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Today's word on journalism

Friday, March 9, 2007

Cross-disciplinary advice for writers:

"Too many pieces of music finish too long after the end."

--Igor Stravinsky, composer (1882-1971)






Hyde Park author constantly at work, for joy of writing on fun and faith
If author Bruce Dana could make a living simply by writing that is what he would do. / By Laura Mecham

JCOM professor co-authors book with Lost Boy of Sudan
The head of the journalism and communication department at Utah State University, Mike Sweeney, has joined with a Lost Boy of Sudan, John Bul Dau, on the book God Grew Tired of Us, published last month by National Geographic Press. / By Britt Shepherd


Getting chakras realigned painless, and sort of like 'a medieval rave'
It was sort of like being at the dentist. I was lying down; a large metal arm was pulled above me. I had the same, "Maybe I'll just die in my sleep" optimism. But the lights strobing overhead were not illuminating tooth scum -- they were eliminating spirit scum. / By Jen Beasley


95-year-old from LDS-sanctioned polygamist family 'wouldn't recommend' the practice
Utahns are used to two things: cold weather and polygamist jokes. But polygamy isn't funny to Logan resident Ada Cornad. At 95, she is the last living child of a polygamist family sanctioned by the LDS church. / By Miriah Griffith
Vieja de 95 años no recomienda poligamia por su vida en una familia poligamita sancionada por la Iglesia Mormona

Most romantic place in Cache Valley? Game players take their best shot
USU students were tested on their dating know-how Thursday at the game show "Cupid Takes Aim," sponsored by the SAVVI office. The game show and dating panel, held in the TSC Ballroom, were part of Healthy Relationships and Sexual Responsibility Week. / By Britt Shepherd

Italian Place lets its customers do the talking
Downtown, half a block from the traffic and noise of Main Street, sits a sandwich shop across the street from Caffe Ibis. Opened in the mid-1970s, the Italian Place is still doing the same thing it did back then, serving sandwiches and making friends, relying on simple marketing and business strategies to keep people coming. / By Christy Jensen

Best fries in the valley? Our judges reach into the box and draw out the name . . .
"Wendy's have the best French fries anywhere." It came from one of the roommates sitting in the back. Every eye turned and looked, all munching stopped. / By Mikaylie Kartchner

Aggies let their hair down at Mardi Gras
Put on by the ASUSU Student Activities board, the night was filled with traditional Mardi Gras events as well as some new twists. / By Britt Sheperd

Workers needed, neighbors needed . . . everything in short supply in New Orleans except hope
Two black Labs. Two cats. Black words, spray-painted on the side of a house in New Orleans, read like the beginning of a house-pet version of Noah's two-by-two inventory. The glaring message partially obscures a brown waterline that is 8 feet above ground. It stands as a bleak reminder of the foul water that engulfed the home for three weeks in September and October 2005. / By David Sweeney

Marshall Thompson standing up for truth on his long, winding road
As lone wolves go, Marshall Thompson may be a bit of a disappointment. / By Jen Beasley

Richmond's own Black and White Days to be May 16-20
A tradition dating to 1913 still stands strong today as the sleepy little town of Richmond continues to host the upcoming Black and White Days. This year the celebration will be May 16-20. / By Jena Stout


USU students' Friday concert for Darfur aims to light one candle
Friday night, Ben Hibshman is serving double-duty for Darfur. The president of Utah State's Independent Music Club will perform with his band, The Shuttles, at a benefit concert for Darfur for which he is also emceeing. The concert starts at 7 in the Taggart Student Center Auditorium. Admission is $4. / By David Sweeney

St. Boheme parlays its gypsy-rock success to a seat at premier music event in Austin
For St. Bohème, necessity is the mother of invention . . . of band names. Two months ago the Logan-based folk quartet was unknown, limited local exposure aside. But after winning Showdown to Slammys on Feb. 10 at the Depot in Salt Lake City, the group has a thousand bucks and a pass to South by Southwest in Austin, Texas. / By David Sweeney

USU Independent Music Club puts on benefit concert for Aggies for Africa
The USU Independent Music Club (IMC) is putting on a benefit concert at 7 p.m. Feb. 23 in the Taggart Student Center auditorium on the USU campus. The event will cost $4. The benefit is to raise money for the USU club Aggies for Africa. / By Ben Hibshman

