Bored in Logan? You're not alone, but there is fun in the Cache Valley

By Ben Coltrin

Note: This story was produced for JCOM 2160, Introduction to Online Journalism, which emphasizes hand-coding HTML.

May 9, 2008 | For many Utah State students, they feel to have a real good time, they have to leave the valley. That may be true sometimes, but it isn't true all the time. There are a few fun things to do for all of us.

The Cache Valley has more to offer than you might think.

So basketball season and football season are over, but the good news in that is that summer is fast approaching. There are many softball leagues that are being organized through the recreation division where many Logan residents and their families can get involved. There are also some summer basketball leagues that are being organized.

For those who want a chance to meet the opposite sex, on Wednesday nights at the Funpark on 200 E. there is country dancing from 9 to 12 for only three dollars.

If country isn't your style, you've got Club NVO on Thursday nights. It is a limited selection, but it is better than nothing. For the high school kids who want to go dancing, during the summer there are dances in Garden City just up the canyon.

If dancing isn't your thing, Logan offers a wide variety of family fun or places where a students can take a date. First off, most of the Utah State students know about the Funpark and the Rock Haus by Wal-Mart. If you have any children, you might want to try out the Celebration Centre which just had its grand opening for the 2008 season. The Celebration Centre has a wide variety of options for all ages and is located just south of Logan on the way into Sardine Canyon.

The Funpark features bowling, dancing, and other games.

Not only that, but if you enjoy skating, swimming, or ice skating there are facilities in the area that can satisfy your needs. First there is the Logan Skate Park, a place where skateboarders can go, the George S. Eccles Ice Center for the ice skaters, and the Logan Aquatic Center for the swimmer in all of us.

To top it off, there is the Cache Valley Center for the Arts that features performances year round. In the Logan metropolitan area, there are also plenty of theaters stretching from Providence to North Logan.

So Logan might not have the most extravagant nightlife or sports for some residents, but it does offer quite a bit for its size. You can always find something to do in this valley. “I really think this place is amazing during the summer,” said Derrick Norman, a Logan resident. There are also many activities within close range of the valley. So decide in 2008 to make it a fun year without having to take loads out of the pocket.