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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Final Exam Week Edition 2: Ethnocentrism. . . .

"More powerful than all poetry,
More pervasive than all science,
More profound than all philosophy,
Are the letters of the alphabet,
Twenty-six pillars of strength,
Upon which our culture rests."

--Olof Gustaf Hugo Lagercrantz, Swedish author and critic (1911-2002) (Thanks to alert WORDster Steve Marston)






'Joe Loves Crappy Movies,' and I love Joe for it
"I'm sorry. I just don't think we're right for each other anymore," I said as his big round eyes welled with tears. "It's not you, Garfield, it's me." And with that, I broke up with the funny pages and have not looked back. / By Steve Shinney


Natural birth control can be effective, book declares
"Most women are thrilled with the sense of control they feel after spending just a couple of minutes a day charting their cycle, cherishing the privilege of finally understanding their bodies." / By Jennifer Lund

Save your money, don't buy 'The Darwin Awards 4'
A good story needs to have some meat to it. Without the relevant details, a good story becomes just a brief summary. The Darwin Awards 4 lacks these crucial details, instead giving its readers a compilation of hurried abridgments. / By Jake Williams

Nobel laureate Pamuk's early novel, 'The White Castle,' worth reading
Orhan Pamuk's The White Castle recounts the story of two men -- one Italian, the other Turkish -- as they advise a young sultan and solve the problems of an ailing Islamic empire. / By C. D Clawson

Classic meditation book helps in experiencing mindfulness
Recently I decided to try meditation by the book Wherever You Go There You Are by Jon Kabat-Zinn. This is described as a universal Buddhist meditation that brings us closer to ourselves in our everyday life. / By Megan C Tschida


'Shadow Box' production comes from the heart
"The Shadow Box" follows the story of three cancer patients who have been told and are aware that they do not have very long to live. Each of the patients lives in a small "cottage" where they are close to constant medical attention and where they can live the remainder of their days as free from pain as possible. / By Ryan Pence

Couples Yoga: Stretching your body... and your mind
You + your partner + couples yoga = enhanced cooperation, communication, mutual nurturing and intimacy. / By Jenny Lund

Enter MySpace with caution
Many MySpace members aren't aware of who is looking at their profiles and often divulge personal information they believe is only being viewed by their friends. / By Brittney Winn

It's a bird, it's a plane... nevermind, it's the Tennessee top-hat
It's demolition derby time and a lot of the people you see is a proud wearer of the mullet. Where did all of these mullets come from, and why are they so proud to bear their mullet? / By Kole Nielsen

Cell phones continue to take over
These phones are a way for us to stay in touch with and ignore who we want when we want. One thing for sure--we've come a long way since the days of the 1980s Zach Morris sized phones. / By Adrienne Christensen


The Polynesisan Student Union wants you
The Polynesian Student Union needs your support. Tuesday they had to abort a dance practice due to lack of people showing up. / By Ryan M. Monk

Annual USU Scribendi creative writing contest announces call for submissions
Utah State University's department of English invites students across campus to enter their creative work in the annual Scribendi Creative Writing Contest.

Take me out to the ball game, and then the hospital
Baseball. The word alone conjures up feelings of patriotism and nostalgia in many American men. Me, I'm just glad I survived it. / By Steve Shinney

Murphy's Law must have been born on a Friday
It must be something about Fridays, because I just can't think of a single Friday this semester that has gone exactly to plan. / By Jessica Alexander

Rating the popcorn in my kitchen cupboard
In my search of something to munch on I looked in my cupboard and found three brands of popcorn that I am going to review. The three kinds I reviewed are Orville Redenbacher's microwave Tender White, Kroger (a Smith's brand) microwave butter, and Great Value Yellow Popping Corn kernels. / By Megan C Tschida

In search of a town called Liberty
There is a place beyond the horizon, beyond my four walls, my roof and the streets I drive everyday. It's a place that lays hidden and forgotten to this world -- the last place you'd expect to find adventure. / By C. D Clawson

The Mitten Tree continues its tradition of giving
For 18 years disadvantaged children in the community have stayed warm in winter with the help of a service project called The Mitten Tree. / By Kathryn Kemp

