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Today's word on journalism

March 17, 2009

Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 1863-2009

"Can Seattle's oldest newspaper be successfully transformed into a child of the information age? The Northwest is a land of big dreams. With the demise of the Soviet Union, one quipster noted that Puget Sound is now home to three empires still bent on global dominion: Microsoft, and Starbuck's. If the stars align properly and with a quality product, Seattle will show the way to a new model for journalism of the written word."

--Joel Connelly, columnist, in today's final print edition of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer

Editorial Comment: And when the newspapers die. . . .

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ASUSU candidate thumbnail biographies for Friday's primary

Compiled by Kandice Crompton and Nate Laursen


Chris Barney
Cell: 435-881-0661
Home town: American Fork, UT
Major: International Business, Political Science, Economics
Years at USU: 4


ASUSU Dedication Award
ASUSU Distinguished Service Award (2x's)
City council liaison
Student lobbyist (2 years)
Government Relations council
Business council
Huntsman Scholar


Organize ASUSU to fundraise for the university
Invite the Statesman to every ASUSU meeting
Post the activities of each ASUSU officer on 1st floor and update weekly
Visit every regional campus and education center
Set up a committee to audit ASUSU to find places to cut costs


Students deserve a voice in the university that has their actual best interests in mind. We can keep costs low, make leaders accountable, and improve USU. BARNEY IS BLUE!

Jake Cook
Phone Number: 435-512-4094
Gender: Male
Class Rank: Senior
Hometown: Brigham City, UT
Major: Business
Minor: Chemistry


1) ASUSU Student Body Vice President (Programming VP) - April '07 -'08
2) Student Body President at Box Elder High School - May '01-'02
3) Student Fee Board Member - April '07 - '08
4) Students Traditions and Activities Committee Member - '06 -'07
5) Huntsman School of Business Council Member - May'08 - Present
6) Taggart Student Center Policy Board Chair - April '07 -'08
7) Best Buddies Member - USU Chapter - Fall '07 ≠ Present
8) Mardi Gras Chair on S.T.A.B. - '06-'07
9) Howl and Many other Activities Volunteer
10) Dental Club Member - '02-'03, '05 - Present

Goals &/ Plans For Office:

1. Internships - I believe that internships should be more readily available to students, if not required for graduation.
2. Research - I want to help streamline the connection between research and students.
3. Keeping student initiatives and needs moving forward even in time of economic crisis.
4. Find new avenues of generating money to keep pressure off of tuition and student fee raises.
5. Continue to improve the ASUSU website

Campaign Platform:

Lance Brown
Major: Marketing
Hometown: Hyrum, Utah
Phone Number: 435.512.4628
I am a senior


ASUSU Athletics VP (over the HURD)
President of Delta Sigma Phi
Insane amount of Aggie pride
Created the "I'M PROUD OF MY A" shorts
Over 80 hours of leadership training


Audit to lower Student Fees: Student Fees are supposed to be audited every three years, but have not been fully audited in years. I plan to audit these fees and if they are doing things with their student fees that were not in the charter of why they were originally founded, I plan on taking that money back.
More scholarships and Internships: Internships are key to landing a good job. I will hit the streets asking local companies to find a way to give students the opportunity to work and learn.
Bike & Longboard lanes on campus: Many students have been hit or struck by fast moving bikers or longboarders. Let's get some designated lanes on major sidewalks for them so they can move faster and make it safer for others to walk.
Buses to Basketball & Football games for Regional Campus students: Regional Campus students need to be included and have the opportunity to show their Aggie pride!
More pep-rally's on campus: Who doesn't want to get more pumped for game day? Let's make game day a party day! HAIL THE UTAH AGGIES!!!

Nathan K. Niebergall
Home Phone: (435) 725-0249
Gender: Male
Class Rank: Junior
Cell Phone: (435) 724- 8695
Home Town: Roosevelt, Ut
Major: International Business
Years at USU: One


-President of National Honors Society. Organized meetings, activities and worked with administration.
-Leader of group of 20-28 peers for period of 12 months. Held weekly meetings, with work ethic training, setting monthly goals goals and improving the group vision. Reported accomplished goals for each month immediate supervisor.
-Fluent in Spanish. I have a job translating at the hospital to patients. I also framed houses and was the supervisor of multiple Spanish speakers. I show leadership skills and ability to start projects and get them done. Spanish Ambassador 2008-2009.
-I am determined and I have great work ethic. I worked from 5:00 A.M - 7:30 A.M. for 5 years before high school started at 8 A.M.

Goals &/or plans for office:

1.I value our campus diversity and plan to unify that diversity.
2.I plan to make your voices and opinions about your concerns heard at the USU board of Trustees meetings.
3.I will apply skills and knowledge obtained from the Huntsman school of business to wisely make decisions of future financial concerns.
4.I plan to assure that the Student officers will be united in order to provide the best and most worth while activities to you, the student body.
5.I plan to help students have an enjoyable college experience.

Campaign Platform:

"As our campus faces large budget cuts, it is of the utmost importance to preserve your USU community you have grown to know and love. I can do it.

Nils Nelson
Cell: 801-634-1128
Home Town: West Jordan
Major: Mathematics
Years at USU: 2


* USU Ambassador (2005-06) & (2008-09)
* Student Body President (West Jordan High 2004-05)
* Sig Ep Balanced Man Scholarship Recipient (2008)
* USU Intramural Supervisor (2008-09)

Goals / Plans for Office:

1. "Focus on individual specialization at Utah State University"
2. "Improve and provide opportunities within USU for the individual / student"
3. "Decrease Prejudice / Stereotyping"
4. "Increase Unity"
5. "Increase knowledge"

Campaign Platform in 30 words or less:

"We promote individual specialization through encouragement and enthusiasm. We improve and provide opportunities to allow for the integration of student talents. We decrease prejudice by increasing unity and knowledge."

