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where there's smoke: A building under construction next to the Logan Police Station caught fire from a welder's spark. Damage was estimated at $50,000. / Photo by Gideon Oakes

Today's word on journalism

August 27, 2008

On protests at political conventions:

"The citizens of Denver and St. Paul, and Americans everywhere, should hope officials in those cities already have considered both the constitutional and monetary costs of silencing voices that have a right to be heard. . . . Well-expressed or wacky. Irritating or illuminating. Respectful or raucous. There's nothing in the 45 words of the First Amendment that sets out any such qualifications or limits on protests. Time and again in our history, from women's suffrage to civil rights to tax protests, to name just some, voices first raised in the streets -- to the disgust or disappointment of some -- have led to significant, positive changes in law and American life."

--Gene Policinski, executive director, First Amendment Center, 2008

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'Prince Caspian' outshines original Narnia flick

By Sara Anderson

May 22, 2008 | The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian (PG), which opened last week, is even better than the first movie, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. The 140-minute movie is family friendly filled with adventure, action and fantasy.

Once again the four Pevensie siblings, once deemed queens and kings of old in Narnia, are called back for another quest. When they return to Narnia they find an unpleasant, dark and cruel world in place of their beautiful Narnia they once knew. Narnians have become nearly extinct.

The new king of Narnia should be Prince Caspian, but because of an evil uncle the throne is in jeopardy. Forced out of the castle, Prince Caspian seeks help from the four young kings and queens.

The first epic battle has little to no gore but will keep your heart pounding. The second battle is a true test of character filled with action. The battles in this film are emotional and intense but maintain the PG rating making for a clean yet powerful scene.

Several characters add great comic relief throughout the movie. One mouse shows even the smallest characters can play big roles. Sassy and sophisticated the four siblings teach lessons in trust, bravery, faith and love.

The filming is very well done. The camera angles and special effects are astounding. This film is loaded with majestic oceans, grand mountains and castles built into the mountains. The landscape on the big screen makes you feel as if you are really there. There is so much to look at the movie does not feel as long as it really is.

Even people who donít like fantasy movies will enjoy this one.

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