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they like bikes: Members and friends of Critical Mass take to Logan streets in a pro-bicycle rally. Click the Sports index for a link to story. / Photo by Christopher Young

Today's word on journalism

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Career advice:

"Coleridge was a drug addict. Poe was an alcoholic. Marlowe was stabbed by a man whom he was treacherously trying to stab. Pope took money to keep a woman's name out of a satire, then wrote a piece so that she could still be recognized anyhow. Chatterton killed himself. Byron was accused of incest. Do you still want to be a writer -- and if so, why?"

--Bennett Cerf (1898-1971), co-founder of Random House (Thanks to alert WORDster Tom McGuire)





Skinny Bitch' not just another ho-hum diet book
When looking at the cover of Skinny Bitch one can assume that this is going to be another diet book that you throw into the back of the closet with all your others. / By Jamee Hutton


To mock or not to mock? Some tips for enjoying community musical theater
You're ready to enjoy a good musical, but when the guy finally gets the girl and they ride off into the tacky, acrylic-on-butcher-paper sunset, your experience at the theatre will influence whether you return for the next musical or stay home in your slippers to cuddle a bowl of popcorn and watch Perry Mason. / By Leslie Mason

Poet puts spotlight on double entendres of Vietnamese writer
Poet John Balaban came to Utah State University to share his poetry and give a workshop on Vietnamese poetry art as part of the USU department of English Speakers Series. / By Christy Jensen


Sky View Color Guard makes west's 'top 10' list
Though you may have referred to your high school color guard as the "cattle guard," the Sky View High School Color Guard is a force that will not stand for such slander. / By Angeline Olschewski

Hyde Park family remembers fallen soldier, Michael Allred
A framed photo of their son rests on the shelf, next to the folded and framed flag that draped his casket. Lance Cpl. Michael Allred was killed on Labor Day 2004 in Iraq while serving with his Marine unit. / By Angeline Olschewski

Smithfield judge's favorite task is marrying people
Weddings, speeding tickets, fines and handing down occasional prison sentences are all in a day's work of a judge. / By Debra Hawkins

How I made it through my first vegan Thanksgiving
I have always looked forward to spending Thanksgiving at my grandparents' house, but this year was going to be a new experience for me. Having recently converted to a vegan diet, Thanksgiving was going to present many challenges I would have to overcome. / By James Hutton

Ho ho ho! Lessons I learned as an elf at the mall
Two years ago I thought it might be fun to be an elf at the Santa village in the mall. The job paid $7 an hour and I didn't have to wear pointy-toed shoes, just black slacks, a white dress shirt, and a shiny red vest. I thought it would be breezy. I have never been so wrong. / By Angeline Olschewski

A refresher on courteous driving
While many of us out there were once taught how to drive correctly, it is safe to say that at some point in our driving history everyone has forgotten a few of the rules and become an uncourteous driver. / By Jamee Hutton

Do you believe in holiday miracles? I do, now that one brought me home
Next time I go home for the holidays, I'll fly the plane myself. / By Jacob Fullmer

Homeless diary: A tent by the highway and Dumpster food make an amazing week
"Are you going to shower?" seems to be the question everyone asks. They must assume that living outside entails no showering. Weirdos. / By Christy Jensen

My love, Mademoiselle Metro
I want to set something straight before I come back to Logan. Keep it a secret, but I've been seeing someone here in D.C. She's great. She's extra dependable. When something comes up she tries to let me know so I can change my schedule around. / By Jacob Fullmer

Millville research center 'on the prowl' for ways to reduce predator conflicts with humans
Past the winding country back roads of Millville lies a place where predators roam the grounds. The Predator Research Center in Millville is a partnership between USU and the U.S. Department of Wildlife Services that exists to examine the link and reduce conflicts between predatory animals and humans, said biologist Patrick Darrow. / By Amanda Mears

Hard-working cattle rancher finds his future in raising agricultural awareness
Ah, February. The snow was deep, the ice particles floated in the air and the cows were calving. And Bill Munns was out among it all at 6 a.m. That's when the chores started on his family's ranch. / By Maddie Wilson

Complete Thanksgiving dinner still possible on a budget
For the unfortunate few who will be stuck in Logan for the holiday, there is a way to beat the cold and fill your stomach so grab a friend and prepare yourself for a traditional Thanksgiving dinner on a budget. / By Riki Richards