Tyler Tolson
Cell Phone: 301-767-7784
Gender: M
Class Rank: So
Hometown: Bowie, Maryland
Major: Graphic Design and English
Years at USU: 1 1/2


-Gear Up Director in the Val R. Christensen Service Center
-A-TEAM Member
-Aggie Blue Fall Leadership 2007
-Mr. Utah State University 2008

-Continue Grady's success and works in progress
-Keep the Aggies in the WAC! Keeping our Degrees at a valuable Division I status.
-Continue the ongoing drive of developing a unified campus. (Unity amongst all cultures and backgrounds)

Campaign Platform:
I will work alongside the Administration here at Utah State University to keep student life in and outside the classroom at its best.

Executive Vice President

Trevor Nelson

Class Rank: Senior
Home Town: St. George, Utah
Major: Economics and Human Resources
Years at USU: Two

Qualifications/Experience: High School Student Body VP President of The BusinessWorld Club Enrollment VP of Logan Institute of Religion Utah Boys' State Government Participant

Goals/Plans for Office:

Plan and Encourage more student involvement in local and state politic

Working to help minimize the effects on USU students of any budget cut

Assisting the council in getting students more involved, in general, and helping needs get me

Dedicating as much time and effort as needed to get student voices heard in our communit

Work Hard and HAVE FUN!

Campaign Platform: "To help get USU's student voices recognized as an important factor in our society. It's our education...we should have some power in what does/doesn't affect us!"

Spencer Lee

Class Rank: Sophomore
Cell Phone: 435-764-3549 Hometown: Logan, Utah Majors: History and English (technical writing) Years at USU: 2

Qualifications: Served as Mr. USU chair during homecoming 2008 and a member of the traditions committee 2008-2009. Served on the ASUSU President's Cabinet 2008-2009, acted on said Cabinet as the project manager for the re-modeling project of the ASUSU lounge. Member of the Government Relations Council 2008-2009 and served as a games chair for the elections party planned by that council. Named as the liaison to the CVTD to represent the students of Utah State. Being involved in these Capacities, especially as a member of the Government Relations Council, has helped me to prepare for and understand the position of Executive Vice President.

Goals and/or plans for office:

Work with university administration to find real solutions to the budget problems we are currently facing

Work with State Legislators whose voting constituency includes Utah State University to find solutions to the budget troubles we are currently facing. I will be helped by the fact that I already have friendships with said State Legislators

Work to make civic awareness week a more prevalent week on campus by continuing to bring high profile guest lecturers to the University as has been done this year by the Executive Vice President

Work to raise civic awareness among students throughout the year

Work, Work, Work for the students of Utah State University.

Campaign Platform: Our fiscal situation is bleak. Working to find solutions and answers to combat the financial problems we face will be my number one priority as your Executive Vice President.

Brad Carr

Class Rank: Junior
Home Town: Colorado Springs
Major: Economics and Entrepreneurship
Years at USU: 2.5

Qualifications I have experience in International economics and politics. As a Huntsman scholar I studied in Belgium, France and Switzerland. I joined the student lobby group and traveled to Salt Lake in order to lessen the budget cuts proposed by the legislature. I have served and am serving as a committee member in different clubs on campus.

Goals ∑ - Continue with the legacy started by the current Executive VP to prevent major budget cuts in higher education and ally with other schools in Utah to give the students more power in the legislature, we must also increase student voter registration ∑ - Establish a forum where students rather than just ASUSU can suggest ideas and solutions to USU problems, the goal is to truly empower the students to make big decisions with ASUSU ∑ -Have more fund raising activities for school programs and activities to limit the strain ASUSU has on the USU budget ∑ -Every dollar spent by ASUSU and especially under the jurisdiction of Executive VP should be accounted for and outlined for every student to view should he or she desire ∑ -Work with government and local business leaders to find more sources of funding for student activities and school programs PLATFORM I will focus my energy to strengthen the voice of students in state government to prevent more budget cuts and continue the legacy already started by the current Executive VP.

Amber Winward

Class Rank: So
Home Town: Bountiful, UT
Major: Public Relations
Years at USU: 2nd

Qualifications: * Active member of the Government Relations Council for one year. * Lobbying Internship, 2009. * Member of the Utah State Debate Team.

Goals &/or plans for office: 1. Enhance awareness of the importance of the university, its ability to affect the state government, and how students play an essential role. 2. Boost student involvement with amazing parties, great movies and additional activities. 3. Increase student awareness of ASUSU, how ASUSU affects students and how the students affect ASUSU officials. 4. Represent students in the Executive Council. 5. More key note speakers from the local and federal government.

Campaign Platform: "We can make a difference in the university when we bring the students and ASUSU together. I will be the voice of students, encouraging them to make the difference."

Athletics VP

Jeremy Winn

Class Rank: Junior
Hometown: Taylorsville, Utah
Major: Family Finance
Years at USU: 1.5


Member of HURD Council.

Currently working with Scott Barnes and the Athletic Department to market the proposed Athletic Fee raise.

I work as an accountant on campus. I manage several accounts for two different Biology labs and need to reconcile every account each month.

