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where there's smoke: A building under construction next to the Logan Police Station caught fire from a welder's spark. Damage was estimated at $50,000. / Photo by Gideon Oakes

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August 27, 2008

On protests at political conventions:

"The citizens of Denver and St. Paul, and Americans everywhere, should hope officials in those cities already have considered both the constitutional and monetary costs of silencing voices that have a right to be heard. . . . Well-expressed or wacky. Irritating or illuminating. Respectful or raucous. There's nothing in the 45 words of the First Amendment that sets out any such qualifications or limits on protests. Time and again in our history, from women's suffrage to civil rights to tax protests, to name just some, voices first raised in the streets -- to the disgust or disappointment of some -- have led to significant, positive changes in law and American life."

--Gene Policinski, executive director, First Amendment Center, 2008

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'Crystal Skull' proves Dr. Jones & friends -- and Ford -- have still got it

By Sara Anderson

May 27, 2008 | Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (released May 22) is rated PG-13 for adventure violence and scary images.

This film is a classic wrapped in new paper. This is not your typical Indiana Jones movie. The movie has adventure, love and even a twist on Indiana's family. It's clean and entertaining.

The opening of the movie is set in the deserts of Nevada near the infamous Area 51. We get a brief tour of the secret Area 51 as Indiana is forced to help find an artifact he had helped research years ago. The crystal skull is more than just an artifact; it is actually the skull of an extraterrestrial.

Believe me, I'm intrigued by aliens and in another movie and another time it would have been interesting, but this plot is not your typical Indiana Jones movie. Search for the Golden City -- yes, surviving a nuclear explosion in a refrigerator -- maybe, but space ships -- no way, unfortunately true. The crystal skull is powerful and all knowing, and the Communist Russians seek to possess as much of this power as possible.

Some punches and other sound effects are a little cheesy, but stick to the whole Indiana Jones theme. The movie did an excellent job of maintaining that classic feeling and added old, familiar special effects for nostalgic purposes.

If only we could pull off in real life the stunts in this movie. The special effects and stunts were pretty intense and hard to believe, but actor Harrison Ford made it look easy. Let's just say, he's still got it. An intriguing battle of guns, swords and wrestling while jumping from car to car is the least we can expect from the professor and friends.

A fresh face, but not so new, Shia LaBeouf made an impressive appearance and has only climbed up my scale with this movie. He fit this part great and has only continued to prove himself in Hollywood. His hot-shot personality is a perfect match for a side kick to Indiana Jones.

With a few family twists, betrayal, and discovery, this movie makes for an excellent choice. Expect the classic, but stay open minded for new adventures.

Thanks to University 6.



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