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January 13, 2009


"I get the feeling that the 24-hour news networks are like the bus in the movie 'Speed.' If they stop talking for a second, they think they'll blow up."

--Jon Stewart, The Daily Show, 2008 (Thanks to alert WORDster Ross Martin)

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The Island Market: Penny candy, cold beer and fountain drinks, oh my!

By Kasey Harker

December 11, 2008 | With the coldest beer in town, 2-cent candies and fountain drinks with quarter slices of lemons or limes, the Island Market on the corner of 400 East and Center streets is one of the few "ma and pa" stores left in Logan.

Bobby Rowser, an Island Market employee, said the Island Market is best described as a "home town grocery." Joanne Hansen, the market's owner, described it as "quaint" and "retro," perhaps it's the wood paneling from floor to ceiling, Christmas art on the windows and blue Christmas lights.

Hansen said the building is over 100 years old and it started out as only a fraction of the size of what it is now. The Island Market got its name because the Logan River runs by one side of it and a man-made canal to the other, essentially making it an island.

But it's not just the unique name that brings people in. Hansen said the market is best known for their candy, fountain drinks and their beer. Rylee Ashcraft, an Island Market employee said, "We have been told we have the coldest beer in town."

Rowser said a great thing about the store is, it's a little more liberal then other stores in town. Rowser gets to wear his own clothes and listen to his own music when he works, as long as it is appropriate.

Hansen said she tries to make the atmosphere fun and friendly. She said in order to do this she must keep her employees happy. She said if that means things are a little more laid back then that is all right by her.

Customers interviewed would agree the employees and the "cool vibe" really make the place. Alan Haines, a self-proclaimed regular, said, "It's a wonderful place. It's the group that makes it what it is. I live closer to three other stores but I come here instead."

Ashcraft said, "You get to know the customers really well and I love to tease the regulars. It's like they become your friends." She said they have even had customers stop by to show them their Halloween costumes.

All employees interviewed said, hands down, the best thing about the store are the customers. Ashcraft said there is another regular who loves the Island Market so much he comes in three to six times a shift.

When asked how a small market can stay afloat in this economy Hansen said, it's the "loyal customer base."

Hansen said they have a customer who moved out of the country but makes it a point to come back and buy Island Market candies every time she is in town.

Another great thing, Hansen said, about the market is you get to watch people grow up. They come here as kids and then, when they get older, they bring in their kids. Hansen said, "Coming to the Island Market is a tradition."

Ashcraft said it is a great place to stop before heading up to Beaver Mountain, in the winter, or the Aquatic Center, in the summer. One customer said she always stops by the Island Market and stocks up on candy before going to the movies.

But, wherever your journey may be, the Island Market will sure make the ride a little easier with their infamous 2-cent candies, fountain drinks and the coldest beer in town.


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