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Today's word on journalism

Friday, September 1, 2006

"[F]ew things are as much a part of our lives as the news. With the advent of sophisticated mass communication, the news has become a sort
of instant historical record of the pace, progress, problems, and the hopes of society. On the other hand--and here's the puzzle -- the news provides, at best, a superficial and distorted image of society. . . . The puzzle, simply put, is this: How can anything so superficial be so central to our lives?"

--W. Lance Bennett, political science professor, 1988

Catching a flick with plastic

By Erica Jolley

May 3, 2006 | No need to bring cash to the movies anymore. Stadium 8 theatre now accepts credit cards.

Some customers claimed the frustration when they didn't have cash on them, finding another inconvenient way to get cash to see a movie.

"There have been times Iéve had to go to the store to get money or be charged to use the ATM," said Marques Chavez, a broadcast journalism major.

Amber Nyman, a social work major, said she was not aware of the theatre accepting cards and said it is going to "make it so much easier" to see a movie.

Often the theatre would hear from upset customers because they didn't want to use the ATM because of the fee. Some customers would also get irate because there were times the ATM machine ran out of money.

"It was hard for us as managers, because when it was busy we didnét have time to run to the bank and get money to fill the ATM, thatés when our customers would get furious at us, but it wasn't fair to us as the managers," said former manager of Stadium 8, Andrea Milne.

With debit and credit cards becoming more common, it's about time the Providence theatre accepted credit cards. But this theatre isn't far behind the trend, many theatres still donét accept credit cards, a customer notes.

"We decided to get the credit card machine because it was easier for our customers, it's what they wanted," Michelle Felson, Stadium 8 manager, said. "It does slow the lines down but I think the customers feel that it's worth it."

Some customers don't think slowing down the lines will make swiping a card more convenient.

"I don't think that it will be easier now that they accept credit cards," Nyman said."It's just going to slow the line down while we all wait for everyone to sign their receipt."

The theatre waited to supply a credit card machine because they wanted to make sure that it was worth the time and money. According to Felson they put a credit card machine in a St. George theatre to see the results and as it became successful they decided to install one in Providence.

"It's a hassle for the theatre to accept credit cards and it cost money to have the machines," said Felson, "It's also a lot easier to just count money than having to deal with credit card statements."

Even though Stadium 8 has made it more convenient for their customers they havenét seen a noticeable rise in sales. That could be because prices still remain high.

While the prices may not change, customers appreciate credit cards are now accepted. And The Austin Statesman has a solution for those who think the prices are too high and are a tight budget-- going to a matinee.

"I don't know if I will go to Stadium 8 more now that they except cards, but I will definitely choose that theatre over others in the valley now that I know I can use my debit card," Chavez said.

Whether you see a matinee or a midnight movie, there is no need to stop and get cash or get charge to use the ATM. Just bring your debit card and get right in. Look to see the times for the latest movies at Stadium 8.


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