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February 17, 2009

Why I miss my hate mail:

"It's an odd thing to admit, but in a perverse sort of way, I actually miss the wretched river, the rancid flow of puerile, nasty, sickeningly homophobic email I used to receive on a regular basis from the ultra-right and the Christian right and the Mormon right and the Bush-impaired whenever I would post a friendly, pointed column full of tangy liberal attitude. . . . . Oh, I miss all the lovely and positive email too, which outpaced the nasty stuff by a huge margin. But the hate mail was very special indeed, great fodder for live readings, for the reaction of horrified disbelief of anyone who saw it, for the charming reminder of just how ugly and violent and grammatically challenged the human animal can be."

--Mark Morford, columnist, (2/13/09)

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Exhibition commemorates life and work of late Utah artist
The Mulder exhibition is comprised of two parts. The first section features a selection of Mulderís paintings accompanied by personal writings by both the artist and those close to him. The second section is a small installation that reconstructs Mulder's workspace, including his easel and palette, exactly as it was left in his most recent studio space at Captain Captain Studios in Salt Lake City.


USU to celebrate Burns' 250th birthday
Robert Burns wove a tapestry of words into beautiful poetry — poetry that defined a nation and gave millions an identity of who they are: Scots.


Students reacting to recession differently than older citizens
Utah State students are reacting differently to the recession than the average citizen, according to student employment and the on-campus Zions Bank. / By Alice Bailey

My first time with Mr. Yellowtail
My first time was in Virginia. Arlington to be exact. I was nervous. I'd heard good things, but I'd also heard horror stories. My parents had warned me. I'd talked with them about it numerous times in the past, but they'd always quickly just said, "No, just don't do it." / By Kandice Crompton

Sonora Grill brings fine Mexican food to Ogden
The Sonora Grill is a new restaurant on the Wasatch front, that is unlike any of the tradional Mexican restaurants many have tried. / By Michelle Butler.
Sonora Grill trae comida Mexicana de alta calidad a Ogden

American Festival Chorus celebrates Lincoln's 200th birthday with concert Saturday
"Everybody Come," said an excited Craig Jessop when interviewed about an upcoming event on Utah State University's campus, adding the invitation to "come, join and celebrate." / By J.P. Rodriguez

Lewsiton's sweetheart dance will benefit new city playground
The city art council will be hosting their second annual dinner and dance, Sweetheart Swing, Feb. 14 at the Lewiston Community Ballroom to raise money to build a new city playground at the rodeo grounds. / By Natalie Buckley

Fine Arts Center enlivens Brigham City’s art scene
The Brigham City Fine Arts Center is looking to make Brigham City "a destination place for entertainment and art," director Susan Neidert says. / By Rebecca Hansen

Lions Park exists thanks to volunteers, Hyde Park councilman says
With approximately $350,000 invested in Lions Park so far, many say the success of it is mainly due to Charles Wheeler, a city councilman. Wheeler was the one who got the ball rolling for the park project, however he says all the credit cannot be accredited toward him. / By Mark Vuong

Is it bread? Staff of life surprisingly tasty when made without gluten
Living without wheat can be a challenge. Diagnosed two years ago, I dived into the kitchen and began the imprecise imitation of foods that those without the diet take for granted. / By Shannon K. Johnson

Is there a party going on in there? Seeing and being seen at Sundance
There are stories, and then there are legends. Parties at Sundance often have become a thing of legend. / By Ben Hansen

James Weldon Johnson's 'The Creation' to be presented
At 3 p.m. Thursday in FAV 150, assistant professor of English Steven Shively will present "Art and Poetry in James Weldon Johnson's The Creation." The multi-media presentation is sponsored by USU's Religious Studies program.

Third and 1 from the '427 Main' yard line
Q: When is a football game more than just a football game? A: When itís the playoffs, and you are watching from ESPNís Gameday Viewing Party at the World-Famous Harry Oís during the opening weekend of Sundance. / By Ben Hansen

Kenneth Cole Black party lives up to the hype
Opening weekend parties at Sundance always carry high expectations. Will there be celebrity appearances? Will there be live music? A great party? Free stuff? / By Ben Hansen

It isn't always easy to fit in -- take non-Mormons at USU, for example
Some students who come for these reasons had no idea about Latter-day Saints and their strong beliefs. Derrick Cumbee, a USU student from South Carolina, said, "I had no idea about Mormons and who they were. I didn't know that it would be different out here from the junior college I was at before." / By Mallory Wise

Aggie Blue Bikes hosting spring food and bike drive for disadvantaged
Aggie Blue Bikes is hosting its first bike and food drive to help those who are less fortunate in the valley have a means of transportation and food to eat, in honor of Martin Luther King Day.
The drive for food and bikes will be Jan. 20 through 23.

James Weldon Johnson's "The Creation" examined by guest speaker
The Religious Studies Program at Utah State University features guest speaker Steven B. Shively in a public presentation that takes a look at the art and poetry in James Weldon Johnson's "The Creation."

