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Today's word on journalism

February 17, 2009

Why I miss my hate mail:

"It's an odd thing to admit, but in a perverse sort of way, I actually miss the wretched river, the rancid flow of puerile, nasty, sickeningly homophobic email I used to receive on a regular basis from the ultra-right and the Christian right and the Mormon right and the Bush-impaired whenever I would post a friendly, pointed column full of tangy liberal attitude. . . . . Oh, I miss all the lovely and positive email too, which outpaced the nasty stuff by a huge margin. But the hate mail was very special indeed, great fodder for live readings, for the reaction of horrified disbelief of anyone who saw it, for the charming reminder of just how ugly and violent and grammatically challenged the human animal can be."

--Mark Morford, columnist, (2/13/09)

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North Logan considers how to balance development, open space

By Alice Bailey

January 23, 2009 | NORTH LOGAN -- Creating a connection between development and open space was the topic of a presentation given at City Council meeting Wednesday.

The presentation was given by Rick LeBrasseur and Sumner Swaner of Center for Green Space Design (CGSD), a non-profit organization based in Salt Lake City that is aimed at preserving open space.

"We're not coming in and saying we have the answers and you need to do this, and conserve this and prioritize this," LeBrasseur said. " No, every community is different and has a set of values. It's just gleaning those values out and we find this community visioning process,"

The Center for Green Space Design uses the acronym CEDAR to identify different types of green space that can be preserved during the developmental process of land. CEDAR stands for cultural, ecological, developmental, agricultural and recreational. The organization attempts to identify each of the elements of CEDAR when trying to optimize green space.

LeBrasseur and Swaner said the city should get an idea of the desired locations for development and the desired locations for conservation, and to encourage these two to come together. Through this the city can create policies that guide developers in preserving green space. LeBrasseur said most real estate developers write hundreds of pages on building heights and sewer systems, but don't write anything about preserving green space.

Swaner said sprawl is an insidious process and affects communities without their knowing it. He said CGSD's plan is meant to keep communities aware of what is happening and is density neutral.

"What that means is, property rights being what they are, we don't want to toy with people's property rights. We leave those net densities alone, so all you zoning categories stay exactly the same," Swaner said.

Concern was raised by the council because CGSD's plan emphasizes conservation subdivisions, and most of the city consists of private land owners. The city is also concerned that these policies, put into action, might discourage developers.

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