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Today's word on journalism

March 17, 2009

Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 1863-2009

"Can Seattle's oldest newspaper be successfully transformed into a child of the information age? The Northwest is a land of big dreams. With the demise of the Soviet Union, one quipster noted that Puget Sound is now home to three empires still bent on global dominion: Microsoft, and Starbuck's. If the stars align properly and with a quality product, Seattle will show the way to a new model for journalism of the written word."

--Joel Connelly, columnist, in today's final print edition of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer

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Artist's metal sculptures add unique touch to Lewiston home

THE SCULPTURE GUY: Malen Pierson creates unique sculptures such as the one seen here in Lewiston. / Photo by Natalie Buckley

By Natalie Buckley

February 16, 2009 | LEWISTON -- "Drive down the road and see what you can see," said Julie Bergeson, city recorder as she referred to Malen Pierson's unique metal sculpting at his home on 180 N. Main St.

Pierson, a USU alumni artist, creates sculptures out of old farm equipment and metal and sells them to galleries in Park City, Jackson, and other prospering art locations including a few back east.

Wings made out of old satellite dishes and body made out of a WWII bomb, his giant fly sculpture is well known by community members.

"I like the country life," Pierson said, "It's really calm and serene."

He went on to explain that his intention was never to be a paid artist. He had originally planned on doing business and sold insurance in which he said he "hated it."

Pierson said that he fought the idea for a long time.

"In this industry, you either make it, or you don't."

Living at the 1926 remodeled train station, Pierson lives with his wife Wendy, an artist who sells her paintings, and their children Sky, 8, and Solee, 5.

The old station is surrounded by Pierson's welding work -- a small family, sunflowers, a palm tree, a unique gate, and even a giant swordfish, the Pierson home has become part of the Lewiston sites.



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