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Friday, March 10, 2006

Help Wanted: U.S. Defense Department Seeks Better PR Officers

"Our enemies have skillfully adapted to fighting wars in today's media age, but . . . our country has not adapted. For the most part, the U.S. government still functions as a 'five and dime' store in an eBay world."

--U.S. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, on why al Qaeda is winning hearts and minds, in speech to U.S. Council on Foreign Relation (Thanks to alert WORDster Mark Larson) WORD Note: The WORD will take the next week off for Spring Break, sleeping in and seeking wisdom. Return: 3/20/06

North Logan residents unhappy about proposed road to Smithfield

By Diana Hurren

February 21, 2006 | NORTH LOGAN -- Local landowners attended last week's City Council meeting to fight the most recent plan proposed for the North Logan-Smithfield corridor.

An alternate route to Main Street has been proposed as a more efficient way to get from one end of the county to the other. The proposed road is called the Logan-Smithfield corridor and would run from Millville to Smithfield. The road is being individually addressed by each affected city, and while the North Logan City Council seemed to approve of the idea, citizens did not.

"Plan 6B in its original form should not be accepted or supported," said affected landowner Ted Nyman.

Plan 6B is the most recent proposal for the corridor which the council has been asked to review and approve. According to the plan the corridor would run along 200 East, but take a detour to the east for two blocks to avoid a residential neighborhood. The proposed detour would run directly through a few pieces of property, which property owners said would decrease the value significantly.

The landowners that would be affected directly by the corridor said they don't like any of the plans for the corridor that have been proposed so far.

"Unfortunately the road is probably going through," said Councilman Scott Galbraith to the dissatisfied citizens.

Citizens at the meeting told the council that if the road is going to be approved they want the best option to be picked, and suggested that the council make revisions to plan 6B. Nyman told the council to do what was best for North Logan and all of its citizens, and not simply what the Utah Department of Transportation has proposed.

"Don't sell out for those federal dollars. That's not right, in fact it's morally wrong," Nyman said.

At the last city council meeting, the council appealed a planning commission decision to allow a conditional use permit in the Rocking Subdivision for a landowner to build a barn. The council overruled the commission's decision because they said the proposed barn did not agree with the city's open space ordinance.

Last night city attorney Scott Wyatt advised the council to reconsider that motion. Wyatt said the decision the council made could not hold up legally and they would have to change the ordinance if they wanted to stick with their original decision. Wyatt said the law overrides the resolution because there is no proof that the structure in question would bring any harm to neighbors.

"In retrospect our ordinance should have been crafted more carefully," Mayor Cary Watkins said.

The council voted to uphold the planning commission's original decision and then voted to review and adjust the open space ordinance.

Also last night, a public hearing was held so the council could receive public input on a newly proposed ordinance dealing with storm water, such as rain and snow. The new ordinance would create regulations on storm water practices and would require people to have permits in order to put water into local canals. The council listened to citizen's questions and concerns, but decided to take more time to look at the information before making a final decision.


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