What TV really needs is me -- 'Surviving Baker,' anyone?
It all started out normal enough. Me, in a line, at a local grocer, buying some health food to sustain myself -- 14 packs of pork ramen noodles, a 12-pack of Milwaukee's Best Light, a pack of forever fruit Stride chewing gum and a bag of baby carrots. / By David Baker

Searching for the perfect Cheerios spoon
"Spoon feeding in the long run teaches us nothing but the shape of the spoon." Edward Morgan Forster wrote that quote and I bet he never knew how right he was. / By Brittany Strickland

Nine explosions and three Purple Hearts
There are three of these velvet-lined boxes, and they are neatly tucked away in a drawer, almost forgotten. / By Trevor Brasfield

Teaching won't get me a Nobel Prize, but it makes me happy
It's a well known saying that college students will change their majors twice before sticking to one, but if you ask them how many times they've changed their minds throughout life, they probably couldn't even count it on both hands. / By Whitni Webb

Profile of a Halo gamer: Practice, money and excitement feed the addiction
With a menacing look in his eye, an unquenchable determination in his heart and a Mountain Dew at his side, Brandon McGary, a.k.a. TheyTookErJobs, begins stalking his prey. / By Sam Broadbent

Trouble in D.C.? Send God and Newton to Congress!
Internet education pioneer Barry Kort talks about breaking the rules with the effusive enthusiasm of a mischievous middle-schooler. And he wants the rest of America to follow his lead. That's right, break the rules. Go ahead! / By Leon D'Souza


Sigur Rós craft a familiar opus like cotton candy -- a delight that doesn't linger
Icelandic epic-post-rockers Sigur Rós has never been shy on ambition for its music. / By Jon Jacobs

Experiencing a GWAR concert: Gods and goo
Utahns bowed to the might of our lords and masters, GWAR, when they deemed Salt Lake worthy of their destruction and put on an unforgettable display of histrionics. / By Shannon Gibbs

Jethro Tull concert tour a smashing success
Bringing music to the masses not to mention the ages, Jethro Tull spun a web of enthrallment unlike any I have seen before. / By Shannon Gibbs

Angels and Airwaves 'I-Empire' better than its predecessor, but not as good as hyped
When former Blink-182 guitarist Tom Delonge announced in 2005 that he and his new band Angels & Airwaves were creating "the best rock record of the last 20 years," skepticism was understandably high. / By Jon Jacobs

Wild Art

A moose gets covered in burdock burrs: Photos by Riki Richards

Bouncing back at the Twin Towers site: Photos by Jacob Fullmer, a JCOM intern on the East Coast

Old and new in Philadelphia: Photos by Jacob Fullmer, a JCOM intern on the East Coast


Biz Features

Paradise Valley Orchard makes apple cider the old-fashioned way
Paradise Valley Orchard grows apples and makes apple cider. Rich Weideman, the owner of the orchard, has been making the fruit juice since 1995. "It's a life style," Weideman said. "You do it because you love it, not to become rich." / By Tyler Larson

Girls learn that good business includes charity at The Spirit Goat
Taylor Jacobsen, 10, and Brooke Jacobsen, 8, help their mother Becky Yeager run a soap-making kitchen in their own home on a daily basis -- after their homework is done, of course. / By Kelsey Koenen

Rating fitness centers and gyms
I stepped into the high-impact fitness facility. My excitement grew to be more and more. I was ready for my workout. The day I had planned out was full, and I knew this workout was really going to help me endure through it. / By Brooke Devey

What's the best tuna? (With the verdict, one free recipe!)
Being a student requires some frugality on my part when purchasing food. The classic standbys that get most students by include canned soup and chili, ramen noodles, macaroni and cheese, and the endless cans of tuna. / By Natasha Austin

Smithfield Implement: 94 years of saving locals from treks to Logan
From glassware to camping gear, to Western wear and wind chimes, the Smithfield Implement keeps many Smithfield residents from having to make multiple trips to Logan to get what they need. / By Debra Hawkins

Look for 'Somebody's Attic Too' in Smithfield
There is no need for Smithfield residents to go to Logan to drop off their thrift store donations because Somebody's Attic Too, located on Main Street, takes community donations to sell in the store. / By Debra Hawkins

