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Today's word on journalism

Friday, November 10, 2006

Q&A with Ed Bradley:

Q: What single issue should be covered more at CBS News?
A: Foreign news.

Q: Have you ever been assigned a story you objected to? How did you deal with it?
A: When I first started in New York at WCBS radio, the assignment editor automatically assigned any story that had a minority in it to me. I objected to being typecast and told him if I didn't get a variety of stories -- as other reporters did -- then I would take it up with the news director.

Q: If you were not in news, what would you be doing?
A: If I had the talent, I'd play bass guitar and sing in a kicking band.

--Ed Bradley, reporter, "60 Minutes," died yesterday of leukemia at age 65 (2006)

E. coli scare was a worthy warning, but don't be afraid to go out and live your life

By Megan C. Tschida

October 19, 2006 | A recent trip to an Italian restaurant in Cache Valley surprisingly opened eyes to a scare that has hit the U.S. When ordering an appetizer of hot spinach dip off the menu the restaurant informed us that most spinach has been wiped out of Cache Valley restaurants due to an E. coli scare found recently.

Is nothing safe anymore, people now ask themselves? If you thought that E. coli was something only found in meat, think again. The first recognized E. coli scare was found in hamburgers in 1982. But according to the Division of Bacterial and Mycotic Diseases, E. coli (Escherichia coli) is a strain of bacteria; most stains are harmless and live in the intestines of healthy humans and animals. This strain produces a powerful toxin and can cause severe illness. The most "common symptom of E. coli is bloody diarrhea, and in some cases there is no symptom at all. To prevent an infection of E. coli, cook all ground meat, do not drink unpasteurized milk, and wash hands carefully." If this does not work than be very paranoid about everything that you do.

Cache Valley residents should be concerned about what spinach they are eating and try to avoid it all together. An Idaho toddler who ate spinach died Oct. 20 at a Salt Lake City hospital. The toddler had a kidney infection and doctors have associated it with an E. coli infection. With a documented 61 deaths from E. coli reported in the United States each year we must ask ourselves if anything is safe anymore. Now that E. coli is connected with spinach and no longer just uncooked meat, being a vegetarian is not even the safest way to eat. There must be a scare among vegetarians around the United States because spinach is a big part of their diet.

Another thing connected with death is getting into a car, the most dangerous thing a human being can do. But count how many times you get into a car each day. Even if it is riding with a friend you are still involving yourself with being in a car and taking a risk. Eating food, as shown above, is not safe anymore. With the above statement; think of how many other foods you should be cautious with, check the expiration date, and make sure it comes from a popular food brand. Even just walking down the street you must make sure you are not run over by a car swerving out of control.

Washing your hands is a good way to prevent sickness or disease, but sinks may not be accessible every second of the day. They say money is a very dirty thing to touch and contains the most germs. As humans we must live cautious and be paranoid, being very careful of every decision that is made throughout the day. Living in fear is something that can overcome your life and cause constant worry. Being paranoid is being obsessively anxious about something. In fact paranoia is closely connected with psychiatry and people have now associated it with a disorder.

Nicolas Cage played a phobic man in the movie Matchstick Men in 2003. This shows how obsessive people can get with disease and death. Watching this movie it is shocking how much Cage's character goes through to avoid germs and the sort. It is hard not to call the character crazy. So what then do people think of during the day to not have to constantly be in fear of the unknown?

Simple, the only thing to fear is fear itself. Everything on this earth is made for people to go out and enjoy. Not just the local swimming pool or public grocery store, but the mountains, parks, and every tree and flower put on this earth. It is there for you. Of course the E. coli scare is not to be ignored, but it should just be extra information for future decisions. The quote "Live as if there is no tomorrow" is something we should all live by and realize that there may not be a tomorrow.

Fall into your life, not looking ahead of time before turning a corner, but enjoying the walk and remembering that you are here to live a life that is meant to be free and meant to be your own.


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