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Today's word on journalism

March 17, 2009

Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 1863-2009

"Can Seattle's oldest newspaper be successfully transformed into a child of the information age? The Northwest is a land of big dreams. With the demise of the Soviet Union, one quipster noted that Puget Sound is now home to three empires still bent on global dominion: Microsoft, and Starbuck's. If the stars align properly and with a quality product, Seattle will show the way to a new model for journalism of the written word."

--Joel Connelly, columnist, in today's final print edition of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer

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USU Museun of Anthropology looks at Valentine's Day tradtions

February 10, 2009 | Guests are invited to learn more about the origins of Valentine’s Day at the next “Saturdays at the Museum” program offered by Utah State University’s Museum of Anthropology. The theme for the day’s event is “Valentine’s Day, A Pagan Celebration Transformed Through Religion.”

Activities are Saturday, Feb. 14, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., and include a discussion of how Valentine’s Day originated and its transformation from a pagan celebration to the current customs followed today. Ancient symbolism still in use will be traced through its many incarnations, mainly through religious influences, explaining how and why the symbols survive to become imbedded in current practices.

The lecture is geared for adults but family activities are also planned, including making Valentine cards and discussions of the history of Valentine’s Day candies. USU students and members of the public are invited to the museum any time during the 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday hours.

The USU Museum of Anthropology is on the USU campus in the south turret of the historic Old Main building, room 252. Free parking is available in the adjacent lot, south of the building. For more information on this event, call museum staff at (435) 797-7545 or visit the museum website at



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