Fundrasier gets 'hellaciously' funky for the planet
Recycle or die. Is that a threat? "It's actually more of a promise," said Jay Price, the director of the Aggie Recyclers at Utah State University. "It's a prophecy." / By Jen Beasley

Guitar mentor passes along the gifts he got when he needed them the most
In 1984, a young man found himself alone and discouraged, living hundreds of miles from home in the slums of Los Angeles. Less than a year earlier, Todd Milovich had graduated from Utah State with a degree in guitar performance and decided to go to California to try to make it as a musician. He was soon amazed and discouraged, however, by how good his competition was. / By Devin Felix

Wild Art

Photos of USU's satisfying slam of New Mexico State at the Spectrum / Photos by Patrick Oden


10th Street Grill opens to lines and acclaim
A new restaurant is open in Logan and has become a lunch break hot-spot. The 10th Street Grill opened its doors at the beginning of January, and has had a successful first month and a half. / By Britt Shepherd

Glitz Biz spreading diverse jewelry throughout the valley
After retiring from a 36-year career in public schools, Smithfield resident Lois Sorensen said she began making jewelry to keep her sanity during the long days at home. / By Arie Kirk

Latin American store and reception center opens in Hyrum
There's good news for southern Cache Valley's Hispanic residents, as well as anyone who likes fresh tortillas: Azteca Market and Tortilleria, a store specializing in Latin American products and freshly made tortillas, opened for business in Hyrum last week. / By Devin Felix
Tienda latinoamericana y centro de recepciones abre en Hyrum

Owners of home-based businesses worry about impact of Hyde Park ordinance
Home business owners John and Kimberly Cook have found many benefits in being self-employed but are concerned how amendments to the Hyde Park city home occupation ordinance will affect their business. / By Laura Mecham

Home-grown shops struggle -- and some die -- as Logan shops at the big boxes
Matt Monson was intent on changing the way citizens of Cache Valley dressed and thought when he opened The Bombshell Exchange in Logan. / By Christy Jensen


National & International News

Radio inventing new niches, Clear Channel exec says
While many predicted radio’s death with the invention of television, the vice president and general manager of Clear Channel Salt Lake said, "[Then] it is a medium that has been on life support for a long time." / By Alison Baugh

Across Bridgerland

New air quality monitoring system to focus more on cars, apply throughout the year
As winter winds to an end, Utah's Department of Environmental Quality has announced the revamping of its old air quality monitoring system that focused on examining the air during the cold inversion months. / By Stevie Stewart

Ferry, others ask for public's trust in supporting House Bill 129
"Don't steal our water" was the cry of citizens concerned about the future of the Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge during a meeting regarding House Bill 129 Thursday night. / By Dave Archer
Ferry y otros le piden la confianza al público en el apoyar al Proyecto de Ley 129 de la cámara legislatura

Local News

Tremonton approves home hair, law businesses
Small home-based businesses are growing in Tremonton, as the City Council approved two more conditional use permits Tuesday night. / By Jessica Wakley

Citizen Planning Day lets Nibley residents put in their 2 cents on town's future
An update to the general city plan is in the works for Nibley, and residents gave their input at Saturday's Citizen Planning Day. / By Alison Baugh

Dawn of another ASUSU campaign season
Students can expect to find themselves once again deluged by fliers, candy and slogans when ASUSU election campaigning officially begins Wednesday. / By Devin Felix

A-TV News broadcast for 02/26/07
In this week's edition of A-TV News, we'll take a look at student insurance, taxes and what Utah State is doing to help those in the Darfur region of Sudan. We'll also look at the forgotten rooms of one of the university's oldest buildings. / Producer: Paul Garrett. Associate producer: Ben Gertz. Anchors: Ranae Bangerter, Chad Giles. Weather: Albert Poulson. Sports: Cena Pope.

ProfNet founder to speak about MySpace, managing online personas
Dan Forbush, founder and president of ProfNet and one of America's most influential public relations practitioners, will speak Tuesday, March 6, at Utah State University on "Beyond MySpace: The Future of Online Personas."