Review: Blackstone Restaurant on a path to outdo the competition
The new restaurant in town offers everything the competition does, plus outstanding service. / By Natasha Austin

Rating the lemonade at fast-food hotspots
No matter which fast food place I went to, I was delighted to find out that they all have some sort of lemonade. I rated four restaurants solely on their lemonades. / By Spencer Johnson

Eating our way through Sam's Club is a great cheap date
Sam's Club food samples might not sound like a sirloin at Hamilton's, but to my husband and me, they can make for quite the romantic -- and cheap -- date. / By Maddie Wilson

Peanut-butter addict says Jif is the pick of the pack
Caution: those with an allergy to peanuts will not appreciate the beauty of this article. Stop reading now. / By Leslie Mason


Across Bridgerland


Local News

Cache Rendezvous for November 29, 2007: Holiday gifts and fancy cake
This week's Cache Rendezvous takes a look at some of the hot items for this holiday season, as well as a guide to finding that perfect gift for your special someone. Inside the Aggie Kitchen we cook up a pineapple upside down cake. / Producer: David Connell. Hosts: Blake Van Tussenbrook and Rick King.

Logan man sentenced on drug charge
Travis Jensen of Logan was sentenced to 60 days in jail and fined $1,850 for illegal possession of a controlled substance, Monday at 1st District Court. / By Tyler Larson

Smithfield minor fined for having illegal fireworks
Charged with possesion of illegal fireworks, a Smithfield minor pleaded guilty Tuesday and was required to pay a fine. / By Debra Hawkins

Outage of online course system impacts thousands of USU students, faculty
For thousands of Utah State University students it wasn't the dog that ate the homework but corrupt data in a database called Blackboard Vista, an online course system used by university and college students statewide and hosted by UEN, the Utah Education Network. / By USU Media Relations and Marketing

Wellsville ballot recount doesn't change election results
The disputed City Council elections could go to court and a judge could rule to have new elections, according to City Manager Don Hartle, but that is the worst-case scenario. / By Lukas Brinkerhoff
El recuento de la votación de Wellsville no cambia el resultado

Mendon P&Z splits lots, adjusts boundaries and goes home early
In an abbreviated pre-holiday meeting, the Planning and Zoning Commission approved a dedication of right-of-way and a lot line adjustment for the new elementary school being built. / By Cody Gochnour

Hyrum C-store asks council to allow beer sales on Sundays
Purchasing beer and other alcoholic beverages on Sundays in Hyrum may become easier in the near future. / By Dallin Koecher
Una tienda de Hyrum pide al concilio que permita la venta de alcohol los domingos

ATV News for November 19, 2007
This week's program delves into chocolate, kissing, and NASA. Take a look at the Thanksgiving forecast, and get up to date on Aggie sports. / Anchors: David Connell, Britt Shepherd, and Kenny Reid. Producer: Mariah Harrison.

Millville renews licenses for all businesses but Silicone Plastics
All current business licenses in the city of Millville were accepted for renewal, with the exception of Silicone Plastics, at the City Council meeting Thursday. / By Amanda Mears

Nibley residents pack city hall to protest proposed road
The door didn't stop squeaking open as the clock approached 7 p.m. at the council meeting Thursday night; Nibley residents crowded into city hall to oppose the making of a road from U.S. 89 to an established industrial park through Nibley Garden Estates. / By Kelsey Koenen

Smithfield changes intersection at 200 East, 400 North to 4-way stop
A new stop sign at 200 East and 400 North was approved by the City Council Wednesday, changing the intersection from a two-way stop to a four-way stop. / By Debra Hawkins

Cache Rendezvous for November 15, 2007: Opera, factories and ballet
In this edition of Cache Rendezvous we find out about factories in the valley, get a behind-the-scenes look at the USU opera, and see what the Cache Valley Civic Ballet is doing. / Producer: Ranae Bangerter. Anchors: J. Mitchell and Jessica Hyde.

