dollars purchase a small amount of the antiviral Tamiflu for select city employees in the event of a pandemic that may or may not take place. / By Amy Macavinta

Nibley residents don't see eye to eye on million-dollar parks bond
Nibley City Council is considering taking out a 20-year $1 million bond, which would increase residents' taxes by over $6 per year. Residents are on both sides of the fence about the issue, and cost is a main problem. / By Ashley Zarate

ATV News for April 7, 2008

Millville's city hall and museum are getting a makeover
Plans for the remodeling of Millville's museum were discussed at Town Council Thursday. / By Leah Lopshire

Hyde Park P&Z denies rezone of A-1 acreage
Approximately 40 residents, feeling their way of life was under attack, are breathing easier today after a request to rezone 6.16 acres was denied by the Hyde Park Planning and Zoning Commission. / By C. Jake Williams

North Loganites voice concerns about 2500 North rezone
A crowd voiced its concerns about the rezone on the corner of 2500 North and 800 East. This area is where a proposed subdivision would be built consisting of 11 houses on 7 acres. / By Bethany Crane

Cache Rendezvous for April 3, 2008
On this edition of Cache Rendezvous, the guys of Manskills show us how to fix a flat on your bicycle. Also, we have clips from the Big Air contest at Beaver, and valley ventures shows us exactly what we need to do to catch a few by fly fishing. Don't worry, women, we included you by showing how to dress for an interview.

Tremonton jobs going to Mexico as La-Z-Boy announces closure
The practice of sending jobs to Mexico to take advantage of cheaper labor rates has just left hundreds of Northern Utah residents with the news they will be soon be looking for a new job. La-Z-Boy Inc. announced Thursday it will close its Utah location in 60 days. / By Amy Macavinta

P&Z approves permit for River Heights home business
The River Heights Planning and Zoning Commission approved a conditional use permit for a resident. / By Paul Kelley

Name of dead hiker released
According to the Box Elder County Sheriff's Office, 46-year-old Allan Issacson of Salt Lake City died after coming disoriented in Clear Creek on a night when temperatures dropped to 10 below zero. / By Amy Macavinta

Kidnapped woman recovering in Ogden hospital after abductor kills himself
An Idaho woman is recovering in an Ogden hospital after being kidnapped at gunpoint, shot in the leg, and witnessing the suicide of her former boyfriend and kidnapper. / By Amy Macavinta

Logan man fined for not responding to police
A 21-year-old Logan resident pleaded guilty to one count of interfering with a legal arrest on Tuesday at his arraignment. It is a class C misdemeanor and he has been fined $200, which he plans to pay on a payment schedule. / By Ashley Zarate

Hiker freezes to death in Box Elder County
After more than five hours of searching on his own and a two-hour drive to Snowville to get cell phone reception, a Salt Lake City man was finally able to place a call to the Box Elder County Sheriff's Office early Monday morning to report his friend missing. / By Amy Bodily

National & International News

Expense, safety complicate news gathering in Iraq, NPR's Flintoff says
Safety and cost issues have made it challenging for reporters to provide a "genuinely direct picture" of the Iraq war, said National Public Radio reporter Corey Flintoff. / By Jessica Prado

LDS faithful raise their hands in solemn pledge and support
Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints participated Saturday in what former church President Gordon B. Hinckley once called "a tremendously significant and sacred occasion for members of the [church] throughout the world," as they sustained a new church president in a solemn assembly. / By Maddie Wilson


Utah lottery, a gamble Idaho can't lose
With all the complaints about taxes and recession, the Idaho Lottery continues to post strong numbers. People who complain about paying money to the government when Utah schools need more are able to find enough to fork over to get a chance at the big payoff. / By Gregory Aullman

Strange musings from the bakery: And David Koresh was the valedictorian
I've been wearing my cap and gown around lately. I paid like 30 bucks for the bastard, so I'm going to get my money's worth. There have been some adverse effects, though. / By David Baker

The Evolution of a Group Project: The Salt Lake City Marathon
The Salt Lake City Marathon didn't know they were getting a great thing when The Summit Group agreed to take on our public relations group project. We went in to the project with the attitude of trying to bring something new and unique to the event. / By Marshall Young

Looking back, college and circus life have much in common
"I is a kolege stoodent." That was the exact wording on a T-shirt I received for Christmas during my freshman year of college. / By Maddie Wilson

