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Today's word on journalism

September 18, 2008

Partisan politics:

"Say 'conservative' and they wag their tails. Say 'liberal' and they bare their fangs. More to the point, say either and all thinking ceases. . . . [P]eople hear this doublespeak and cheer. Why not? They have been taught that words mean what you need them to in a given moment. Turns out, all it requires is a limitless supply of gall and the inherent belief that people are dumber than a bag of hammers."

--Leonard Pitts Jr., Pulitzer-winning columnist. The Miami Herald, 2008 (Thanks to alert WORDster Jerry Vonderbrink)

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Feedback and suggestions--printable and otherwise--always welcome. "There are no false opinions."

Simple Kitchen: Grill up for summer

By Errin Stevenson

June 10, 2008 | Grilling is my favorite way to cook meat in the summer! It is quick, yummy and really easy to clean up. It also adds the nice, fired flavor to your meats and you can cook your meat to perfection.

Bratwursts are my husband's favorite meat on the grill. Although they are not the healthiest choice, they sure are tasty. After many experiments using recipes from the Wisconsin beer brat to the smoked bratwurst, my husband thinks he has found the best recipe. The recipes special ingredient is apple beer.

Series Bowl Finals Bratwursts

48 oz. of canned of apple beer
1 lg. yellow onion, sliced
3 T. brown sugar
1 apple, chopped thick
6 (1 pkg.) uncooked large Johnsonville or Nathan's bratwursts
6 hoagie buns

In a large kettle or pot, combine apple beer, onion, brown sugar and bratwursts. Let soak for 12 hours. Once 12 hours has passed, simmer on low heat until steamy. Once there is steam, remove from heat. Be careful not to overheat which causes bratwurst casing to burst. After removing from heat, remove bratwursts. Then remove onion and put in a small skillet. Cook over medium heat until medium brown. These onions will be sweet and perfect on your bratwurst.

Cook bratwursts on grill at medium heat, approximately 10-15 minutes. Be sure not to burst casing.

Once cooked, remove from grill and put on hoagie bun. Add brown mustard, ketchup, apple onions and bread n' butter chips (pickles).

These are great for all of the big sporting events; hence that is why my husband named them the Series Bowl Finals Bratwursts!

You can serve them with veggies and it is a full meal! These will fill you and your guest.




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