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Today's word on journalism

December 16, 2008

As part of my own personal "war on Christmas" (which a Utah state senator has offered legislation to outlaw), the WORD celebrates the season by going on hiatus until January. May all out days be merry and bright, and here’s to a safe, healthy and saner New Year. HoHoHo!

Empty Minds: "Of all the people expressing their mental vacuity, none has a better excuse for an empty head than the newspaperman: If he pauses to restock his brain, he invites onrushing deadlines to trample him flat. Broadcasting the contents of empty minds is what most of us do most of the time, and nobody more relentlessly than I."

--Russell Baker, Pulitzer-winning columnist

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Sprinklers to be installed at Wellsville's park

By Chari Ingraham

November 7, 2008 | WELLSVILLE -- The City Council discussed the bid on a sprinkler system for the new park by Wellsville Dam in a meeting Wednesday night.

There already is a park by the dam, but the city is changing it into newer, nicer park, said Councilman Gary Bates. Installing the sprinklers will be the next step in the city's project that has been underway for the past two years.

Mayor Ruth Maughan said after the sprinkler system is in, they will be ready to plant trees and park benches. At least 23 trees and 11 park benches were donated by Wellsville residents, just the right amount for the new park. Already, a playground is finished and ready to be set up.

Councilman Bates said the city was able to afford a playground through the Recreation, Arts, Parks and Zoos (RAPZ) tax grant.

"When we're done, there will be no taxes," Bates said. "All of it was done by donations and grants."

The council also briefly discussed possible names for the new park, such as Wellsville Memorial Park.

"I'm sick of hearing my granddaughter call it 'the dam park'," Bates joked. "Although that's what I might call it when I have to mow the grass."


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