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September 18, 2008

Partisan politics:

"Say 'conservative' and they wag their tails. Say 'liberal' and they bare their fangs. More to the point, say either and all thinking ceases. . . . [P]eople hear this doublespeak and cheer. Why not? They have been taught that words mean what you need them to in a given moment. Turns out, all it requires is a limitless supply of gall and the inherent belief that people are dumber than a bag of hammers."

--Leonard Pitts Jr., Pulitzer-winning columnist. The Miami Herald, 2008 (Thanks to alert WORDster Jerry Vonderbrink)

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'Kung Fu Panda' fun for all ages

By Sara Anderson

June 11, 2008 | Kung Fu Panda, which opened Friday, is full of action, bravery, comedy and a tale of the underdog (or under-panda). This film is rated PG and proves to be enjoyable for any age.

Po (Panda), voiced by Jack Black, works in his family's noodle shop but dreams of becoming a great kung fu fighter. His father has hopes of him taking over the noodle shop until Po is chosen to be the long-foretold Great Dragon Warrior.

Wu-Gui, kung fu master, is the wise turtle who prophesies about the return of the evil snow leopard Tai Lung. The only one who can stop him is the Dragon Warrior. Po is a large, lovable panda, but not your typical fighter. Everyone doubts his ability, even his master, Xi-Fu. Po, who worships Tigress, Crane, Mantis, Viper and Monkey, must now work beside them in training for the day when Tai Lung returns to wreak havoc and revenge on the Valley of Peace.

When Master Xi-Fu finally realizes what must be done to train Panda, the results speak for themselves: Food will satisfy (and motivate) even the hungriest panda. When Panda finally earns the Dragon Warrior scroll, he discovers there is something missing. With a little help from his dad, Po learns the secret ingredient. He must now stay to fight Tai Lung in an attempt to save the valley.

The entire film is full of great animation and creative scenes. The escape of Tai Lung from prison is amazing. The angles in the animation are truly magnificent and leave you breathless. There are several slow-motion action scenes, which include both intense and funny moments. The film also seems to stay true to the Chinese culture and kung fu.

This story proves worthy of its star-studded cast, including Black, Lucy Liu, Dustin Hoffman, Angelina Jolie, Ian McShane and Jackie Chan.

This film is another example that animation is for everyone.

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