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Today's word on journalism

Friday, September 1, 2006

"[F]ew things are as much a part of our lives as the news. With the advent of sophisticated mass communication, the news has become a sort
of instant historical record of the pace, progress, problems, and the hopes of society. On the other hand--and here's the puzzle -- the news provides, at best, a superficial and distorted image of society. . . . The puzzle, simply put, is this: How can anything so superficial be so central to our lives?"

--W. Lance Bennett, political science professor, 1988

Need a hookah? North Logan tobacconist can sell you one

By Diana Hurren

May 1, 2006 | NORTH LOGAN -- Timberline Smoke Shop in North Logan carries new tobacco products and accessories that may make smoking effects less harmful at discounted prices.

Every wall of the smoke shop is entirely full with every tobacco product imaginable such as packs, cartons, cigars, cigarette rolling supplies, pipes and hookahs, but they sell all of them at much cheaper prices than local convenience stores.

"We're like a Costco or Sam's for tobacco, but you don't need a membership fee to shop here," said owner Mary Hanselman.

Hanselman added hookahs and hookah tobacco to her large inventory because she said it is the latest trend especially with college students. A hookah is a machine that basically steams tobacco and then funnels the steam into a hose which then aids inhalation through the mouth.

"It's basically flavored air with nicotine. There's absolutely no tar; it's really pure," said Hanselman.

Hanselman said hookahs seem to cause fewer negative effects for tobacco users because less carcinogens and nicotine enter the air when it is heated in a hookah rather than when it's burned. Also because less nicotine is inhaled hookah use can be far less addictive than other forms of tobacco use.

Hookah tobacco comes in many different flavors and can be ordered in any existing flavor of ice cream. The smoke shop carries other kinds of flavored tobacco as well coming in all flavors from graham cracker and pina colada to black raspberry.

The smoke shop carries a wide variety of pipes both wood and glass. Hanselman said glass pipes are great because there is no aftertaste or flavor left in the pipe once the tobacco is burned. Wood pipes, on the other hand, tend to have a strong aftertaste because the woods will absorb both smells and flavors.

Hanselman starting working at a smoke shop in Ogden, but decided one day she would rather be working for herself so she relocated in Logan and opened up her first shop which she says is doing great. The smoke shop which has been open for nine months has a wide variety of customers and Hanselman said she loves meeting and helping new customers and welcomes everyone to go in and take a look.


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