Wendover a magnet for college students in Utah

By Jake Ipson

Note: This story was produced for JCOM 2160, Introduction to Online Journalism, which emphasizes hand-coding HTML.

WENDOVER, Nev. -- This town was established during World War II when a training base was set up to help train military aviators. The soldiers who trained here eventually dropped the atomic bombs on Japan during World War II. Today it is just an abandoned base that has been run over by casinos and travelers, but some of the base still stands for visitors to enjoy.

Wendover is on the border between Nevada and Utah; it actually sits directly on the border. Although most of the city is in Nevada, a small portion lies within Utah.

Utah State University lies about three hours away from Wendover. Lots of college students have come and gone from the University throughout the years, but there is one thing that has always been consistent, Wendover, Nevada. Utah State being located in Cache Valley has a tendency to make the residents suffer from long cold winters and ultimatly leading to cabin fever. So for as long as there has been casinos in Wendover, there have been travelers from the University. But it is not just from the University that people travel to Wendover. People from all across the Upper half of Utah travel there to get away for a weekend. Whether it is to go and try their luck with gambling or just to get away for a while.

It is not just for the gambling, there are many other forms of entertainment that Wendover provides from concerts to luxurious dining experiences.

But why choose Wendover? The first and most obvious reason is location.

It is right on the border. It is a simple drive for Utah State students to go and get away for a while. Second, being in Nevavda, it provides entertainment that you can not get everywhere else with the gambling. Third, Wendover provides great entertainment for everyone with their concerts and their shows that are performed from music to stand up comedy.

Wendover may not be quite as exciting as Las Vegas, but for college students, it provides enough excitement to get away for a weekend and try their luck. It has been a tradition for many years before and will continue to be a tradition for many years to come.