From pre-med student to . . . carnival owner? Richmond man finds his true calling
Being labeled a "carny" may not be flattering for most people, but one local entrepreneur wears that name with pride. Dave Gordon, a 33-year-old father of four, has been trying to make a living by running his own carnival for about nine years. / By Jason A. Givens

Alaskan Postcard No. 7: Discovering coffee in the land of two jobs and midnight sun
Once I started working my second job, I was told that now I could be a real Alaskan. / By Ginger Warburton

Alaskan Postcard No. 6: A silly incident comes back to haunt a border crossing
As a van driver I also got to drive places the buses couldn't go. For example, out to Talbot Lake for a fly-fishing tour. / By Ginger Warburton

The gel pen is mightier than the ballpoint
There are items in all of our lives that we use all the time and they always seem to be breaking down, failing, or simply malfunctioning at the worst time; and yet we do so little to find a solution. Well, at the beginning of last school year I went on a bit of quest. / By Justin Siebenhaar

Feminism simply means all humans are equal, WGS speaker says
There were no burning bras or male voodoo dolls at the Women and Gender Studies student awards banquet Monday night, but students and faculty shared their passion for equality. / By Jacob Fullmer

What cracker goes best with peanut butter? How about turkey? We tell all
I like crackers a lot. Sometimes, when I'm eating crackers with cheese, I really think there isn't anything better in the world. But the next day I pull out the saltines and some cottage cheese and I'm in heaven. / By Andrea Edmunds

Best fast-food fries? I call first place for Carl's Jr.
Would you like fries with that? Of course you would! French fries, minus the name, are a traditional on-the-side American food that you can find in almost every restaurant in every city, in every country in the world. Fries come with burgers, sandwiches, steak, and even under carne azada at Beto's. / By Alexis Lear

Brownie connoisseur rates grocery-store mixes
To many a brownie is just a dry piece of chocolate cake with an inch of artery-clogging frosting that the elderly woman wearing a muu-muu brings to church parties. To me a brownie is a delicacy. It is like the crème bruleé in a world of Jell-O. / By Holly Adams

Ice cream not so splendid with Splenda
A few years ago my roommates and I had a very special tradition that I loved (little did I know then that many girls had the same one). It's very simple: Every time you kiss someone new, you buy ice cream for everyone. / By Kathryn Kemp

Joey's Top 10 Chinese food places in Cache Valley
Just about everybody gets a hankering for some Chinese food every now and again. Just like eggnog, the craving for some fried rice or an egg roll usually comes around at least once a year. Next time you get the urge for some good kung pao or tiny spicy chicken, you need go no further than the valley to find the right Chinese food restaurant to satisfy your hunger. / By Joey Hislop

Moms trying to make the cut -- getting their degrees
Another long night of dishes, nightmares and homework -- something Lisa Broadbent and Kiersten Hewitt are all too familiar with -- while trying to finish up their degrees and raise their children. / By Brooke Barker

Torta di chocolate at Olive Garden makes tastebuds sing 'that's amore!'
Finding the right place to impress a girl on a first date can be strenuous in Cache Valley, though it really does not have to be. Cache Valley has desserts enticing enough to make any sweet tooth go crazy. / By Matt Lenio

If you must make mashed potatoes from a box, try KFC brand
Who would have known that there were so many ways to make mashed potatoes just from a dehydrated tuber? Powder, flakes, pearls. Add some water, and maybe some butter, and maybe even some milk. / By Jenn Pulham

Want fries with that? McDonald's cost more but taste better
To the casual consumer, fast food fries are fast food fries. College students haunt dollar-menu chains late at night not because they are looking for textures and flavors delicately woven together to make a tantalizing tapestry of a meal, but simply to fill their stomachs. But buyer beware -- not all cheap fries are the same. / By Joseph Sheppard

Columbia soft-shell the best buy in women's winter coats
Soft-shells are the new fleeces. They keep you warm, like the fleece, but have the added bonus of keeping the water out too. They are made of polyester, with a warm fuzzy inside. It was the most brilliant clothing invention yet, and they are taking over the industry. / By Sarah Reale
La marca Columbia soft-shell es la mejor compra de abrigo de invierno para mujeres