Pornography: A boiling point
When a frog is put into a boiling pot of water it will hop out quickly. When a frog is set in a pot of cold water with the temperature slowly rising, the frog will be boiled and die. Today, sadly there are many people who are slowly being boiled in pornography. / By Derek Barton

Strange musings from the bakery: Goodbye, old friend, I'll see you on the other side
This whole week, I haven't really felt right. I've been lacking something, some umph, maybe. I finally pinpointed the problem -- my lack of beard. / By David Baker

Strange musings from the bakery: By 'Man of the Year,' you mean the movie, right?
Since the Robins Awards will be handed out this week, I thought it would be appropriate to let anyone with the good fortune -- or misfortune, depending on your perspective -- of stumbling upon this particular musing know exactly why I didn't win the Man of the Year award. / By David Baker

Strange musings from the bakery: At least they played that 'tender heart in a blender' song
I was excited to see Eve 6 play in Logan because I was certain that it was my ticket back to high school: Jewelry class, fifth period. Unsuccessfully trying to make out with girls in the back of my Jeep. Being about 40 lbs. heavier. I didn't say the trip to Nostalgiaville would only be stuff I missed -- although, I did try to gain some weight before the show, just to really get in the mood. / By David Baker

Strange musings from the bakery: Forwarding ourselves into economic hell
There's gotta be some sort of trend, some data, to show that the number of forwarded emails is inversely proportional to the value of the U.S. dollar and the health of the U.S. economy. / By David Baker


WAC ruling on fan behavior not popular at Utah State
Specifically pointed out to Utah State University was the use of the word "suck" by students after an opposing player commits a foul. / By Matt Sonnenberg

Jazz vs. Rockets Game 3 diary: My prediction still stands
I'm so happy Utah is in the Western Conference; it means we don't have to listen to Reggie Miller during TNT telecasts. On the other hand, I do miss thinking "Good analysis, Reggie Miller" sarcastically to myself. / By C. Jake Williams

Bravely predicting the NBA playoffs: Jazz in 5, Wizards in 7
As OJ Simpson would say, "I know whatchur thinkin!" The 2008 playoffs are a few days old and I'm finally willing to put my name on the line with a few predictions for the first round. / By C. Jake Williams

Could this be the year for the Jazz?
OK, so I admit it. I'm an obsessed Utah Jazz fan, and its playoff time. / By Ben Hansen

It's Fenway vs. Wrigley in battle of the ultimate ballparks
We will debate one of the most important topics of all time: which ballpark is better, Fenway or Wrigley. Let's get it on! / By Trevor Brasfield

Utah gymnast aims for German Olympic team
Daria Bijak, 22, born and raised in Germany, fights through injuries to finish her second season at the University of Utah and hopefully go to the 2008 Olympics for Germany. / By Aubreyann Hansen

Spring practice bangs up football Aggies
The Aggies' presumptive starting tight end, Rob Meyers, has been taking it easy since injuring his knee in scrimmage last week. / By Whitney Sant

Kyle Korver: wrong or right for the Jazz?
Maybe I was wrong about Kyle Korver. Maybe he was exactly what the Utah Jazz needed in December. / By C. Jake Williams

USU football concludes spring drills with 'home' team winning scrimmage
The USU football team wrapped up its spring drills Friday with the annual Blue and White Scrimmage. The home team won -- a spectacle not seen in Romney Stadium last season -- by the score of 14-10. / By C. Jake Williams

The other March Madness: fans love filling out brackets because anyone can win
Crazed sports fans have been gluing themselves to their big-screen TVs for the last couple of weeks. But March Madness isn't just about the best college basketball in the country. / By Leilani Vaiaoga

USU athletes have a new head strength coach
Jacob Scharnhorst is the new head strength and conditioning coach at Utah State University. He came from Ole Miss, where he was the head strength coach for the men's basketball program and also an assistant for football. / By Heather Maile

Enjoy rock climbing in Logan Canyon? Fundraiser for Access Fund is April 11
You feel like you're standing on top of the world. Blue skies seem to go on forever, accompanied by the warm sun preparing to set in the clear blue sky. Beads of perspiration are dripping down your body. Overwhelmed with both satisfaction and exhaustion you take a deep breath of fresh air. / By Victoria Grandinetti

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