I wait for hours before every Basketball game to sit on the front row with the "Refraction" crew in order to boost school spirit and create the number one student section in the country.

Played football at Snow College; played Basketball, Football, and Track at Taylorsville HS.

Goals for office:
Begin a new tradition of bigger and better Pre-Season Pep Rally's for Men's Basketball and Football.

Improve the Tailgating parties for football in order to excite the Student Body and increase attendance at home games.

Bring back the Decibel Meters in the Spectrum to measure how much chaos the student section is creating.

Create an affordable "Gameday Package" for students containing a Gameday Shirt, Hoodie, Beanie, and rally towel. Simply, I want to flood the campus in Aggie Blue.

Improve the HURD with better incentives to join and expand the current point system to allow students better access to USU Athletes.

Campaign Platform:
"USU Athletics has increasing momentum like never before. As Athletics VP I will ensure this momentum is carried forth to every student in the Aggie Nation."

Megan Furniss
Class Rank: Junior
Home town: South Ogden
Major: Exercise Science
Years at USU: 3

Athletics Committee, Varsity Athletics PR Chair - 2008-2009

HURD member - 2007-2009

Student Alumni Association, Secretary - 2007-2008

Student Alumni Association, Activities Chair - 2008-2009

Student Alumni Association member - 2006-2009

Goals and/or plans for office:

Allow free admission to USU students to hockey games

Combine HURD and Student Alumni Association memberships at a lower fee

Spotlight the starting line-up at home basketball games

Arrange more charters with Aggie Shuttle for more ORC trips

Increase awareness of lesser attended athletic events.

Campaign Platform:
I would like to work more closely with other groups at USU to enhance events campus-wide. Doing so will intensify the feeling of school spirit already felt at Utah State.

Academic Senate President

          Jamon Peter Hemingway
Class Rank: So
Major: Associates Degree
Hometown: Centerville Utah
Years at USU: 3-4

           Qualifications: Iíve been at USU since 03 with a couple small breaks. Iíve studied nutrition, computer science, accounting, Physics, aviation (became a pilot) , economics, and most recently became an EMT through our joint program with the B.A.T.C.

Goals: I really only have principles and the one you need to know about is that I will fight to make students lives easier. I will fight for students from cheaper parking to academic forgiveness.

Campaign Platform: I got interested in student government when I learned about programs other universities have to help that we donít have. Thatís my hope to help students.

Ben Croshaw
Class Rank: Senior
Hometown: Logan, Utah
Major: Marketing
Years at USU: 4

Served as Robins Awards Chair for the past two years for the ASUSU Traditions committee, and Mr. USU Chair during Homecoming 2008.
Served for three years on the Student Alumni Association Executive Council, serving the most recent of these as president of the organization. These positions have alloted me the opportunities to facilitate large group meetings, provide informative presentations at several nationwide conferences, and interact with current faculty and alumni of USU when discussing budget allocation and resources.

Goals and/or plans for office:

  1. Continue the success provided from current officers by ensuring the implementation of the academic integrity policy, tobacco policy, and two previously passed revisions to current excused absence policy.
  2. Become an advocate for the studentbody by establishing a strong committee prescence, voting as the only student representative on the General Education Committee, Classroom Improvement Committee, and Faculty Senate Executive Committee.
  3. Create more student awareness and student support of the College Academic Bowl and Academic Spelling Bee held annually.
  4. Act as a liason between students and faculty so both parties are accurately informed regarding academic decisions, policies, and procedures.
  5. Promote student awareness and involvement with academic and campus clubs and organizations.

Campaign Platform:
Students must have strong representation when voting on issues affecting their academic future. As Academic Senate President, I'll provide a vision that reaches campus-wide, but focuses on individual academic achievement.

Programming VP

Chris Axtell
Cell phone 435-881-8770
Hometown: Logan
1.5 years attended @ USU


2years of public relations in Tampa Florida which include, Coordinating large groups and speaking in front of groups of over 75 people
Running an office and managing 125 people.
Resident car salesman. Door to door sales.
Planned and coordinated large parties for Logan High School students.

Goals and or plans

1. Increase Attendance
2.Bring Imaginative new show's to campus.
3.Unit the Members of Stab.
4.Increase the Usage of the ASUSU Website
5.More participation in events in the first week of school from the student body


Increase Attendance to the events hosted at USU by involving the Resident Housing Association, LDS Institute, and Athletic directors..

Erin Reeder
Cell Phone: 801.698.5319
Gender: Female
Class Rank: Junior
Major: Business
Years at USU: 1 1/2


Experience chairing and volunteering at many successful events at USU
Mardi Gras Volunteer 2008
Traditions Committee 2008-2009
Traditions Week 2008
Robins Awards Committee 2008: Chair - Blue Carpet Ball
Aggie BLUE Fall Leadership Facilitator 2008
Homecoming Committee 2008: Chair - Moonlight and Music
Howl Volunteer and committee member 2008
Holiday Lane 2008: Chair
Robins Awards Committee 2009: Chair - Programs and Awards
Mardi Gras Committee 2009: Volunteer and committee member
Experience in various management positions, where I developed the following qualities:

Organization skills
Effective communication skills with people in authority
Critical thinking skills, creating new ideas
Satisfaction in serving others through leadership and facilitation

Goals and plans for office:

Spread awareness of leadership opportunities and extracurricular activities by improving the current events calendar:
Consolidation of schoolwide calendar to inform students of activities.
Provide access for posting activities to clubs and organizations.
Allow student-sponsored events to post information in one location that is easily accessible.
Encourage a variety of marketing and advertising tools for ASUSU sponsored events - beyond just posters.
Continue with successful means of getting the word out, i.e. brochures, t-shirts, etc.
To use the budget in the most efficient ways possible while adapting to the budget cuts.
Start a student-donation savings account that is optional at graduation: students have the opportunity to donate small amounts of money to contribute to the positive experience of future students.
Offer AggieBLUE Fall Leadership in the Spring semester as well as in the fall as a continuation of the fall session and also to provide a chance for other students to participate for the first time.
Give the students what they want. Chances to voice your ideas and make them happen. With the revenue developed from such events as the Howl and Mardi Gras, let's start a new tradition that is inspired by student talent, interests, and ideas.

