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Today's word on journalism

March 17, 2009

Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 1863-2009

"Can Seattle's oldest newspaper be successfully transformed into a child of the information age? The Northwest is a land of big dreams. With the demise of the Soviet Union, one quipster noted that Puget Sound is now home to three empires still bent on global dominion: Microsoft, and Starbuck's. If the stars align properly and with a quality product, Seattle will show the way to a new model for journalism of the written word."

--Joel Connelly, columnist, in today's final print edition of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer

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Ten tips for planning your wedding (from someone who just did it!)

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By Michelle Butler

1. Pick two details that are the most important, such as the pictures or your dress, and get them perfect. Other details, such as invitations and flowers, spend less time and money on.

2. Get your groom involved by having him help pick out music for the reception or taste samples for the wedding cake.

3. Enjoy your big day. Delegate to family and friends to take over tasks and just relax.

4. Practice with your hair and makeup several days before and make sure you like how everything looks from the shoes to your jewelry.

5. Be careful in allowing family or close friends do important things such as make your cake or take pictures. It's harder to tell a close friend that you don't like what they are doing.

6. If it's not a big deal, take your wedding pictures (with just you and your groom) a few days before. This ensures you get good pictures and takes some pressure off of the big day.

7. While planning your wedding, allow one day a week for just you and your fiancÚ where you don't talk at all about the wedding and just enjoy being together.

8. Don't be afraid to do some nontraditional things if they fit your personality. Remember, it's your wedding.

9. Instead of looking on the Internet for pictures of say a cake or flowers, visit the local bakery or florist first and see what they can do. It's really hard to find someone who can duplicate what you found online.

10. Remember, this is your day. Plan it, and then just enjoy it. If things aren't perfect, you'll love the story in the years to come!





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