Newton family needs 4 feet to realize its dreams, but learns rules are rules . . . for now
Bruce and Tauna Gates have found that 4 linear feet, needed to complete a plan to unify their family, is big enough to cause problems with a town ordinance. / By Lisa Rose

Development of Logan block determined by City Council
Logan City Council members were faced with tough decisions regarding down zoning and rezoning some of Logan City's toughest areas at Tuesday night's city council meeting. / By Christy Jensen

Cache Rendezvous broadcast for 02/22/07
During this edition of Cache Rendezvous we take you to central Utah for a view of the bald eagles that migrate to Utah each winter. We also take a closer look at pond scum fuel research at USU. And finally we show students how to prepare for the summer and fall semesters by finding jobs and apartments. / Producer: Albert Poulson. Associate Producer: Cena Pope. Director: Renae Bangerter. Hosts: Amanda Wouden and Britt Shepherd

Richmond creates citizen board to hear 'nuisance' complaints
The Richmond City Council passed a "nuisances" ordinance appointing a board of citizens to deal with complaints from the community. / By Jena Stout
Richmond crea comité de ciudadanos para escuchar quejas de 'molestias'

Smithfield resident gets permit to run furniture business from home
Despite concerns about traffic, noise, storage and waste, the Smithfield Planning and Zoning Commission granted a resident's request to run a furniture business out of his home. / By Arie Kirk

USU names new College of Science dean
Utah State University Executive Vice President and Provost Raymond T. Coward announced Wednesday, Feb. 21, the appointment of Mary S. Hubbard as the new dean of the university’s College of Science.

Lewiston warned of county's likely battles over water
As Cache County grows, water availability and storage could be a major concern, especially with droughts in the forecast. At Tuesday night's Lewiston City Council Meeting, County Council Water Representative Evan Olsen paid a visit to the Lewiston council to seek its input on possibilities for future water concerns. / By Stevie Stewart

Lewiston council debates snow ordinance after member's car nearly strikes kids
After a council member nearly struck three children with her car early Tuesday, talk of changing a city ordinance stirred at Tuesday night's council meeting. / By Stevie Stewart

Tremonton council hails plans for hospital
The new Bear River Valley Hospital is being welcomed by residents and was enthusiastically reviewed by City Council members Tuesday. / By Jessica Wakley

A-TV News broadcast for 02/20/07
Student credit card debt, President's Day, a chili cookoff and healthy relationships. / Producer: Chad Giles. Anchors: Albert Poulson and Britt Shepherd. Sports: Ranae Bangerter

English professor to give 'Last Lecture'
USU professor of English Patricia Gantt has been selected as the 2007 Last Lecturer. She will speak at 12:30 p.m., April 12, in the Taggart Student Center Ballroom.

Professors to be honored for work with freshmen
Utah State University will recognize five outstanding faculty members for efforts in mentoring freshmen students as part of Utah State's ongoing commitment to supporting students in their first year of college.

Hyrum council to let judge decide on whether to change probation service provider
The City Council discussed contracting with a new company to provide private probation services at the council meeting Thursday, but decided to leave the decision to Hyrum Justice Court Judge Jack Stevens. / By Devin Felix
El consejo de Hyrum dejó a juez decidir encendido si cambiar el abastecedor de servicio de la libertad condicional

Cache Rendezvous broadcast for 02/15/07
Cache Rendezvous visits the Chocolate Festival and the USU Business week Ettiquette dinner, and looks at a new study program for students with children. / Producer: Britt Shepherd. Host: Chad Giles. Host: Paul Garrett

Smithfield discusses control of water conditions
In efforts to control future water shortages, the Smithfield City Council is weighing in on the possibility of a valley wide entity to help regulate water conditions. / By Arie Kirk

Grammy-nominated jazz singer to perform at USU
The Associated Students of Utah State University will host Grammy- nominated jazz singer and Sony recording artist Jane Monheit Tuesday, Feb. 20, at 7 p.m. in the Kent Concert Hall at Utah State University.