Campaign Platform:

"Excellence doesn't come from good grades alone! You have the power to make your year what you want it to be. Make it happen. Help me help you."

Walter Voisard
Gender: Male
Class Rank: Junior
Cell phone: (909) 645-3055
Home town: Redlands, California
Major: Double Majoring in - Aviation Technology & Business
Years at USU: 3


I have played on the Utah State University Hockey Team for the past three years (2006-Present), and in the 2008-2009 season I am now also the P.R. & Marketing Director for the team as well.
I currently hold the position of P.R. Chair for Campus Recreation on the Athletics Committee in ASUSU (2008-Present).
I currently sit as Vice President of the Sports Club Advisory Board (SCAB) in ASUSU (2008-Present).
Last year, I was the P.R. & Marketing Director of the Council of Student Clubs and Organizations (CSCO: 2007-2008).
I have also been an active member of Multicultural Student Services (MSS) for the past three years as well (2006-Present).

Goals &/or plans for office

1. I want to combine the creative thinking of my peers with my own and use my leadership skills to enhance the quality of all student activities here at USU.
2. Achieve a higher level of value and recognition of activities and events developed or continued by my directors and me while in office.
3. Help give students the opportunity to provide their input and ideas on how to improve the quality of specific student activities and events and implement their changes.
4. Elevate student involvement in activities and events on campus to create fun and lasting traditions here at USU.
5. And lastly, I truly want to work to support the student body in creating the best college experience for all of the students here at USU.

Campaign Platform

ďYou should choose me for Programming VP if you want to have the most excitement and fun you could ever imagine here in one amazing year!Ē

VP Service

David Knighton
Home: (435) 753-0344
Cell: (435) 764-3971
Gender: Male
Class Rank: Junior
Hometown: Providence
Major: Nutrition and Food Science
3 yrs. at USU


Programming Board-Service Center-Spring 2008-Present
Director of Storytellers-Service Center-Spring 2007-Spring 2008
United Campus Volunteer Member-Service Center-Spring 2007
Alternative Break Member-Service Center-Fall 2007-Present
Volunteer CPR Instructor-Red Cross-Fall 2007-Present
Volunteer at Cache Valley Community Health Clinic- September 2007-Present
Volunteer at the Logan Regional Hospital-Spring 2007
LDS Mission-November 2004-December 2006


1) Double the amount of volunteers through promoting the name of the Service Center and raising awareness of service done at USU and throughout the community.
2) Expand the amount of service done at USU by challenging other colleges in their efforts of service throughout the state of Utah. Organizing the effort of doing a blood donation competition against different colleges. Also challenge other colleges in our Sub for Santa efforts.
3) Unify USU by encouraging many different organizations, colleges, programs, fraternities, sororities and clubs to do service. I will start new service projects and events this year in an effort to help unify and promote clubs that aren't as well known.
4) Facilitate the current volunteers in helping promote their individual programs, set goal and holding many social events to get to know all the volunteers. Add more committee positions as to help facilitate the current program directors and strengthen the programs themselves.
5) Advertise our service projects we do earlier so more students can get involved. Double our efforts in trying to get other students involved in the service center through networking and advertisement.


Bring recognition to USU through raising awareness of service done in Cache Valley and having students get involved in an effort to give back to the community.

Jordan Stone
Office running for: V.P. of Service
Home Phone: (801) 655-3009
Cell Phone: (801) 655-3009
Gender: Male Class Rank: Junior
Hometown: Orem, Utah
Major: Exercise Science
Years at USU: 2 years


Senior Class President (High School)
VP of Pharmacy Club

Goals &/or plans for office:

1. Increase service opportunities
2. Correlate student's academic work with service
3. Work with the organizations and clubs at USU
4. Perform service within the school and community
5. Increase student's experience at USU through service


As service VP I will commit myself to organizing and planning effective opportunities for service to improve our school, our community, and our world.

Student Advocate

Dan Ricks
Home Phone: 801-808-9470
Gender: M
Class Rank: Sr
Cell Phone: 801-808-9470
Home Town: Salt Lake City
Major: Mechanical Engineering/French double major
Years at USU: 4


Current member of the Student Fee Board
Current Vice President of the French Club
Current Member of Best Buddies USU Chapter
Former President of the Culinary Arts Club - fall-spring 2006
Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) camp sponsor - Summer 2008
Senior Class Officer of Brighton High School - 2001-2002

Goals &/or plans for office

1. Further the "Students Voice" program currently being implemented for students to communicate their ideas & concerns with the University.
2. Continue to work with the Student Fee Board as the chairperson, being a steward of students interests in how their fees are managed.
3. Utilize the University Website as a forum for students to express ideas.
4. Research & Implement new ways for students to voice their opinions
5. Educate students on how to tap into current services and programs being offered to them

Campaign Platform:
"As Student Advocate, I will empower students to voice their ideas by furthering current programs and implementing new avenues to be heard, and by educating students on utilizing these avenues."

