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AN AGGIE LINE: USU cheerleaders perform during the Aggies' final exhibition game. It's time to cheer for basketball. / Photo by Brianna Mortensen

Today's word on journalism

Friday, November 10, 2006

Q&A with Ed Bradley:

Q: What single issue should be covered more at CBS News?
A: Foreign news.

Q: Have you ever been assigned a story you objected to? How did you deal with it?
A: When I first started in New York at WCBS radio, the assignment editor automatically assigned any story that had a minority in it to me. I objected to being typecast and told him if I didn't get a variety of stories -- as other reporters did -- then I would take it up with the news director.

Q: If you were not in news, what would you be doing?
A: If I had the talent, I'd play bass guitar and sing in a kicking band.

--Ed Bradley, reporter, "60 Minutes," died yesterday of leukemia at age 65 (2006)

A soldier walks for peace

Marshall Thompson, left, a soldier returned from Iraq, walks through Logan Monday on his quest to cross Utah by foot, north to south, during October. The walk aims to call attention to Thompson's support for a troop withdrawal from Iraq.
/ Photo by Jason A. Givens

Reporters and a film crew follow Thompson along Main Street. / Photo by Jason A. Givens
More than a hundred people joined Thompson to show their support. / Photo by Ted Pease
Thompson paused at a display in downtown Logan dramatizing deaths of Americans in Iraq with empty boots. / Photo by Ted Pease




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