Providence tongues are wagging over whether to have dogs in parks
After Tuesday night's meeting, the Providence City Council still did not decide whether to allow animals in city parks. At the last meeting Jan. 23, the council discussed passing an ordinance that would ban animals from city parks. The council discussed in January making parks specifically for dogs, and resident Linda Goetze volunteered to do research on other cities' park rules considering the admission of animals. / By Maddie Wilson

Eight file for ASUSU presidency
Fifty-two students will participate in the 2007 ASUSU elections, including eight candidates for president. / By Devin Felix

A-TV News broadcast for 02/12/07
A-TV News will show you a meth house that was condemned in Logan, budget-friendly Valetine's Day ideas, and puppies at the Cache Humane Society that need a home. / Producer: Ben Gertz. Assistant Prodeucer: Ranae Bangerter. Anchors: Paul Garrett and Albert Poulsen. Sports: Britt Shepherd

Providence will do more than state code requires to keep citizens aware of public meetings
Changes in Utah State Code do not alter Providence City Code, as far as posting notices for public meetings goes. / By Maddie Wilson

North Logan revising its long-term plans to account for rapid growth
The city is working on a revision to its general plan due to the rapid increase in population. According to the 2000 census, the population of North Logan has nearly doubled since 1990, increasing from 3,768 to 6,163. There is a projected population of 9,000 for the year 2010. Along with this, the total number of those in early working years increased significantly. / By Emily Redfield

Hyrum teaching positions getting fewer qualified applicants, administrators say
The number of qualified applicants for teaching positions at schools in Hyrum and throughout Cache Valley has been declining in recent years, according to administrators at two Hyrum schools. / By Devin Felix

Nibley mayor foresees costly changes to sewage treatment
Clean water reform in Utah environmental law means Nibley may be seeing some change in its sewage treatment system or at least its sewage treatment bills. / By Shannon K. Johnson

Fire destroys home in Paradise
Fire destroyed a house at 945 S. 200 West St. around 11:30 p.m. Feb. 2. Paradise Fire Chief Troy Frederickson said he thought the fire was caused by fumes from a piece of furniture being lacquered. / By Marilyn Shelton

Cache Rendezvous broadcast for 02/08/07
This week's Cache Rendezvous is all about the love. From top-quality gifts in Logan to date ideas, we've got it all for you. Even a backup plan in case you need to escape the wrath of your significant other in case you do forget Valentine's Day. Plus clues to a treasure hunt right here in Cache Valley. / Producer: Paul Garrett. Associate Producer: Chad Giles. Director: Amanda Wouden. Technical Director: Ben Gertz. Hosts: Albert Poulson and Britt Shepherd

Neighboring businesses raise red flags over car repair company on U.S. 91
Business owners on U.S. 91 are concerned about a car repair company, Kirk LLC, and the problems it may cause them if issued a business license in Hyde Park. / By Laura Mecham

Wellsville council proposes conservation district to combat water shortage
Water was the hot topic at the Wellsville City Council meeting Wednesday night. The biggest discussion of the night centered on a county-wide water issue that would try to combat the mounting water shortage problems by setting up a water conservancy district. / By Riki Richards

Lewiston park pavilion to get facelift, thanks to corporate donation
The pavilion of Lewiston City Park will receive a much-needed facelift after Presto Products Inc. made a contribution at a recent City Council meeting. / By Stevie Stewart

Workforce office, Cache planners to share employment data to make transportation forecasts
The Department of Workforce Services and Cache Technical Advisory Committee will now be sharing information with each other after the Cache Metropolitan Planning Organization approved the agreement Monday evening. / By Miriah Griffith

Tremonton council rejects offer to settle for a third of ambulance bill
City Council members voted 3 to 2 to disapprove a resident's offer of $600 to settle a $1,749 ambulance ride. / By Jessica Wakley

ATV News broadcast for 02/05/07
Math pre-requisites are changing to a one-year shelf-life. USU journalism professor publishes a book about a Lost Boy of Sudan. Water levels this winter are lower than usual. Men's basketball beats San Jose State.

USU signs agreement to host additional Dominican students
Delegates from Utah State University signed an agreement Thursday, Jan. 25, in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, with the Dominican Republic government to host an additional 50 Dominican students at Utah State in fall of 2007.