RJ Netzley
Gender: Male
Class Rank: Junior
Cell Phone: (435) 760-2398
Hometown: Hyrum, UT
Major: Accounting
Years at USU: 3


-USU committees I am serving or have served on:
-Jon M. Huntsman School of Business Student Council
-Institute of Management Accountants
-Huntsman Scholars Recruiting Committee
I have experience working on committees in making decisions and coordinating activities for students. As a member of the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business Student Council during my freshman year, I worked closely with the Business Senator in coordinating activities including Business Week.
I also have experience in addressing peoples' concerns. Some of the best experience came through working in door-to-door sales; this often required resolving concerns on the spot. I learned how to respond to concerns effectively and respectfully.


-Encourage students to voice their opinions by actively seeking student input
-Maintain a website where students can voice concerns and receive feedback
-Respond to each student question/concern within 24 hours
-Have students understand that the most important issues for them are the most important for me to address


I want students to know that 1) they can be a powerful voice for change and improvement at this university and 2) their concerns are important. RJ for Student Advocate!

Tyler Haws
Home Phone: 2087057076
Gender: Male
Class Rank: Junior
Home Town: Sugar City Idaho
Major: Sociology
Years at USU: 2


I am the current ASUSU Activities Director. I plan the Howl, Mardi Gras, End of Year Bash and some of the smaller events like comedians, STAB movies, random pie eating contests etc. I have grown a budget 6 times its original size, programmed some of the larger scale events of the University, and held committee meetings with some of the most talented people I have ever met. I am also a member of Pi Kappa Alpha and currently serve as the External Vice President of my fraternity. I am over our Alumni Relations, Athletics, Special Events, Philanthropy, Service and Campus Involvement.

Goals &/or plans for office

1. Increase awareness of the position
2. Make it easier for people to voice their opinion i.e. maybe putting a box on the website that says, "Voice your opinions to your Student Advocate" etc.,
3. Work on making the ASUSU website more accessible
4. Be conservative with student fee requests and allocation to keep fees to a minimum for the students at USU.

Campaign Platform:

"I understand the student of Utah State University. I understand the importance of being able to voice you opinion. I understand. Do you? Vote Tyler Haws for Student Advocate."

Diversity and Organizations VP

Alexis Lopez

Class: Junior
Home town: South Weber, Utah
Major: Psychology
Years at USU: 3

Qualifications: Athletic Fee committee this spring semester 2009 Youth camp counselor this summer 2008 Held student leadership positions throughout high school.


  1. Increase understanding of one's own culture, and the cultures of others through diversity week and throughout the school year (culture is not limited to ethnicity).
  2. Increase participation in diversity week by publicizing events more, and making sure events reach all groups of people.
  3. Ensure that clubs continue and are meeting University requirements.
  4. Make sure that all cultures are well represented within my committee.
  5. Make sure that all cultures are represented throughout different organizations on campus, and making sure that everyone feels safe and included on campus.

Campaign Platform "Embracing our differences, discovering our similarities, and uniting ourselves through the events and clubs at Utah State University." Krista Bustamante QUALIFICATIONS: Promote student development as Leadership House Resident Assistant Work for social and racial justice as part of the Idaho Community Action Network Executive Board. Officer in the Multicultural Recruitment Council through the admissions office Assisted Diversity Committee and was in charge of "Colors Dance" during Diversity Week Support multicultural clubs as an ACES officer

Goals &/or plans for office:

Foster an environment in which students can feel welcome to speak up about diversity issues

Work with and develop faculty diversity-sensitivity training seminars

Work in conjunction with all clubs on campus to improve quality of student activities and campus life

Inspire a climate of service and philanthropy throughout campus and Cache Valley

Network with other regional universities to gather ideas and sponsor collaborative events

PLATFORM: Dedicated to professionalism and diversity awareness to improve campus life and activities so we can realize that although we have different goals, different backgrounds, we should celebrate diversity as one university.

Bill Sproat
Richmond Utah
Sociology major
This is my second year at USU

Qualifications: Polynesian Student Union Vice President 2007-2008 and 2008-2009. Multicultural Student Services Rep Week Facilitator 2007 and 2008. Aggie Blue Fall Leadership 2007 and 2008. MHR 2160 Leadership class. Diversity Week Volunteer 2007,2009. Polynesian Student Union Luau Coordinator 2007,2008,2009. AASC Tip Toe In To Asia Host 2008,2009, Ultimate Aggie Fan

Goals and Plans for Office

Bring the Diverse groups on campus together to support one another

Create more possitive activities and functions celebrating diversity

Work with the different clubs on campus to gain more support from ASUSU and the student body

Bring awareness to the main student body of the diversity here at USU

Encourage people of all backgrounds to attend and graduate from USU

Campaign Platform: I want to be your voice for student clubs and diversity and will work with the student body to make important decsions here at USU

Agricultural Senator

Amy Petersen
Gender: Female
Class: Junior
Home Town: Tremonton, UT
Cell Phone: (435) 730 ≠ 2413
Major: Agricultural Education
Years at USU: 3


1. College of Agriculture Ambassador
2. College of Agriculture Council ≠ PR Chair
3. USU Collegiate Young Farmer & Rancher President
4. Utah FFA Association President


1. Unity
∑ Ag Council ≠ at least one representative from each department
∑ Alumni Involvement
2. Scholarships
∑ One fundraiser per semester
3. Inform
∑ Up-to-date Web site and bulletins
4. Agricultural Awareness and Understanding
∑ Create student body awareness for agriculture and departments within the College of Agriculture

Campaign Platform:

As College of Agriculture Senator, my priorities are to create unity and understanding between Utah State University and the community, while still creating an exciting and fun learning environment for students in the College of Agriculture.

