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Today's word on journalism

February 17, 2009

Why I miss my hate mail:

"It's an odd thing to admit, but in a perverse sort of way, I actually miss the wretched river, the rancid flow of puerile, nasty, sickeningly homophobic email I used to receive on a regular basis from the ultra-right and the Christian right and the Mormon right and the Bush-impaired whenever I would post a friendly, pointed column full of tangy liberal attitude. . . . . Oh, I miss all the lovely and positive email too, which outpaced the nasty stuff by a huge margin. But the hate mail was very special indeed, great fodder for live readings, for the reaction of horrified disbelief of anyone who saw it, for the charming reminder of just how ugly and violent and grammatically challenged the human animal can be."

--Mark Morford, columnist, (2/13/09)

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USU to celebrate Burns' 250th birthday

January 12, 2009 | Robert Burns wove a tapestry of words into beautiful poetry — poetry that defined a nation and gave millions an identity of who they are: Scots.

For the second year, residents of northern Utah can celebrate the poet at a dinner at Utah State University while observing the 250th anniversary of the great Scottish poet's birth.

The 2nd Annual Robert Burns Supper is hosted by the Utah Scottish Association and Utah State University Dining Services Saturday, Jan. 17, and celebrates the life of Scotland's bard. Activities begin on the USU campus at 6:30 p.m. in the International Lounge of the Taggart Student Center (approximately 650 N. 800 East, Logan). The International Lounge will be transformed into a dining hall filled with the sights, smells and sounds of Scotland.

The celebration of Robert Burns' life and works springs from Burns' deathbed request to have his legacy commemorated through poetry reading, song singing and a traditional Scottish supper. Burns Suppers have been held across the world on every continent in honor of the great story teller. This year marks the 250th anniversary of Burns' birth, making the supper a special occasion for all who attend.

"A cultural experience like the Burns Supper is a great place to enjoy art and dine on delicious cuisine," said Alan Andersen, director of USU Dining Services. "Our team of expert chefs is pulling out all the stops to give Cache Valley the true flavors of Scotland."
Everyone is invited to the Burns Supper and tickets can be ordered by calling University Catering at USU, (435) 797-1707. Tickets for the evening's activities are $25 for members of the general public and $22 for members of the Utah Scottish Association. Youth under age 13 can attend for $16.50. Ticket reservations are requested by Thursday, Jan. 15, especially for large groups.
The University Inn, USU's guest hotel, offers an accommodation package for those attending the Burns Supper festivities. Ticket packages and lodging rates are available by calling the University Inn at 800-231-5634 and mentioning the "Burns Supper Group."


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