'It all depends on how hungry you are' -- the lowdown on chicken nuggets
Most people love chicken nuggets. They're easy to eat, they're cute looking, go good with many types of sauces, and they're just plain delicious. But with most fast food restaurants offering their own unique brand of nuggets -- and with grocery stores selling their own brands -- it's important to separate the "nug-gots" from the "nug-nots." / By Tyler Riggs
'Todo depende de la hambre que tengas' -- la verdad de los nuggets (pedacitos) de pollo

Meadow Gold chocolate milk brings home the gold in my chocolate milk taste test
As any good uncle would, I decided to rank the different milks in order of highest quality to provide the highest level of enjoyment to "my little cheese" (Colby's nickname). The following brands were selected, available for purchase at almost any Cache Valley supermarket: Nesquik, Meadow Gold, Western Family and Gossners. / By Jon Cox

It's Chai time!
Chai is just another word for tea. This is not just any kind of tea; this is Christmas in a cup. Or, that's how it's been described to me before, and I cannot help but agree. / By Jessica Alexander

Bands, costumes highlight USU's Howl
Surrounded by bands, games, magic tricks and flashing lights, party-goers had plenty of activities to choose from Saturday night at USU's annual Halloween party, the Howl. / By Rebekah Bradway


The two sides of 'Happy Feet'
Who would have thought that a cartoon about a penguin that wasn't quite like all the others could have had such an environmentally charged political agenda, with plenty of religious references to spare. / By Ryan Pence

The bad taste of 'Borat'
I had seen the trailers and I had a rough understanding that this movie would be in bad taste. How bad of taste? I wasn’t quite sure, but I soon found out and when I left the movie theatre a bad “after” taste lingered in my mouth. / By Ryan Pence

The jig-SAW puzzle continues
If you saw any of the previous Saw movies, then nothing will be new for you here. / By Ryan Pence


USU journalism student hits MtvU
Being in front of the camera and on-air is all in a day's work for Julie Garcia, but being this week's MtvU pick was quite the surprise.The self-described MTV junkie applied for the chance to showcase her personality through music by sending in a photo and describing why she'd make a great host on MtvU from Utah State University. / By Brooke Barker
Periodista de USU se estrena en MtvU

New album from My Chemical Romance is a great guilty pleasure
My Chemical Romance clearly shows they aren't afraid to take chances, and not just because they are grown men who wear mascara. With the band's follow up to the platinum selling "Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge" the group breaks molds by recreating their straightforward pop-punk sound to a punk high school musical. / By David Connell

Wild Art

Aggie Parking Terrace up and going / Photos of the terrace by Brianna Mortensen

International pageant full of color and talent / Photos of the pageant by Brianna Mortensen

Rallying for and against the president / Photos of Bush in Montana by Jenny Lund


Biz News


Biz Features

Wellsville Market closes; may be reborn as a burger or pizza place
Mayor Ruth Maughan said the loss of the Wellsville Market, which was directly south of the city office building, "leaves a real void in the city. When the market closed, it was a real loss to the community." She also said now that it isn't there, it is missed by the citizens. / By Landon Bench


Across Bridgerland

Convicted drug dealer to be deported
Appearing before the First District Court in shackles, with his appointed attorney and Spanish translator, illegal immigrant Alejandro Hidalgo, 22, was sentenced this week to 90 days in jail, after which he will be turned over to Homeland Security for deportation to Mexico. / By Ryan M. Monk
Un narcotraficante condenado será deportado

Eight minutes is all it takes to be heard and vote
Read the booklet I got in the mail a month ago, check. Get in line, check. Tell them my birthday and name, check. Insert blue voter's card into machine, check. Mark the candidates I like, check. Print ballot, check. Submit ballot, done. Eight minutes later, I'm eating lunch with my husband and discussing our plan for the coming weekend. / By Irene Gudmundson

Local News

Cache Rendezvous video for 11/30/06: Gift ideas, tire changing, and a special interview
Cache Rendezvous is kicking off December with a bang. We'll have ideas on some gift giving for this holiday season and we'll have our "How to" this week that'll give you tips on changing a tire. Plus a special guest from the North Pole will be stopping by and talking to our own Marques Chavez. / Producer: Huu Tran. Hosts: Brittany Nelson and Britt Shepherd