Business senator

Jordan Knecht
E mail:
Class Rank: Junior
Hometown: Orem, Utah
International Business Years at USU: 4 years

Goals and Plans:
Increase Networking.

Improve School to student communication.

Create Development Workshops.

Create Undergraduate Research Opportunities.

Increase Student Leadership Positions.

Campaign Platform
I will maximize student achievement by generating vital opportunities in networking, improved communication, undergraduate research and increased student leadership positions.


2 years as business council member
Officer of the Entrepreneur Club
Helped plan and implement Business Week and E Day
Organizer and Host of Korean Cultural Festival
Participant of African Festival
Huntsman Scholar
Volunteer at local schools
Completed St. George Marathon
World- Class Hacky Sack Champion

Steven Russell
Class Rank: Sr.
Major: Marketing & Economics
Years at USU: 4

Currents Student Body Vice President (Student Advocate VP)

Current Chair of the Student Fee Board

Tier II Tuition Committee

Chair of the ASUSU website committee

Current Marketing Club (AMA) Executive VP

Goals &/or plans for office:
I plan to facilitate a workshop where networking skills can be acquired.

I will be accessible/utilized and advocate for student rights within the College of Business.

I will promote Business Clubs. It is important for our business students to start getting the experience they need right now.

Use my office to better promote under utilized business resources that we already have, namely: Partners in Business, Study Abroad, and Business Internships.

Campaign Platform: "As Business Senator I will make sure the voices of our business students are heard. I will implement/promote identified programs that will prepare students for advancement in the business world. My goal is to be accessible and utilized and I will fight my hardest to represent in a proper and dignified manner."

Landon Essig
Class Rank: Junior
Home town: Centerville, UT
Major: Accounting and Finance
Years at USU: Three

Utah State University Ambassador -- 2004-2005, 2007-2008, 2008-2009
Utah State University Freshmen Ambassador Mentor -- 2008-2009
Utah State University Special Tours Coordinator -- 2007-2008
Jon M. Huntsman School of Business Scholar
Jon M. Huntsman School of Business Scholar Mentor
Sales Representative, Eclipse Marketing, Summer 2008
Bilingual: English/Spanish

Goals and Plans for office:
Help create a school of application, rather than just one of information by increasing "hands-on-learning" within each major (real world knowledge/experience)

Search for new ways to effectively place graduating students

Increase internship opportunities -- both locally and abroad

Seek changes in core curriculum for business students

Build a student oriented program for business students in both internship opportunities and entrepreneurship

Campaign Platform:
"We can build a school of application, a school where graduates are prepared and ready to impact the field they enter because they have knowledge and experience gained in class." Business Senator Lance Larsen
Hometown: North Salt Lake, Ut Major: Economics and Finance @ USU 04-05, 07-08, 08-09

Qualifications: Huntsman Scholar '08-'09 College Works Painting Intern '07-'08 Business Council Member Campus Volunteer (S.T.I.C.K.S. and STEP) Robins Award Chair '08

Goals & Plans for Office:

Help build a relevant educational experience for all students in The Huntsman School of Business.

Re-define "The Core" classes required of all business majors to allow greater in-depth focus for every emphasis.

Allow each student greater opportunity to become involved in the Huntsman School

Support Dean Anderson in promoting the Four Pillars

Help build the opportunities for each business student to have an entrepreneurial experience while attending Utah State University.

Campaign Platform: PEACE Pride Experience Ability Confidence Ethics Each dedicated student should leave the Huntsman School of Business with these five traits. I will work to build these.

Education Senator

Erik Lee Wynn

Class Rank: Junior
Hometown: Tremonton, Utah
Major: Spanish Education
Years at USU: 3 years

List of Qualifications: In the Education program, approachable, easy going, and loves education.

Goals and plans for office:

  1. To maintain the already sterling reputation of Utah State's College of Education.
  2. To work with my fellow peers to improve the College of Education where anyone sees fit.

Campaign Platform: "To maintain the already sterling reputation of Utah State's College of Education."

Matthew Wright
North Salt Lake
Physical Education- Pre Physical Therapy
2 years at USU

Qualifications: Science Instructor for Resident Treatment Center Group Leader for Elementary After School Program Volunteer at the Family and Child Support Center Deans List Leadership Scholarship Recipient ASUSU Traditions Volunteer Efficency and Motivational Director

Goals and plans for Office:

Sponsor and assist in passing ASUSU bill to improve funding within the college.

Build relationships between dean, students and faculty, especially incoming students.

Increase awareness about undergraduate research and already available funds within the college.

Introduce incoming and new students to existing and developing programs and career opportunities.

Bridge the gap between students and their university. Empower students with the ability to be heard on campus.

Platform: I want students to be represented as individuals and them to know I am here to help them get the resources they deserve amongst our budget crisis.

Engineering Senator

Andrew Hobson

Class Rank: Senior
Home Town: San Diego
Major: Environmental Engineering
Years at USU: 4

Qualifications: I have learned to be a leader through 8 years in the Army. While at USU I've organized tours, trips, and competitions for fellow engineers to various engineering firms, state of the art production facililities, construction sites, and conferences. I've participated in various clubs and honor societies in various officer positions. I have been awarded Junior and Pre-Professional of the Year for the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering.

