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January 13, 2009


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--Jon Stewart, The Daily Show, 2008 (Thanks to alert WORDster Ross Martin)

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Earsplitting 'home' crowd not enough as Aggies fall to Cougars

By Craig Morris

December 7, 2008 | SALT LAKE CITY -- Tai Wesley, Gary Wilkinson and Tyler Newbold combined to score 45 points and grab 24 rebounds, but the Ags' comeback came up short against BYU, 68-63, Saturday at Energy Solutions Arena.

The atmosphere could not have been more exciting as fans from both teams nearly filled the entire arena.

The Cougars led by as many as 10 at one point but never got up by enough for the Aggies and their fans to give up hope. Trailing at halftime, 35-38, Utah State came out and scored four unanswered points to take their first lead since leading 1-0 to start the game. Their lead was to be short-lived. BYU retook the lead with 16:22 left and never relinquished it.

The two teams battled for the remainder of the second half trading baskets all the way. The Aggies had it within two points multiple times, but could never regain the lead. A few missed free throws and botched opportunities left the Aggies frustrated. "The pace of the game was what we needed to have a chance to win. The game in the 60s, that's where we wanted it to be," said Coach Stew Morrill.

BYU was led by junior guard, Jonathan Tavernari, with 24 points and nine rebounds. Most of his points came off steals that he took the length of the court for layups. "They ran through and got steals and got easy baskets," added Morrill.

It must have been disappointing to lose to an in-state rival in what was such an emotional game, but player's heads were held high. "That was one of the funnest atmospheres I've been in," said Tyler Newbold. "We want to have games like that. We want to compete like that. Both teams competed hard, we just came out a little short," added Newbold.

"It leaves a bitter taste in my mouth just because it's an in-state game. I don't care if it's BYU, Weber State or Utah, or any other in-state team, I want to be the team that won Utah (head-to-head with in-state teams)," said Gary Wilkinson. He will get his chance at another as Utah State looks to rebound from this loss as they head to Orem Dec. 13, to face Utah Valley University. Utah State has beaten the Wolverines each of the three times they've played thus far.


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