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AUTUMN VISTA: The Wellsville Mountains take on autumn hues as shorter days and cool nights usher in the end of summer. / Photo by Ted Pease

Today's word on journalism

Wednesday, September 6, 2006

On the hooplah surrounding Katie Couric's ascension to the CBS News anchor chair:

"The difference between newspapers and television is that you couldn't care less what a female newspaper reporter looks like when she tells you about a tsunami in Indonesia, fighting in Sudan or the Kentucky Derby. Many of the bylines only give the initials and no one stops to think, 'I wonder who did her hair?' Or, 'She shouldn't wear a navy blue Oscar de la Renta suit.'"

--Art Buchwald, columnist, 2006

Three residence halls won't be ready for start of fall semester

Buildings A, F, and D will be ready to house students for fall semester. Housing Director Steve Jenson did not say why the other buildings will not be ready. / Photo by Elizabeth Livingston

By Elizabeth Livingston

July 12, 2006 | Only three of the six new on campus residence halls will be completed as scheduled for fall 2006.

Housing Director Steve Jenson said the university is talking with the building contractor about how to accommodate the students affected by the delay. Students who have applied and do not mind being relocated will stay in the Towers until the new completion date in October.

Buildings A, F, and D will be ready to house students for fall semester. Jenson did not say why the other buildings will not be ready.

The six buildings combined will house 512 students. Building A will house Honors students on the second floor and the main office for the new community on the first floor.

The other five buildings will house students in three suites on each floor. Each suite can hold up to eight students. Each suite has a living room, two full bathrooms, two two-person vanities, three double rooms and one single room. Each double has separate lighting for each side of the room, two closets, and beds which easily turn into bunk beds.

Each floor has a laundry room and a trash chute. In other resident halls, the laundry room is in the basement. The trash chute will be convenient for students who don't like to go outside to the dumpster to throw away garbage.

Each building has two cluster lounges which are used as the main advertising point for housing. Each cluster lounge combines floors one and two and floors three and four into an area with a fireplace, a plasma TV, seating, pool tables and a kitchen.

The new buildings are using color schemes unique to the older residence halls. The first and second floor of each building will use the Red Rock Cluster color scheme which is composed of various reds, yellows, and oranges. The third and fourth floor of each building will use the Bear Lake color scheme consisting of blues and greens.

Since a drop in on campus residency a few years ago, Housing is seeing more applications this year than the last. The Towers are filling up when just two years ago several floors were closed off in each building due to a lack of residents.

The New Living Learning Community has received several applications from potential residents.

The interior of a finished room.


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