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Today's word on journalism

Friday, September 1, 2006

"[F]ew things are as much a part of our lives as the news. With the advent of sophisticated mass communication, the news has become a sort
of instant historical record of the pace, progress, problems, and the hopes of society. On the other hand--and here's the puzzle -- the news provides, at best, a superficial and distorted image of society. . . . The puzzle, simply put, is this: How can anything so superficial be so central to our lives?"

--W. Lance Bennett, political science professor, 1988

MAY 2006



Guide to a local's London
It takes a true Londoner to give the inside scoop on the best places to see in London. Here are a few suggestions from people who know the city best. / By Kacey Thompson

Poland now enjoys freedom of choice in religion
Despite a possible dropoff in religious interest, religious groups continue to preach in Poland. The majority of them are Christians, preaching to a Christian nation. / By Ben Walker

Utah 'exmo': Life after the LDS faith means redefining oneself
You've probably met one, even though you didn't know it; most look like they did before. But then you notice no garment lines, knowing he went on a mission, or the girl with a tongue ring makes a casual mention of high school seminary. / By Di Lewis

Offensive, drawn and somewhat political -- that's 'South Park'
The show's characters range from a marijuana smoking towel to a giant stone John Wilkes Booth, which has caught the attention of a variety of viewers. / By Ben Gertz


There's eye candy Down Under
Searching for the perfect summer get-a-way? Whether you're looking forward to relaxing on the beach, getting in touch with nature or finding the latest fashion, Australia can accommodate your every need. / By Cena Pope

Higher gas prices are forcing many to find ways of saving money - especially college students
In recent weeks, the price of crude oil has risen to more than $72 a barrel, resulting in higher gas prices across the nation. Even in Cache Valley, analysts predict the cost of gas to increase to $3 a gallon by the peak of summer, leaving many people looking for extra cash. / By Emil Dixon

Baby sign language is helping parents understand 'baby talk'
Ever tried calming a crying child to only worsen his or her shrieking? Ever sat wondering what thoughts wondered through that toddler's head? Well, those mysteries are unraveling for some parents. / By Angel Larsen

Cochlear implants; What they are, how the work, and the controversy surrounding them
There is a battle going on that most are unaware of. It is centered around the cochlear implant. A large portion of the deaf community feels as though the cochlear implant is not a benefit to someone who is unable to hear. People in the hearing community disagree. / By Lisa Watson

Catty competition: Is it natural for women?
is the competition for women to be prettier, more popular, and more successful taking a toll on ladies in society as a whole? / By Julie Garcia

Three bills down on a weekend in Wendover . . . Spin, Boy!
Another Saturday in Logan with nothing to do except the same lame parties with the same people. One of my roommates had the great idea to ride the party bus to Wendover. / By Robert McDaniel

Miss Sue and 'Quackers' make North Logan's library unique
North Logan librarian Sue Randleman, known to local children as Miss Sue, tells stories twice weekly using ventriloquist puppets, flannel boards and sing a longs. Over 300 children attend story time each week for a unique learning experience. / By Diana Hurren

Cornish in the spring: 'A patchwork quilt' of greens
It's a friendly, open community, says Mayor Dyer Pitcher, about his home town of Cornish. "As kids we had more fun than half the kids in Logan, I'll bet. We were always up to something." / By Katie Smedley

Hyrum school works with realities of 'No Child Left Behind'
"We have never really left any child behind," Teri Peery, a third-grade teacher at Lincoln Elementary school, said. / By M. Cory Broussard


Catching a flick with plastic -- it can happen at the Stadium 8
No need to bring cash to the movies anymore. Stadium 8 theatre now accepts credit cards. / By Erica Jolley


USU student Libbie Linton makes recording debut with sweet guitar, seamless vocals
There's nothing rock star about Libbie Linton. / By Aaron Falk

Wild Art

Gym Class Heroes and Psalm One rap in Salt Lake City / Photos by Robert McDaniel



Local ski patrollers form new outdoor company, design rescue pack
Two ski patrollers from Beaver Mountain in Utah, Bill Sinykin and Todd Strickland, have designed a backpack especially for ski patrollers, because they couldn't find one that catered specifically to their needs as on-the-go emergency personnel. / By Annalisa Fox

