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Today's word on journalism

February 17, 2009

Why I miss my hate mail:

"It's an odd thing to admit, but in a perverse sort of way, I actually miss the wretched river, the rancid flow of puerile, nasty, sickeningly homophobic email I used to receive on a regular basis from the ultra-right and the Christian right and the Mormon right and the Bush-impaired whenever I would post a friendly, pointed column full of tangy liberal attitude. . . . . Oh, I miss all the lovely and positive email too, which outpaced the nasty stuff by a huge margin. But the hate mail was very special indeed, great fodder for live readings, for the reaction of horrified disbelief of anyone who saw it, for the charming reminder of just how ugly and violent and grammatically challenged the human animal can be."

--Mark Morford, columnist, (2/13/09)

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Richmond council grants credit card to library for book purchases

By David Bowman

RICHMOND -- Richmond City Council has given the local library a credit card in response to WaldenBooks closing in the Cache Valley Mall.

Terry Wierenga, council member, proposed to the council on Wednesday for a business credit for the city library.

"With Walden Books closing we have a very limited choice on where we can purchase books for the library at reasonable prices," she said.

Up until now, both the city and the library were sharing a credit card. The new card will open the city up to larger expenditures and give the library enough money to sell book pre-orders and order requested books.

The credit card received a unanimous vote and will be given a $1,000 limit.

On another note, Wierenga said the state inspector had come up earlier this year and inspected the library. He gave the city library a perfect score. This makes Richmond's library better than other libraries in cities that are up to five times its size. The inspection was based on safety and quality of the building.


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