Goals and Plans for office: I will create more opportunities for undergraduate research through enhanced awareness and communication between students and professors with research. I will increase student networking across engineering classes and through the departments with a discussion forum for course materials, ideas, and comments. I will improve the transition and retention of incoming freshman engineers through early involvement with projects and clubs. I will bridge the gap between pre-professional and professional students through better communication methods by the advising office. I will enhance student/faculty relationships with an emphasis on clubs, competitions, and conferences.

Campaign Platform: I will bridge the gap from freshman to seniors, students to faculty, peers to professionals.

May Bo Hsu

Class Rank: Sophomore
Home Town: Sandy, Utah
Major: Electrical Engineering

Qualifications: E-council (Engineering Student Council) Publicity Chairman Member of SWE (Society of Women Engineers) USU Engineering Pre-professional Student of the Year 2009 Member of USU STEP (Science Technology Engineering Programs)

Goals and Plans for Office:

  1. College of Engineering Opening BBQ
  2. Help engineering students prepare for the economy
  3. Allocate budget to benefit the studentsí needs directly
  4. Recruit, Retain, and Reward E-council Committee
  5. Increase awareness by networking within the college

Campaign Platform: Organizing opportunities for students to network with professionals and develop skills outside the classroom, increasing awareness of events taking place within the engineering department and obtaining feedback from students.

Graduate Student Senator

Stephanie A. Malin
Hometown: Algonquin, IL
Class Rank: Graduate (PhD student)
Major: PhD in Sociology (of Environment)
Years at USU: 3.5


  • Department Representative, Dept. of Sociology, Social Work, and Anthropology (2006-2007)
  • Graduate Student Representative for the Sociology Graduate Student Association (2006-2007)
  • Student Representative, Executive Council, Intl. Association for Society and Natural Resources (2008-2010)


  1. To be an advocate for graduate students and their interests.
  2. To improve quality of life and academic well-being for graduate students.
  3. To ensure that grad students are as secure as possible in times of recession/budget cuts.
  4. To get more graduate students involved in student government and leadership.
  5. To foster community between graduate students and undergraduates at USU.
Campaign Platform:
As graduate student senator, I intend to be a strong advocate for my colleagues, to ensure their representation during fiscal crisis, and to improve their quality of life at US

   Rick Kelly
Class Rank: Graduate
Hometown: Rexburg, ID
Major: Political Science
Years at USU: One

  Qualifications: I have served in numerous leadership positions in both social and academic organizations throughout my life.

  Goals &/or plans for office:

  1. Increase awareness of GSS activities among graduate students
  2. Maintain a good relationship within ASUSU and represent unique graduate student needs
  3. Help new graduate students transition to the rigors of graduate work
  4. Be an open resource for graduate students
  5. Create training workshops in order to help graduate students excel academically

  Campaign Platform: My goal is to foster an environment where graduate students can achieve their highest potential.

HASS Senator

Josie Olsen
Home town: Logan, UT
Major: Journalism, emphasizing in Public Relations, and Interior Design
Years at USU: 3

Qualifications: I am a senior at Utah State and I currently serve as the Public Relations Director for ASUSU. As PR Director, I sit on the Programming Board, the Executive Council, and the Board of Directors for USU's student radio, Fusion HD3. I have also been in charge of several committees, which has prepared me to conduct HASS Council meetings. Through my studies in the Interior Design program I have been involved with ASID, IIDA, and IDSA. I have also been a part of the Honors Program, the Student Fee Board Committee, College Democrats, and Aggies for Africa. I am no stranger to ASUSU. I understand the dedication necessary for the position of HASS Senator and I am confident I am the most qualified candidate for the job.

Goals &/or plans for office: 1. I plan to award and raise funds for the departmental scholarships the current senator established in '08-09. 2. I will work with the Dean to lay the groundwork and implement a HASS Lecture Series that will spotlight some of the amazing success stories from the college of HASS. 3. I hope to better integrate the 14 departments in HASS through activities, lectures, committees, and research including surveys and focus groups.This will help us know what we can do to better establish HASS unity. 4. I plan to support clubs that deal with our college and promote student involvement through the use of good PR. 5. I promise you a fun, hot chocolate-abundant, and event-filled HASS week come next winter!

Campaign Platform: I realize that education reaches far beyond any classroom. Next year we will face new opportunities and experiences, and I will commit to making sure you have the means to hear about them. I will fulfill my goals for office, keep my promises and always do my best. I will be your advocate and work endlessly to ensure that you can have an even better experience, to your already great time at Utah State. Please support me with your vote. HASS WE CAN!

Nicole Renee Smith
West Valley City
Interior Design
3rd year at Utah State

Experience Been attending senatorial meetings, and Council meetings Past experience in school leadership Experience in planning Community Events Volunteered ASUSU

Goals or Plans for office: 1. Continue and expand HASS Student Scholarships 2. Provide as many fund raising opportunities as possible for departments 3. Increase communication between Advisers and Students, and opportunities to interact with Deans. 4. Help update and reformat the HASS Website 5. Create a more united HASS College identity

Campaign Platform We need to create as many departmental scholarships as possible, keep up on information, and unite the College of HASS. VOTE RED!!

