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AUTUMN VISTA: The Wellsville Mountains take on autumn hues as shorter days and cool nights usher in the end of summer. / Photo by Ted Pease

Today's word on journalism

Wednesday, September 6, 2006

On the hooplah surrounding Katie Couric's ascension to the CBS News anchor chair:

"The difference between newspapers and television is that you couldn't care less what a female newspaper reporter looks like when she tells you about a tsunami in Indonesia, fighting in Sudan or the Kentucky Derby. Many of the bylines only give the initials and no one stops to think, 'I wonder who did her hair?' Or, 'She shouldn't wear a navy blue Oscar de la Renta suit.'"

--Art Buchwald, columnist, 2006

Life back to normal for soccer fan

By Jed C. Christensen

July 25, 2006 | The first of June, Dave Essig was beside himself in anticipation for the World Cup. He spent almost $30 extra on his television services just to have the ability to record every game during June.

Essig's love for soccer began when he was in sixth grade. His sister started to play; he thought it looked fun, so he started to play too. Essig played all through his grade-school years. He finished high school playing goalie, which is one of the most important positions. Essig said that he has played soccer every week of his life since high school. He currently plays on a Utah State University indoor league.

He still enjoys playing soccer, but from June 9 through July 9 while the World Cup was being held in Germany, Essig could barely fit soccer playing in to his schedule.

He watched at least part of every game if not all of it. Essg said that with his $30 purchase he was able to replay every goal. That means that he watched a total of 145 goals through the month. Essig said he probably spent about 60 hours watching soccer.

Essig admits that he is going though soccer withdrawals. He said, "Once the final is over, you get that empty feeling," but he feels he'll be over it soon. One bonus is that he has more time to play soccer. Essig will have to wait four more years to satisfy his hunger for the World Cup.

Essig is not the only one that loves the World Cup. Many people probably saw at least part of one game without even knowing it; whether in a restaurant, somebody's computer at work, or even on the news. The World Cup was everywhere.

The World Cup has taken place every four years since 1930 with the exception of 1942 and 1946 because of World War II. During the 18 World Cups, only seven teams have won. Brazil has won five times, Italy four times, Germany three times, Uruguay and Argentina with two wins, and England and France each with one win. Only two teams out side of South America and Europe have ever reached the semi finals, and those two teams were South Korea in 2002 and the United States in 1930.

When asked if he will devote as much time to the World Cup four years down the road, Essig said if he is married he hopes his wife will let him, but if not, he said, "Maybe I'll fly in if I'm single."

In the meantime, Essig is looking forward to the game between Real Madrid and Real Salt Lake. He said that even though Real Salt Lake will struggle, it will be fun to watch some amazing players from Real Madrid play. He compares the match up to the New York Yankees playing the Salt Lake Buzz.


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