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AUTUMN VISTA: The Wellsville Mountains take on autumn hues as shorter days and cool nights usher in the end of summer. / Photo by Ted Pease

Today's word on journalism

Wednesday, September 6, 2006

On the hooplah surrounding Katie Couric's ascension to the CBS News anchor chair:

"The difference between newspapers and television is that you couldn't care less what a female newspaper reporter looks like when she tells you about a tsunami in Indonesia, fighting in Sudan or the Kentucky Derby. Many of the bylines only give the initials and no one stops to think, 'I wonder who did her hair?' Or, 'She shouldn't wear a navy blue Oscar de la Renta suit.'"

--Art Buchwald, columnist, 2006

JULY 2006



Mystery and history at Mesa Verde
If you have a few days to kill this summer and are looking for a road trip, Mesa Verde National Park can be an interesting and educational experience. / By Jason A. Givens


Minnetonka Cave literally a cool way to spend a hot summer day
Just minutes from Bear Lake at the head of St. Charles Canyon in Idaho is Minnetonka Cave, an underground wonderland of stalactites and stalagmites. / By Jason Givens

Alaskan Postcard No. 1: What have I gotten myself into?
This spring I realized I had no clue what I was going to do this summer. My cousin Missy worked in Alaska last summer, so I gave her a call. / By Ginger Warburton

Wild Art

Hyrum celebrates the Fourth / Photos by Nancy Williams

Blast from the past: Photos of the Cache Valley Cruise In by Liz Livingston


Local News

In Tech Collegiate High School to open Aug. 28
This fall, high school students in the Cache, Logan, Box Elder and Rich school districts will have an opportunity to attend one of a nationally growing number of early college high schools. / By Jason Givens

Three residence halls won't be ready for start of fall semester
Only three of the six new on campus residence halls will be completed as scheduled for fall 2006. / By Elizabeth Livingston


Super-mom? Nearly every mom is, trust me
People without children just don't seem to understand that life with babies isn't happy most of the time and frustrating some of the time. No, it's definitely more like frustrating most of the time and happy some of the time, at least when it comes to Dennis. / By Elizabeth Livingston


Life back to normal for soccer fan
The first of June, Dave Essig was beside himself in anticipation for the World Cup. He spent almost $30 extra on his television services just to have the ability to record every game during June. / By Jed C. Christensen

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