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Today's word on journalism

February 17, 2009

Why I miss my hate mail:

"It's an odd thing to admit, but in a perverse sort of way, I actually miss the wretched river, the rancid flow of puerile, nasty, sickeningly homophobic email I used to receive on a regular basis from the ultra-right and the Christian right and the Mormon right and the Bush-impaired whenever I would post a friendly, pointed column full of tangy liberal attitude. . . . . Oh, I miss all the lovely and positive email too, which outpaced the nasty stuff by a huge margin. But the hate mail was very special indeed, great fodder for live readings, for the reaction of horrified disbelief of anyone who saw it, for the charming reminder of just how ugly and violent and grammatically challenged the human animal can be."

--Mark Morford, columnist, (2/13/09)

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Aggies tie best start in school history at 20-1 with victory over Nevada

By Craig Morris

January 30, 2009 | It took the Ags until the second half to get things going, but once they did, the Wolf Pack had no answer. Utah State beat Nevada, 72-61, in the Spectrum to run its win streak to 15.

Utah State only shot 36.7 percent from the field in the first half. That low percentage, combined with Nevada's impressive 50 percent from the field, left the Aggies trailing at halftime, 30-34. Six of the Ags' 10 turnovers also occurred in the opening half.

The Aggies rode the back of Tai Wesley in the second as he scored the first 11 points and grabbed the lead back from the visiting Wolf Pack. Wesley ended the night with 22 points, 16 after intermission.

As the raucous crowd willed their beloved Aggies into the lead, they almost lost their swagger when Wesley picked up a technical foul midway through the second half.

"Armon Johnson was kind of running his mouth the whole time, so he sticks out his elbow and tries to give me a little elbow, so I pushed him," said Wesley of the tech. "It just kind of happened that I got caught."

Two minutes after Wesley had a seat on the bench, Stavon Williams got busy. After scoring on a slashing layup, Williams sent the crowd into a frenzy with back-to-back threes, turning a 45-all knot into a 53-45 Aggie lead in just over one minute of play.

"When I make a shot or two back to back, I feel like everything is going in and the rim just feels so big to me," said Williams. "Like throwing rocks into the ocean."

To make matters worse for Nevada, a bypassed timeout opportunity led to Brady Jardine's absolute dismissal of Luke Babbitt's shot attempt from the baseline and upped the roar of the fans in the Spectrum.

Williams said, "I got dizzy, man, the crowd got so loud. I really forgot where I was at for a quick second."

Contrary to the stated belief of Nevada's coach, Mark Fox, the crowd once again played an enormous role in game. Steve Cleveland learned that same lesson as the Ags held on to beat his Fresno State Bulldogs in Logan, 65-61. The Aggies now hope to take some of the Spectrum magic with them as they travel to Fresno for a Saturday game.

Over the years some pretty amazing teams have graced the hardwoods in Logan. But, a win on Saturday would earn this Aggie team the best start in school history, beating the 20-1 record of the 2003-04 team.


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