Woman will be deported for identity fraud after serving sentence
A North Logan woman was sentenced Tuesday to 60 days in the Cache County Jail. / Jason Givens

Providence residents want county-wide library, safer roads
For several years now, Providence citizens like Councilwoman Stacie Gomm have been advocates for a new county-wide library system in Cache Valley. / By Dave Mehr

Richmond vote to start recycling program in December
The City Council decided unanimously Tuesday night to begin recycling next month rather than waiting until July. / By Jason A. Givens

Kickin' Aggie Sports Show video for 11/29/06
Some special athletes made some major waves last month -- join KASS for a look at the special competition. And even though it's cold outside, there's plenty of people hitting the slopes. We've got tips on how to get ready for two favorite winter sports. But if you're ready to bundle up inside, head to the HPER -- we'll show you the inside scoop of everything it has to offer. And don't forget all the national sports action going on -- our own Utah Jazz analyst sizes up the team. And the Fantasy Football Fanatics are gearing up for their Christmas Finale -- see what they have to say on this week's edition of Kickin' Aggie Sports. / Producer: Brittany Nelson. Anchors: Ginger Warburton and Melanie Haddock

ATV News video for 11/27/06
We wrap up the Thanksgiving holiday with news of Black Friday and celebrations over the weekend in Logan and Preston, Idaho, to kick of the winter holidays. Also, in sports, the football team had its last home game. We have results of that game and how the basketball team did at the Spectrum over the weekend. / Producer: Brianna Mortensen. Associate Producer: Amanda Wouden. Sports Producer: Justin Siebenhaar. News Anchors: Jennifer Reese and Di Lewis. Sports Anchor: Justin Siebenhaar

ATV News video for 11/20/06
Utah State celebrated campus diversity last week--we have highlights of the activities. The holidays are here! We have information to help keep your holiday budget in check. Plus, we'll update you on Aggie Basketball, hockey and all the weekend sports action. / Producers: Kami Capener and Brianna Mortenson. Hosts: Huu Tran, Matthew L. Glade and Julie Garcia.

Smithfield works on putting more 'bite' into its dog and cat regulations
Anyone living in Smithfield who owns three or more dogs, or five or more cats, will now have to obtain a special kennel/cattery permit from the city. / By Tracy Lund

Nibley council gets the low-down on city's wastewater system
With only two Nibley residents in attendance, the City Council discussed the problems and strengths in the town's water treatment system. / By Jacob Fullmer

Providence hikes utility fees to cover storm-water department
With the creation of a storm water department, utility bills may look a little different for Providence residents when the new year rolls around. / By Dave Mehr

Hyde Park joins movement to merge transit district
The City Council approved plans to merge the CVTD and the LTD, Wednesday, continuing a four-city trend in favor of the merge. / By Natalie Cook
Hyde Park está de acuerdo con unir los distritos de transito

Paradise property owner's conditional-use permit still up in the air
Approval for a conditional-use permit that allows a caretaker to live in a separate dwelling on a resident's property is still pending further research and discussion by the Town Council. / By Rebekah Bradway

Cache Rendezvous video for 11/16/06
With Thanksgiving right around the corner, we have some suggestions on what you can do to give back to those who are less fortunate. We also have a look at Guitars Unplugged, a sweet dessert in Aggie Kitchen and ways you can keep your vehicle in tip-top shape. / Producer: Marques Chavez. Associate Producer: Liz Livingston. Hosts: Matthew L. Glade and Brianna Mortensen

USU employee hit by car on campus released from hospital with only minor injuries
A USU employee was taken by ambulance to Logan Regional Hospital Thursday after being hit by a car while crossing a street on campus. Pedestrian Elizabeth Terrell was struck by a Honda 2000 CR-V driven by Olivia Brough at the intersection of 700 N. 800 East at 3:23 p.m. Brough was making a left turn from 800 East to go east on 700 North. / By Rebekah Bradway

