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Today's word on journalism

May 8, 2009

The Last WORD

The Fat Lady Sings, Off-Key, Drools

At about this time every year, like the swallows to Capistrano or the buzzards to Hinckley, Ohio, the WORD migrates to its summer musing grounds at the sanitarium —St. Mumbles Home for the Terminally Verbose.

The reason is clear, and never moreso than as this season —the WORD's 13th —peters out.

It's been a fraught year of high palaver and eye-popping transition, both good and not-so-much. An interminable presidential campaign saga finally did end, and in extraordinary and historic fashion. Meanwhile, the bottom and everything that's below the bottom fell out of the economy, with families, homes, entire industries and —of particular interest to WORDsters and the civic-minded —dozens of daily newspapers ("I don't so much mind that newspapers are dying--it's watching them commit suicide that pisses me off." --Molly Ivins). . . all evaporating. What replaces them, from the individual to the institutional to the societal? Are we looking at a future of in-depth Tweeting?

As any newsperson or firehorse knows, it's hard to turn your back on day-to-day catastrophe --we just have to look at the car wreck. But even the most deranged and driven need a rest. As philosopher Lilly Tomlin once observed, "No matter how cynical you become, it's never enough to keep up."

So this morning, as a near-frost hovered over northern Utah, the unmarked van pulled into the driveway and the gentle, soft-spoken men in the white coats rolled the WORD out of bed and into a straitjacket for the usual summer trip to St. Mumbles, where the blathering one will be assigned a hammock and fed soothing, healthy foods --like tapioca, dog biscuits and salmon --while recharging the essential muscles of cynicism, outrage, sarcasm, social engagement and high-mindedness, in preparation for the next edition.
Summer well, friends.

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Feedback and suggestions--printable and otherwise--always welcome. "There are no false opinions."

USU students win roles on TV sitcom pilot

By Ryan Kent

April 29, 2009 - LOGAN | Three USU students received starring roles in an upcoming television sitcom. Tye Smith, Reagan Kent and I, yes I being Ryan Kent, of Logan, Utah, are looking forward to our first script reading next weekend in Los Angeles, California.

"It's a dream come true. Ryan and I are brothers and Tye is one of our best friends. We didn't think this would happen so fast," said Reagan, "I can't wait for the script reading, it's going to be really exciting."

Reagan and I have been Army brats growing up and lived throughout the continental United States including California and New York. Our family lived in a different house every three years and meeting new friends and starting fresh is something we've grown accustomed to dealing with.

On the other hand, Tye Smith has lived in Cache Valley his entire life. Tye had only been to California once before he started traveling with us there to audition for roles.

"It's crazy… this whole thing is just crazy. One day you're on a farm expecting your whole life is already planned for yourself and the next day well this, I mean going to be on television and all that," said Tye.

Tye is used to waking up at six in the morning in his house in Wellsville and completing his chores on the farm and helping out his family around the house. He said that it was going to be a "pleasant change of scenery" seeing the ocean and meeting new people.

Tye had never taken an acting course before until Reagan and I convinced him to give it a shot this year. With less than a semester's worth of acting he's on his way to be featured in a television pilot.

The television pilot will be called "Reunion" and will be featuring two of the three original band members from the hit 1950's singing trio called The Lettermen.

Jim Pike, one of the members of the band, said, "It will be nice to a have clean cut and morally grounded television show on the air."

The show doesn't have a set air date because there are still revisions and final touching to be dealt with. Yet, shooting will be done this summer in various locations including Salt Lake City and Los Angeles.

Reagan and Tye would like to add that they are very single, ladies. Not in any desperate sense they say but just wanted to throw that out in the air. I, Ryan, would like to point out that money and fame would be nice but isn't a necessity, just getting the chance to do something I love and sharing it with my friends and family is worth every second. So I'll cross my fingers and just hope for the best for all of us.

"I like girls, I mean I like girls a lot but I just need them to start liking me back," said Reagan. "Facebook isn't really helping me at all."

With that said I wish the best of luck for my brother and his endeavors with finding a significant other and to a hopeful success on the television show. For more updates and questions or comments on what's happening with the show and its progress feel free to visit my blog site at



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