Need a hookah? North Logan tobacconist can sell you one
Every wall of the smoke shop is entirely full with every tobacco product imaginable such as packs, cartons, cigars, cigarette rolling supplies, pipes and hookahs. / By Diana Hurren


Across Bridgerland

Cache Valley continues to struggle with air quality problem
During the winter of 2004-2005 air pollution levels reached unhealthy levels 17 times. It reportedly had some of the worst air in the nation. But after this winter, is Cache Valley still in danger of being declared a non-attainment area? / By Marilyn Shelton

Local News

Zoning laws may keep group home for teens out of Wellsville
A small, one-story house on 200 West in Wellsville has a real estate agent's sign out front, advertising it's up for sale. This sign has been up for several months, and it hasn't gone unnoticed. / By Liz Lawyer

Providence residents divided over growth issues
After the close election between Mayor Randy Simmons and Clint Thompson, the residents of Providence have been divided on issues, particularly growth and land development. / By Taylor Scott

USU journalism students win most awards in four-state-plus competition
Utah State University journalism students won 23 awards in the 2005 Mark of Excellence competition sponsored by the Society of Professional Journalists the most of any school in the more than four states that comprise Region 9.

Frontage road planned by Nibley doesn't come without dispute
City officials have planned since 1982 to built a frontage road along the U.S. Highway 89-91 corridor, but county officials don't want the city to develop commercially along that corridor at all. / By Ranae Bangerter

North Logan council decides to leave final road decision up to UDOT
Main Street through Logan has become too congested with traffic and Cache Valley is finally getting ready to take action. A corridor has been proposed that would run parallel to U.S. 91 in order to split up the heavy traffic making routes safer and more efficient. / By Diana Hurren

Landfill site near Stink Creek and Dirty Head not popular in Newton
Dirty Head and Stink Creek roads may not sound like very appealing destinations to some valley residents. But for Cache County officials, a solution to the area's filling landfill may lie between them. / By Molly Farmer

Smithfield landowners sue city over rezone
The lives of long-time residents and potential residents will be affected by the outcome of litigation against the city, concerning potential procedural problems arising during a rezone of agricultural land into a 90-plot subdivision. / By Di Lewis

Millville keeping a close eye on Blacksmith Fork
If you are headed to Millville any time soon, be prepared to travel through a pool of water on your way in. / By Shauna Smith


Former illegal immigrant tries to help others avoid work visa scams
Thirty thousand dollars. That's how much was stolen from illegal immigrants at just one location in Logan, says Juan Luna. Illegal immigrants are being duped out of thousands of dollars when they try to apply for work visas, says Luna, a construction worker and former illegal immigrant. / By M. Cory Broussard


Baby born with Trisomy 18 taught my family to fight heartache with love
In this life we are given the option to be a fighter and overcome challenges, or we can coward away and be defeated by them. / By Amy Olson

Volunteering at Special Olympics one of top college experiences
Excited participants threw their fists in the air and took their places on the award stands during Saturday's Special Olympics. The evidence of their hard work and achievement glowed in their eyes and their beaming faces revealed the determination of their journey to excellence. / By Megan Sonderegger

How to have a productive and beneficial summer
Having a productive summer can mean any number of things. Everything from getting in shape or getting a tan to saving money or getting organized can make any summer beneficial. / By Holly Adams


Walking the Line: USU students 'slackline' in spare time
While studying, Utah State University students, Jon Knott and Whit Lund take a break to "slack, while slacking off," Lund said. / By Amanda Wouden

Fishing -- the world's best, right here in Cache Valley
With our beautiful rugged surroundings, clear mountain lakes and streams, and no threat of pelican interference in the canyon, Cache Valley is the perfect place to fish. / By Jared Durrant

Fantasy sports leagues: Another Internet playground
With the the seventh pick in the first round, Steve Smith is on the board, but do I want to take a receiver this earlier? Peyton Manning is a stat machine, but will the loss of Edgerrin James in the off season hurt his numbers? / By Matthew L. Glade

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