Tossing turkeys benifits Cache Valley Food Pantry
Twenty pounds of turkey flew threw the rain Saturday morning for a wild Turkey Toss that ended with over 300 pounds in food donations to the Cache Valley Food Pantry. Spencer Johnson, a senior majoring in finance who organized the Turkey Toss, said the turnout was great. / By Irene Gudmundson

Kickin' Aggie Sports Show video for 11/15/06
Fans are pretty die-hard when it comes to basketball here at Utah State. Get an insider's look on how to become the ultimate Aggie fan. If you think it's too cold outside to exercise, you are sorely mistaken! There are excellent indoor alternatives to keep your heart pumping and those extra winter pounds off. The Fantasy boys of KASS are at it again -- this week their giving their teams to us Chef-style. There's also new Jazz analyst in town -- see who it is on this week's edition of Kickin' Aggie Sports. / Producer: Julie Garcia. Anchors: Brock Anderson and Kami Capener

ATV News video for 11/13/06
Unconventional music (playing piano while upside down!); the season of weight gain; and the Cache Valley forecast are among the stories produced by the students of the JCOM Newscast classes.

River Heights P&Z holds on building permit, hears mayor's concerns
A minor setback to Jon and Kristen Reams didn't keep them from taking the next step on Tuesday in building a home in River Heights. / By Clay Moffitt

Richmond P&Z sets public hearing on ag land rezone
The Planning and Zoning Commission heard a formal proposal from the Stewart Land Group to rezone 10 acres near White Pine Middle School, Tuesday night. / By Jason A. Givens

Providence P&Z still grappling with rezoning issues
Many concerned citizens voiced their opinions and emotions ran high for nearly three hours Wednesday, as the City Planning Commission discussed items such as city codes and rezoning. / By Dave Mehr

Nibley P&Z settles lighting request with business
Emotions ran lower than anticipated between one Nibley business owner and city government over the issue of lighting Wednesday night. / By Jacob Fullmer

Pumpkin Walk finishes another successful run in North Logan
The city's traditional Pumpkin Walk proved to be a fun addition to the fall season in Cache Valley this year. / By Erin Wadsworth

Hyrum may consider selling Elite Hall, mayor says
The hall, which hosts everything from family parties to USU swing dances, took in about $5,000 in rental fees but spent around three times that in "barebones maintenance," said City Administrator D. Brent Jensen. / By Ryan M. Monk
El alcalde dice que la cuidad de Hyrum considera vender el salón de baile Elite Hall

Paradise council adopts guidelines for fire department
After about an hour of discussion and minimal changes, the Town Council approved the Paradise Fire and Rescue Department's new guidelines, to be adopted within the department immediately. / By Rebekah Bradway
Los representantes de Paradise aprueban nuevas pautas para el departamento de bomberos

Child care subsidy now available to USU student parents
Ann Austin, vice provost and professor in the department of family, consumer, and human development at Utah State University, recently received a grant to subsidize child care for student parents attending USU.

Clooney film on McCarthy, CBS relevant to journalists, ethics today, professors say
On a night where they could have been cheering on the men's basketball team in its opening exhibition game, more than 50 students came out to learn about the way journalism used to be. / By Brooke Barker

National & International News



Decades that don't seem to die
You know you've seen it -- that person who just can't seem to let go of the past. It happens daily and no one knows why. It seems there a compulsive need for some people to hang on to a certain decade--this is one of life's great mysteries. / By Anjilee Harris

'Tehran three-way' a diplomatic setback for America
Last week, while Bush administration insiders and confidants huddled in conference to hash out plans for an exit strategy in Iraq, Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Moallem got on a plane and flew to Baghdad. / By Leon D'Souza

Good riddance, Mr. Rumsfeld!
Donald Rumsfeld remained obstinate to the end. Even in the throes of a decisive coup de grace, President Bush's embattled secretary of defense -- the very avatar of bluff and bluster -- chose to leave Americans with a bit of his legendary arrogance. / By Leon D'Souza
¡El adiós bueno al Sr. Rumsfeld!

Letter to the Editor: Great effort lacking great production


Water bottles getting new scrutiny for chemical makeup
There's something in the water of your Nalgene bottle -- or there could be, say some organizations including the Sierra Club. / By Jenny Lund

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