HASS announces 2009 distinguished alumni speaker
The College of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences at Utah State University has established a "Distinguished Alumni Speaker Series." Speakers are alumni representing one of the college's diverse departments and programs who return to campus to speak about their professional expertise and experiences. The speaker series was created and introduced by Dean Yolanda Flores Niemann.

USU to celebrate Burns' 250th birthday
Robert Burns wove a tapestry of words into beautiful poetry — poetry that defined a nation and gave millions an identity of who they are: Scots


Just write, and keep writing, called the key first step to getting a screenplay picked up
Calling all aspiring screenwriters! Are you still sitting around with that screenplay idea in your head? Or do you have script in hand and now you're wondering, "What's next?" The word at Sundance is to stop thinking about it and start doing it. / By Jason Sanders

'It Might Get Loud' premiere the talk of Sundance
There are times when you see a movie that makes you want to take action. Rocky made us want to fight. Rudy made us believe in ourselves. It Might Get Loud makes us want to play that classic CD and crank the volume up, or pick up a guitar -- any guitar. / By Ben Hansen


Welcome to Camp Freddy -- an all-star band at Sundance
What if a concert experience could be something that bends the normal and does something entirely new? Something very different, beyond just a band's look, a guitar effect, or a flash pot explosion? / By Ben Hansen, special contributor

Sen. Robert . Bennett joins chorus for USU concert
Utah Sen. Robert F. Bennett is the featured guest for a concert that celebrates the 200th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln's birth. Bennett will narrate Aaron Copland's "A Lincoln Portrait" in the concert offered by the community-based American Festival Chorus, directed by Craig Jessop, USU music department head in the Caine School of the Arts.

Review: 'Life In-Between' a bit of bliss from appropriately named band
For 10 ears Utah has enjoyed the pure rock euphoria known as Royal Bliss. Now with the band's major album debut Life In-Between, (Jan. 13 from Capitol Records) the musicians are sharing their sound with the world. / By Shannon Gibbs

Wild Art

Photos of the rally for higher education at the Utah Capitol. / By Megan Wiseman


Biz Features

Providence Inn building monument to pioneers
The Providence Inn hopes to complete a new monument by June 6, 2009 which will recognize the founding pioneers and the 150-year celebration of Providence City, says owner Karl Seethaler. / By Megan Wiseman

USU seminar to feature Freddie Mac executive and economist
A Freddie Mac executive will be among the speakers at a USU seminar that will explore the causes of today's economic woes and what may lie ahead.

Expo vendors moving Sundance to a greener place
When most people think about the Sundance film festival, they think about movies, parties and concerts. This year, these people will also start to think about how to lessen their negative impact on the environment. / By Ben Hansen


Richmond kids warned to stop playing 'snow plow game'
Kids in Richmond are playing a dangerous game involving snow plows, says Ben Lundgreen, assistant fire chief. / By David Bowman

Hyde Park council wants smaller water tank, solution to graffiti
The proposal to spend $3,000 to reduce the current design of a 2-million-gallon concrete water tank to a 1.5-million-gallon was passed Wednesday at the Hyde Park City Council meeting by a unanimous vote. / By Mark Vuong

Smithfield votes to adopt new form of council
The Smithfield City Council decided to establish a new six-member council sometime in the near future, at Wednesday's meeting. / By Blaze Bullock

Utah State students will protest Friday at state capitol
Budget cuts to Utah State University are going to be a worry to students, faculty and alumni alike, says the executive vice president of ASUSU /Megan Wiseman

Two weeks and counting until a decision is made for a new county attorney
Two weeks down, two weeks to go for James Swink. The interim county attorney's short and relatively uneventful tenure in the boss's chair will come to an end Feb. 10, when the Cache County Council appoints a replacement to fill the term of former County Attorney George Daines, who resigned earlier this month. / By Gideon Oakes

River Heights is tightening budget belt
All revenue is down. from "sales tax to dog licenses," Mayor Bill Baker told the city council Tuesday."We're just going to have to tighten our belts," Baker said. / Patrick Oden

Mendon couple's request to amend zoning law denied
A Mendon couple stormed out of the Planning and Zoning Commission meeting last week after their request to amend a zoning ordinance was unanimously denied. / By Greg Boyles

Richmond council grants credit card to library for book purchases
Richmond City Council has given the local library a credit card in response to WaldenBooks closing in the Cache Valley Mall. / By David Bowman

Smithfield Council votes to join North Logan, Hyde Park for library services
The City Council voted unanimously Wednesday to start an intercity library with North Logan and Hyde Park. / By Blaze Bullock
El Consejo de Smithfield votó para unir los servicios bibliotecarios entre el norte de Logan y Hyde Park

Basement apartments lead agenda at Millville zoning meeting
Basement apartments, trees, corner lots and sprinkler systems were discussed by the Zoning Commission Thursday. / By Jessica Allen