Science Senator

Michael Stewart
Home-phone: (435) 232-5480
Gender: Male
Class Rank: Sr
Cell phone: (435) 232-5480
Home town: St George
Major: Physics
Years at USU: 4


Held leadership positions in various fraternal organizations, both ecclesiastical and otherwise.
Helped gather information from the student body for a study on USU's carbon emissions
Taken courses in Leadership and Management

Goals &/or plans for office:

1. Represent the students in the College of Science, their needs and their wants. This isn't for me, this is for you as fellow scientist. I will fight your fights as they come. If there is already something that you want changed, let me know, that is what I am here for.
2. Fight to keep the College of Science properly funded. Budget cuts are a guarantee here at USU, I don't know if I can stop our budget from being downsized a little, but I will do all that is within my power to make sure that our quality of learning is not adversely affected by budget cuts.
3. Aggressively advocate the continuation and expansion of undergrad research opportunities. Knowledge is power, and the knowledge we need comes from practical experiences as well as in class study. USU is one of the best places for undergrad research in the nation, I intend to see that it stays that way, and if it is possible, to even improve the undergrad research program.
4. Connect Science students with those scholarships now available to them. There are all kinds of scholarship opportunities out there for students of science, many of which are not taken full advantage of. I hope to connect all students in the College of Science with as many scholarship opportunities as possible, both those offer by USU and those offered by outside sources.
5. Ensure SI, Recitation, and Math lab are at the highest standards possible. These things are given to us by the University and it is truly tragic when students don't get what they need out of them.

Campaign Platform:

Science students deserve the very best; The best education, the best professors, the best research opportunities, the best scholarships, the best!! I will fight for to see we get the best.

Mikaelle "Miki" Giffin
Home Phone: 801-310-9097
Cell Phone: 801-310-9097
Gender: F
Class Rank: Sr
Home town: American Fork, UT
Major: Biology, Molecular/ Cellular
Years at USU: 4


I have been an active member of the science council for the past two years, working with both current and past senators. I have been involved in the production of Science Week, as well as helping to implement various activities and programs into the College of Science.
This year I established and organized the USU Biology Club, and as president, I have kept the club very active.
I am an upper level classman and have been vigorously involved in the College of Science through research, clubs, lab meetings, and classes.

Goals and plans for office:
1. I will work toward getting more acknowledgment and recognition for the smaller departments of our College, such as: geology, physics, Computer Science and Math, and hope to increase student involvement in these programs.
2. I will work toward establishing a close network with all of the clubs so that the members of each club can benefit from involvement in all the activities.
3. I want to establish better ways for our Science students to receive recognition for what they have achieved during their time at USU.
4. I will work closely with the other senators toward establishing a network between the colleges so that we can help each other with our respective weeks and productions that we each put on.
5. My plan to do all of this is to engage the help of the science council, as well as take ideas and advice from the students and from mentors so I can make these goals achievable.

Campaign platform:
Using my experience, enthusiasm, and drive, I will work to accomplish a tightly functioning network of departments and clubs that, as we accomplish these goals, will profit our students most.

Todd Redmon
CELL PHONE: same as above
HOME TOWN: Lyman, Wyoming
MAJOR: Biology

QUALIFICATIONS: I have leadership experience in many religious callings such as serving an LDS mission, elders quorum president and counselor. While on my mission I served as district leader, zone leader and assistant to the mission president. I have also headed a committee that organized a local blood drive in association with the American Red Cross.

1) Ensure that any student who must miss an exam or school assignment for the purpose of attending interviews for any professional program will be excused.
2) I will push for better student/teacher interaction and relations by creating legislation to move teacher evaluations from the last of the semester to the beginning of the semester.
3) I will represent the students of the College of Science by meeting periodically with students from each department and addressing concerns they may have.
4) I will promote and strengthen science clubs, as well as plan more events that will unite the departments within the College of Science.
5) I will stand up and fight for the College of Science if any unnecessary budget cuts threaten students career goals!!!

As the Senator of Science, I will give 110% of my effort to the position!
I will represent and defend the students of the College of Science!

Tony Litke
Home Phone: (763) 498-2629
Home town: Becker, MN
Major: Biochemistry
Years at USU: It will be one year by May


As a recent transfer student to Utah State University I preferred to "hit the ground running" and become well acquainted with a new school and an unfamiliar area. In a short amount of time I found ways to become involved and experience many aspects of our University's offerings. I was fortunate enough to come across a job as a quality assurance lab technician at a well-known dairy factory (Gossner Foods Inc.), stumble into a promising research group here at the university (Dr. Chang's Lab), and occasionally find a number of opportunities to DJ at the University's radio station (Fusion HD3). I did this while finding time to attend classes, labs, and seminars. The humbling thing is that I see countless more students putting everything they have into their time here. To say the least, I am very impressed with the people here at Utah State University and would like nothing more than to further promote this already present sense of involvement.

Goals &/or plans for office:

1. I plan to advocate undergraduate student involvement for all areas of scientific research.
2. I plan to press forward more science-based scholarships and become a resource for students exploring financial aid.
3. I plan to be active in the continuation of funding for all disciplines within the College of Science.
4. I plan to promote multidisciplinary scientific events in order to broaden interests and uphold cooperation between the different sciences.
5. I plan to increase involvement from incoming classes in the sciences and to execute any ideas that may improve the overall quality of life in the College of Science.

Campaign Platform:

Tony Litke cloned his way through GENETICS, ousted OCHEM, was confounded by C++, became tantalized in TECTONICS, stressed over STATS, and contemplated QUANTUM. Can he serve as SCIENCE SENATOR? Yes.

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