No contest plea results in 2-day sentence for woman
Laurie Caldwell, 48, sat in the conference room outside Judge Thomas Willmore's court with her head down, eyes closed, before entering court Wednesday afternoon where she was sentenced to two days in jail and a fine of approximately $1,300. / By Kelsey Koenen

River Heights hears happy audit news
"Things are looking good," said Diana Cannell, the auditor for River Heights. / By Brittany Strickland

ATV News for November 12, 2007: Explosion on campus, new restaurant, diversity forum and sports
A boiler explodes in Rich Hall, and the volleyball team wins at No. 10 Hawaii. / Anchors: Matt Jensen and Britt Shepherd. Sports: Richard Eppson Producer: Megan Tschida Director: Dave Connell

Mendon's revised general plan gets council's OK
The City Council approved the most recent revision of the city's General Plan with a few last-minute changes. / By Cody Gochnour

Millville sets public hearing on cell phone tower restrictions
A public hearing has been set by the Planning and Zoning Commission for residents to voice their opinions on new guidelines and restrictions for future communication towers. / By Amanda Mears

Cache Rendezvous for November 8, 2007: Thanksgiving cooking, Manskills
On this week's Cache Rendezvous, we'll check out places you might have heard about, but not been to. Aggie Kitchen will put you in the mood for Thanksgiving, and on this week's Manskills, Chris and Dave learn some manners. / Anchors: Dave Connell and Britt Shepherd. Producer: Mariah Harrison

Council will check messy yard in River Heights
On Oct. 9, the River Heights City Council decided to send resident Dick Barnes a copy of their nuisance ordinance. They also sent him a letter explaining that he had 14 days to comply with the listed requests. It has been 29 days since that letter was issued. / By Brittany Strickland

Paradise council hears Powder Mountain possibilities
Discussion of a possible new road leading to Powder Mountain and as many as 1,000 new homes built there was held at the Paradise Town Council Meeting Wednesday. / By Tyler Larson
El concilio de Paradise escucha las posibilidades de Powder Mountain

Wellsville residents unhappy with odors and noise from NUM plant
Dave Bigelow, plant manager for Northern Utah Manufacturing (NUM), heard complaints about "very strong" odors and noise coming from the plant during City Council meeting Wednesday. / By Lukas Brinkerhoff

USU Media & Society Lecture Series features media insight from public relations professional
Tim Brown, partner and executive vice president of Richter7 advertising and public relations agency in Salt Lake City, is the fall semester Media and Society lecturer at Utah State University Thursday, Nov. 15.

No one hurt in accident at 4th North intersection
A second car accident in 11 days at the intersection of 600 East and 400 North left two girls unharmed Tuesday. The crash happened at 6:25 p.m. causing over $1,000 in damages to both vehicles. / By Kelsey Koenen

Lewiston P&Z wants more info about proposed retirement facility
One man has his building permit, another faces a tough road before getting his own, and the Lewiston Planning and Zoning Commission has a greater understanding of the city's ordinances following Tuesday's meeting. / By Jake Williams

Police seeking tall, thin man who robbed bank
Police said they are still looking for the robber who walked in to the Zions bank on 460 N. Main in Logan at 1:30 p.m. and told the teller to give him all the money while displaying a handgun. / By Tyler Larson

Hyde Park Council will have 2 new faces
The City Council has two new members, Bob Christensen who won 23.6 percent of the votes, and Brent Kelly, who barely edged out incumbent James Skidmore. Residents voted incumbent Charles Wheeler back for his third term. / By Angeline Olschewski

Gun crime lands man a year in jail
Monday in 1st District Court, Martin Ortiz Gonzalez was sentenced to 364 days in the Cache County Jail with the privilege of work release.

Logan bank robbed
A man in a tan safari hat walked into Zion's First National Bank at 1:30 p.m. Monday. He displayed a handgun to the teller and demanded money, after which he fled on foot. / By Brittany Strickland

ATV News for November 5, 2007: A campus emergency, winterizing homes, and Aggie sports
ATV News examines an emergency in on-campus housing. We also find out how to prepare your house for winter. In ATV sports, we'll show you all the details on how the Aggies did, both on and off campus. / Producer: Britt Shepherd. Hosts: Mariah Harrison, Jessica Walker, Jessica Hyde

Hyrum council approves change in sidewalk ordinance
It was four weeks in the making but the City Council came to a conclusion Thursday as it voted to approve a change in the sidewalk ordinance for new subdivisions. / By Dallin Koecher
El concilio de Hyrum aprueba cambio en la ordenanza de veredas

