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Today's word on journalism

March 17, 2009

Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 1863-2009

"Can Seattle's oldest newspaper be successfully transformed into a child of the information age? The Northwest is a land of big dreams. With the demise of the Soviet Union, one quipster noted that Puget Sound is now home to three empires still bent on global dominion: Microsoft, and Starbuck's. If the stars align properly and with a quality product, Seattle will show the way to a new model for journalism of the written word."

--Joel Connelly, columnist, in today's final print edition of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer

Editorial Comment: And when the newspapers die. . . .

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Millville grants business licenses, talks parking-lot repair

By Jessica Allen

February 20, 2009 | MILLVILLE Thursday night the City Council approved business licenses, reappointed board members, discussed work on the city park and parking lot, and discussed credit cards for fuel that the city vehicles can use.

Planning Commissioner Catyse Easton was reappointed during the meeting as her term had expired and need to be renewed, as well as Appeal Authority Lance Zollinger.

Two licenses were approved, one for Ryan J. Davis' Royal Inspection and another for Kirk Lay's business, Kirk's Vinyl Repair.

Business owners who have not renewed their licenses can expect letters to be sent to them informing them that the city has not received a filled out renewal form and will be considered no longer in business if they do not send one in soon. If business owners fail to renew their businesses in time they will have to apply for a new license.

Sheltered benches are being considered for the city park as well as a chain link fence near the soccer field with a possible walkway.

Slurry seal will start to be used on the parking lot, as Superintendent Gary Larsen said that it chips less than other kinds and creates a smoother surface, making one of the best he's seen. He is impressed with how it's held up on other projects where it was used three years ago.

Cost for the slurry seal will be about $27,000 but Larsen considers it better than some of the other kinds he's seen; with $10,000 in the budget for landscaping for this year Larsen said he would like to use $3,500 on the parking lot for tar to be put in the cracks and said that it was "in need of some T.L.C."

Fuel charges for city vehicles were also discussed during the meeting regarding giving credit cards to the drivers. The credit cards would only work at certain gas stations and the driver would have to give a pin that would be the last four digits of their Social Security number, and would also have to enter the mileage of the vehicle. If those two things didn't match up, who ever swipes the card wouldn't be able to use it, ensuring that only the city vehicle drivers would be the only ones using it and for only the city vehicles.


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