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Today's word on journalism

Monday, November 5, 2007

On Objectivity:

"I still insist that 'objective journalism' is a contradiction in terms. But I want to draw a very hard line between the inevitable reality of 'subjective journalism' and the idea that any honestly subjective journalist might feel free to estimate a crowd at a rally for some candidates the journalist happens to like personally at 2,000 instead of 612 -- or to imply that a candidate the journalist views with gross contempt, personally, is a less effective campaigner than he actually is."

-- Hunter S. Thompson, from Fear & Loathing: CORRECTIONS, RETRACTIONS, APOLOGIES, COP-OUTS, ETC., a 1972 memo to Rolling Stone editor Jann S. Wenner, excerpted in the current (November 2007) issue of Harper’s Magazine (Thanks to alert WORDster Andy Merton)

Wellsville council approves rezone on condition residents' concerns are addressed

By Lukas Brinkerhoff

October 5, 2007 | WELLSVILLE -- The proposal to rezone a portion of the block between 400 South and 500 South was again met with public opposition at the Wellsville City Council meeting.

Don Hartle, city manager, proposed the zone change to make the block uniform with the zoning that surrounds it. Neighbors were concerned that the block is planned to be used for a public works shed. Residents attending the meeting voiced their concern about future plans the city has for the location, especially for the safety of children in the area.

The council voted unanimously in favor of the rezone. Councilman Thomas G. Bailey was not present and Councilman Ron Case excused himself from the public hearing due to a possible conflict of interest. Case was connected to the previous owners of the block in question. The council also moved to ensure that the residents' concerns be addressed before final decisions are made on what is to be done with the land.

The council also met with Bill Bertolio and discussed the Heritage Southwest Subdivision. Bertolio voiced concern over the layout of trees that are to be planted as homes are built. He said homeowners have been worried that the roots could cause problems with the utilities buried where the trees are to be planted. The council voted to authorize Hartle to write a letter of clarification allowing certain changes to the development agreement.

In other business, Carly Rawlinson addressed the council with her hopes that the Cache Valley Transit (CVT) be extended to include routes to and from Wellsville.

Mayor Ruth P. Maughan said she had "talked until she was blue in the face about CVT" and that she was glad that others were interested.

The council suggested that Rawlinson contact the youth group in the city to raise awareness and gain support. They also considered the possibility of having the issue on the ballot.


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