North Logan hears residents' views on rezoning for CDA
City Council members heard from North Logan residents regarding the rezoning of land in and around the Community Development Project Area (CDA) during a public hearing Thursday night, but made no official decisions. / By Bria Jones

Millville council grants waiver so construction on subdivision can proceed
City Council granted a one-time waiver on infrastructure requirements at last night's meeting in order to allow builder Sam Malouf to continue construction of houses on two lots in the Majestic Heights subdivision. / By Amanda Mears

Nibley pushes agenda deadline for council up to 72 hours before meetings
After discussing public notice requirements that the City Council hopes to put in place, Mayor Gerald Knight proposed that agendas for city council meetings be locked into place 72 hours before the meeting takes place. Agendas will be posted on Nibley City's website as well as one other posting in the community. / By Kelsey Koenen

Newton votes to fix sprinkler lines
The Town Council approved spending $2,000 for five new sprinkler lines for the city Thursday. / By Stephanie Hebert

Cache Rendezvous for November 1, 2007: Majoring in aviation; home-cooked lunch, and a new theater
In this edition of Cache Rendezvous we hear about an unusual major on campus, aviation. We also find a cheap place to eat a home-cooked meal for lunch, and a new movie theater in Logan is bringing six movies at a time.
/ Producer: Ranae Bangerter. Anchors: Chris Garff and Megan Tschida


A vilification for the thieves of sleep
I cannot even begin to describe to you the feelings I experienced last night between the hours of 12 and 1 a.m. They primarily consisted of bitter resentment, severe stress, and heightened levels of indignation. / By Whitney Hancock

Time to stock up on caffeine - finals are just around the corner
As the semester gets close enough to finally see the end, finals also become a part of that vision. Before the celebrations can begin there are days upon days of all-nighters and students living on pure caffeine for a week straight. / By Jamee Hutton

Sort your friends according to my chocolate test
It's official. There are three types of people in this world: chocolate lovers, chocolate likers, and chocolate dislikers. / By Leslie Mason

Rats! They threw a writer's strike and didn't invite me
Four weeks ago, when I heard there was going to be a writer's strike, you should have seen the bloodlust. / By Jen Beasley

Holiday turnaround too hasty
How about we save the carols and Christmas lights until at least Nov. 23? / By Whitney Hancock

Nobody told me college could be like jail -- what's up with that?
Why do people put themselves through the torture of college? Have they done anything so heinous to deserve the punishment that pursuing a four-year degree deals out? I cannot even think of a crime so unpardonable. / By Maddie Wilson

Health, not TV-perfect bodies, is what brings quality to lives
It shouldn't be the quantity of life that matters to people -- it should be the quality. / By Brittany Strickland

Listen up, women! We gotta learn to chill
I'm speaking to all the women out there. What's our problem? Apparently, we are doing everything right but dealing with negative consequences in return. At least as far as school goes. / By Maddie Wilson

Can't we build robots to wade through graduation paperwork nightmares?
I'm not sure I want to graduate. It's not hard classes. It's not the absence of a plan for my life -- that doesn't bother me, I have faith I can get by on my genuine good looks for at least another five to eight years. / By David Baker

Christmas tunes played in November could destabilize U.S. happiness stats
I live with awful anti-Christmas-music people. My roommate, a tall brunette with a bizarre taste in cup designs, saunters in through the front door and then stops as if she's just stepped in a puddle of drying super glue. / By Leslie Mason

Abe Lincoln, a 'thought criminal?'
In 1861, while North and South teetered precariously on the brink of war, Abraham Lincoln stood up in Washington to deliver his inaugural address. The public mood, by all accounts, was somber ­ and the newly-elected president must have sensed it. / By Leon D'Souza

Veterans Day honors survivors of combat, not the fallen
Veterans Day is not a day to honor the dead. Memorial Day is not a day to honor the living. There are many who do not understand or know this distinction. These days are not interchangeable and could not be merged into one to save us the frustration of a second bank holiday. / By Angeline Olschewski

Student evaluations of teachers are pointless and ineffective
I had my first of many class evaluations today. The scene was familiar. / By Michael Sharp

Help! I need a break from pseudo-hip indie music fans
If someone asks me one more time if I've ever heard of some insipid and invisible indie band I'm going to scream in such a way that I too will be refused a mainstream record contract. / By Jen Beasley

