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Today's word on journalism

Monday, January 29, 2007

Words as weapons:

"When he had a pen in his hand it was like giving a kid a machine gun."

--Peter Hall, theater director, on "Angry Young Man" playwright John Osborne (1929-1994)

Woman's sentencing postponed for psych evaluation

By Clay Moffitt

December 11, 2006 | LOGAN -- First District Court judge Clint S. Judkins decided Monday that Asha Betters needs to have a psychological evaluation before she is sentenced.

Bethers was convicted of two counts of retail theft, a third-degree felony, and one count of providing a police officer false personal information, a Class A misdemeanor, for which she sent a letter to prosecuting attorney Tony Baird acknowledging her crimes and how they hurt people, and apologized for her actions.

Baird said he found the letter to be heartfelt and genuine.

"I believe she is sorry, but I want to know more about her, and frankly, I think she needs to know more about herself," Baird told the judge.

Bethers' attorney, David Perry, suggest an outpatient program while she is serving time in the Cache County jail.

Judkins agreed with the suggestion and Bethers will undergo a 60-day evaluation to determine why she has these impulses to steal, and will seek help to control them.


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