Lewiston Economic Development Committee has first meeting, is 'champing at the bit'
Over a decade has passed since residents in Lewiston participated in a survey that said they widely favored economic development. Today those citizens are finally getting what survey results indicated they were asking for. / By Stevie Stewart

Subdivision to be built across from North Park Elementary
A new subdivision will be built in North Logan along 800 East Street, due to the plans being passed Thursday at the North Logan City Council meeting. / By Emily Redfield
Subdivisión que se construirá a través del parque del norte elemental

Switch from farmland to single-family dwellings remaking the look of Providence
This sleepy little town is on the move and growing fast; yet controversy seems to surround the general plan of the city and seems to threaten the way of life for many who live here. / By Trevor Brasfield

Nibley leery of regulating size of new homes
The future of housing in Nibley was a main topic of Thursday night's City Council meeting. Council members discussed whether they wanted to impose a size requirement on new houses in order to keep up the current quality of housing in the community. Most members were opposed because they felt it is not the city's right to decree the size of residents' homes. / By Alison Baugh

USU agriculture facility in Wellsville a year away
The new teaching and research facility for Utah State University's College of Agriculture remains on schedule and is expected to be finished by the end of January 2008, said Dale ZoBell, animal science professor and project coordinator for the new facility. / By Riki Richards

Paradise property owner gets 120-day permit for two dwellings on one lot
A Paradise City planning and zoning meeting Wednesday concerned the issue of two dwellings on one property lot -- specifically the lot of Roland Leishman. / By Marilyn Shelton

Nibley council approves plan to direct town's growth
Changes are ahead for the citizens of Nibley after the City Council Wednesday unanimously passed a contract for a new General Plan for the future districting and growth. / By Shannon K. Johnson

$10 increase in car registration fees suggested to Cache advisory committee
Vehicle registration fees may increase $10 in the near future after a suggestion Wednesday to the Cache Technical Advisory Committee. / By Miriah Griffith

Smithfield's Main Street on course for $11 million reconstruction
Smithfield's Main Street may be getting an $11 million makeover this year. / By Miriah Griffith

Cache Rendezvous broadcast for 02/01/07
This week features the unveiling of the design for a new park in River Heights. We'll show you K-9s at their very best and also just how beautiful Cache Valley really is. / Producer: Chad Giles. Associate Producer: Albert Pouslen. Anchors: Cena Pope and Ranae Bangerter.


Letter to the editor: Statement on climate change by the Utah Climate Center
The massive and growing scientific evidence has convinced the atmospheric science community that climate change is occurring, and is the result of human activities, specifically the release of greenhouse gases. / By Robert Gillies
Lettra al Editor: Declaraciones del cambio de Clima del Centro de Clima de Utah

Want to end the war? How about a tax attack?
There was something deliberately deceptive about President Bush's latest call for a bipartisan "special advisory council" to facilitate an exchange of ideas in the political war against militant fundamentalism. / By Leon D'Souza


Curling in Cache Valley: Fun with ice, brooms and 40-pound stones
A young woman shrieks and sprawls across frozen ground, sending a 40-pound slab of granite and a wooden broom skidding off in opposite directions. A middle-aged man glides nimbly by, gazing intently before him. Two children shuffle quickly past, vigorously scrubbing the ground in front of them with brooms. / By Devin Felix

Aggies happy to escape with 'ugly' win against Hawaii
Despite a season-high 25 turnovers and just 11 points from leading scorer Jaycee Carroll, the Aggies (19-7, 8-4 WAC) managed to pull out a 58-50 victory over visiting Hawaii (14-12, 5-8 WAC). / By Dave Archer

Carroll's hot hand scorches New Mexico State
Shooting slump? What shooting slump? Somebody obviously forgot to tell Utah State's Jaycee Carroll that he was in the midst of a slump that has seen him fail to reach the 20-point plateau over the Aggies' last three games. / By Dave Archer

DuCharme leads the way as Aggies down the Spartans
It wasn't pretty, but they'll take it. The Utah State Aggies were able to overcome sloppy play that led to 14 turnovers and an off night from the season's leading scorer, Jaycee Carroll, to pick up a 66-57 victory over visiting San Jose State Saturday night at the Spectrum. / By Dave Archer

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