Almost over that graduation high jump -- just one more math class
As it is now the time of graduation packets and getting advising inoffices I've never even seen before, I'm finally making the decisions on how to fill in those last numbers in my Sudoku of academic credits. Which Depth Humanities class should I take? Which final upper-division classes will be best for me to finish my degree? / By Rebekah Bradway

Sorry, but few are really 'Txting 4 Truble'
Acronyms and alternative spellings are really like a pop culture language for the technology inclined youth culture of today. And, as in most cultures, there are unspoken rules. / By Whitni Webb

'Christmas Creep' in the stores could work to family's advantage
Every year you can hear people complaining about how stores start playing Christmas music and put out holiday decorations earlier than the year before. / By Jamee Hutton

USU registration tips: Plan early, consult with those blessed advisors
It's that time of year again. Time to hunker down and figure out schedules, determine major requirements, and remember to set aside time to eat in a day. It's time to register for spring semester. / By Whitney Hancock

Zen of Dylan lecture left audience blowin' in the wind
If one looked hard enough, one could extract a dozen lyrics from Dylan's collection of work to make him a Ku Klux Klansman, a homosexual, a Republican, or yea, a Zen Buddhist thinker. I do not believe that simply because one can, one should. / By Jen Beasley

Jealousy is love's No. 1 enemy
For many of us, it is a familiar sensation. The quickening of the heart rate. The feeling like a heavy rock landing in the pit of the stomach. / By Whitney Hancock

Winning the war against childhood obesity
Over a summer, I had the opportunity of developing a Kids Fit program. It was a program where parents would bring their children who were obese to a gym and I would exercise with them. / By Brooke Devey

12 million Americans with food allergies could use a little help from restaurants
In my handbag you will find a four-and-half inch needle full of .03 mg of Epinephrine, more commonly known as an EpiPen. This needle goes everywhere with me. / By Natasha Austin

Reporter's Notebook: While you're watching TV, I'm having fun at city council
Councilwoman Marcene Parker said, "That's communism," and then proceeded to look directly at me and follow her statement with, "Please don't quote me on that." After which she repeatedly asked me if I knew how to spell "communism." / By Lukas Brinkerhoff

Tears of love make a river, carrying my brother off to his mission
This recently departed Halloween day, when most people were enjoying the crisp crackle of leaves under their feet as they march through in their cowboy boots or fairy slippers, I was sitting in a chapel trying not to leak out all my body's moisture through my tear ducts. / By Leslie Mason


Every kid needs one good, hard topple from a bike
I was 4 years old when I first learned how to ride a bike. I was 7 when I learned how to ride one without training wheels. From the day those wheels were detached, on the front yard of our Nevada home, that small, pink and white bike was my favorite form of transportation. / By Brittany Strickland

Asterisk talk in sports needs to stop
Not all sports fans are oversized buffoons that have as little class as their intelligence, but the sports world's recent misuse of the term "asterisk" has many people and especially English majors rolling their eyes. / By Michael Sharp

Aggie football program decision shouldn't discount stability
As the USU football team staggered down the backstretch of another miserable season, the fans in Aggie blue were frustrated and ready to lash out. / By Graham Terry

Search for a good Jazz fan site pays off
I wanted somewhere that I could spill out my own witty remarks on to a computer screen and have people tell me what they thought. I wanted to find a Utah Jazz fan site. / By Michael Sharp

Guys who watch TV sports for Dinner better buy dessert to sweeten up their dates
At Ruby Tuesday, the TVs are always tuned to some channel displaying sweaty men running back and forth dribbling, kicking or catching. They also sell hamburgers the size of football helmets. What more could men want? / By Manette Newbold

Competitive swimming is not for the faint of heart
Butt cracks, hairy armpits and boys prancing around in nothing but too-tight, barely-covering Speedos. Most people would cover their eyes and turn red. / By Maddie Wilson

Being awesome at fantasy football is easy
A lot of importance is always placed on the top two picks of the fantasy football draft. These are the rounds where you can get players who are capable of singlehandedly lifting your entire team to a championship, like San Diego's LaDainian Tomlinson last year or Tom Brady and Randy Moss from the Patriots this year. / By G. Christopher Terry

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