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Today's word on journalism

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Grammatically Speaking:

"We owe much to our mother tongue. It is through speech and writing that we understand each other and can attend to our needs and differences. If we don't respect and honor the rules of English, we lose our ability to communicate clearly and well. In short, we invite mayhem, misery, madness, and inevitably even more bad things that start with letters other than M."

--Martha Brockenbrough, grammarian and founder, National Grammar Day

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Lessons of Motherhood, No. 2: How to prepare for recovery

Editor's note: This is the second of a series of practical observations by an Aggie student who's a new mom.

By Errin Stevenson

January 15, 2008 | I think a very large number of women are scared for their first labor while pregnant.

I would think, listen and talk to everyone about it, hoping to find ways to better prepare. I always got advice and listened. But, I didn't listen to the advice women would give me on recovery, such as, "Enjoy your all-night hours of sleep." Well, all I can say is, ladies, while you are at the hospital you are in good hands. You and your baby are taken care of and you are able to relax. Medicine is advanced and everything is simpler than it was in the old days. But, I, along with others, failed to realize the reality of the real labor: the recovery.

Bringing home your new baby is fun. You are excited to be in a comfortable place and surrounded by people who love you and who are excited about your new little one. But, there are also some things I would suggest to prepare for, and ways to make your first couple of weeks home a little bit easier.

When I came home from the hospital, I had my house in order, and I was so grateful I did! I had completely cleaned, dusted, anti-bacterialized and set up my home for my baby. If you do so, then you don't have to stress over it when you come home with the baby because believe me, you won't have time to do any of it. You may think you will because you have heard babies sleep a lot, but not all do.

Buy the necessities you will need for the baby. Have diapers, wipes, burp clothes and more burp clothes, lotion and formula ready for your baby at home. You will not want to be hustling to the store to get the last things after labor. When I first arrived home with my baby boy, his diaper was full, grandpa's clothes were splattered with spit-up, and he was hungry again for some more food. I thought to myself . . . what do I do? All I can say is having items on hand really saved me.

Pre-wash all your baby's clothes. You will have more time to do laundry before your baby comes, and you will have lots more laundry to do too.

Allow neighbors, family and friends to help you with dinners, or whatever they offer to help you do. I thought I could do most everything on my own. You can, but it is a lot easier with help and it will save you stressful times.

Have a pump ready for Day 3 after labor. You will be very grateful you did, believe me!

Last but not least, be ready to enjoy the greatest blessing on earth! It will be quite the experience, but one you will never regret.


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