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PUT AWAY YOUR TOYS: Sunday brought perfect weather for hot-air ballooning over the Old Mendon Highway -- but when it's over, you still have to pack up. / Photo by Nancy Williams

Today's word on journalism

Monday, October 30, 2006

"Of all the unhappy trends I have witnessed -- conservative swings on television networks, dwindling newspaper circulation, the jailing of reporters and 'spin' -- nothing is more troubling to me than the obsequious press during the run-up to the invasion of Iraq. They lapped up everything the Pentagon and White House could dish out -- no questions asked."

--Helen Thomas, "dean" of the White House press corps, 2006

Juicy day on the Quad

Week of Welcome brings out fun times on the Quad. At left, Dan Ricks, president of the Culinary Arts Club, was pelted with tomatoes. "We do fun things with food," he said. For more fun, see below.
/ Photo by Mikaylie Kartchner

Martin Wiser demonstrates a kayak maneuver. / Photo by Mikaylie Kartchner
A ball tosser takes a shot at the dunk tank . . . / Photo by Mikaylie Kartchner
. . . and into the water goes Todd Hugie, who works at the library. / Photo by Mikaylie Kartchner
The band Allred plays on the Quad. / Photo by Brianna Mortensen
Levitating a bottle of water. / Photo by Brianna Mortensen

Daniel Wheeler and Kurt Kidd demonstrate medieval swordfighting.

/ Photo by Mikaylie Kartchner




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