Students gear up to take on proposed state budget cuts
Concerned students at Utah State have been making ripples in the water of the state's political pond in the face of looming budget cuts that could amount to as much as 19 percent. / By Jackson Olsen

North Logan considers how to balance development, open space
Creating a connection between development and open space was the topic of a presentation given at City Council meeting Wednesday. / By Alice Bailey

River Heights P&Z approves city plan, considers new subdivision
River Heights' city plan is ready for the City Council to review after some last minute adjustments Tuesday by the Planning and Zoning Commission. / By Patrick Oden

Smithfield Council votes to join North Logan, Hyde Park for library services
The City Council voted unanimously Wednesday to start an intercity library with North Logan and Hyde Park. / By Blaze Bullock

Arraignment Tuesday for man accused in Hyrum stabbing
The suspect in Saturday's stabbing in Hyrum will be arraigned at 1 p.m. Tuesday in 1st District Court. / By Caresa Alexander

Freezin' for a reason at Hyrum State Park
A Saturday at the beach sounds pretty nice. But when it takes four chainsaws to break the ice to get to the water, some may have second thoughts. / By Caresa Alexander

USU launches emergency system
Students, faculty and staff on the Utah State University Logan campus can now sign up to receive emergency alerts through the USU Emergency Alert system.

County Council names Swink interim county attorney, denies Estancia subdivision
With little pomp and circumstance, the Cache County Council unanimously appointed Deputy County Attorney James Swink to serve as interim county attorney until a replacement can be found for his former boss, George Daines, who resigned last week amid a flurry of controversy. / By Gideon Oakes
El Consejo del la Ciudad nombrů al Abogado James Swink como Subprocurador del Condado

USU president announces task force in connection with death of student
January 13, 2009 Utah State University President Stan L. Albrecht announced today the formation of a task force to review university policy relating to the operation of student organizations at all of its campuses. This decision was made on the heels of charges filed Friday by the Cache County Attorney's Office in connection with the alcohol-related death of USU student Michael Starks.

Craig Jessop named interim theatre arts department head at USU
Yolanda Flores Niemann, dean of the College of Humanities Arts and Social Sciences at Utah State University, has asked Craig Jessop to assume the role of interim department head for the department of theatre arts. The appointment becomes effective fall 2009. Jessop will continue as head of USU's music department.


Crowd favorite Uma Thurman makes a new fan at Sundance
Every now and then, you meet someone who changes your day. Up until Monday, I appreciated Uma Thurman in her movies -- watching her deal out vengeance in the Kill Bill movies and playing a perfect Mrs. Mia Wallace in Pulp Fiction. Now, I can honestly say I'm a fan. / By Ben Hansen

Unemployed and strapped for cash? You're not alone
You know it's a bad sign when you can't even get a job at a call-center. / By Kandice Crompton

Seven tips from a seven-year undergrad
My collegiate career represents the worst to best accomplishments in academia. From flunking an entire semester to getting A's, from academic probation to academic grants, I've done it all. Some of my advice may seem obvious, but I'd like to impart some of the do's and don'ts I've done or seen over the year. / By R.M. Monk


Aggies tie best start ever at 20-1, with big win over Nevada
It took the Ags until the second half to get things going, but once they did, the Wolf Pack had no answer. Utah State beat Nevada, 72-61, in the Spectrum to run its win streak to 15. / By Craig Morris

Voters in men's basketball polls continue to snub Aggies
Pessimists will point to the Aggies' weak strength of schedule as the reason for their exemption from the national rankings, but a closer look at the rankings will show that even that argument doesn't hold water. / By Tim Olsen

Aggies get first win -- and it's a satisfying one -- at Hawaii
The Utah State men's basketball team entered Saturday night's game having never won at Hawaii. With a little Polynesian influence, that all changed. Led by sophomore forward Tai Wesley, the Ags handled the Warriors, winning easily, 67-51. / By Tim Olsen

'Welcome to Hell': Spectrum is a fiery pit for visitors
Dee Glen Smith Spectrum. The Utah State Aggies call it home, every other college basketball team. . . well let's just say they aren't so lucky. / By Connor Jones

Wesley leads USU to 12th consecutive victory
The Utah State men's basketball was impressive early and even more impressive down the stretch as the Aggies pulled away from the Boise State Broncos Saturday night to remain unbeaten at home, 79-65. / By Tim Olsen

No more 'Jared Who?' Quayle's part Mr. Cool and part Mr. Clutch
Jared Quayle -- ask any Utah State basketball fanatic who this guy was at the beginning of the season and you would have maybe 1 of out every 50 people know about the Western Wyoming Community College transfer. / By Connor Jones

Bulldogs' bite not quite hard enough as Ags escape, 65-61
The visiting Fresno State Bulldogs led for the first 24 minutes of the game, but ice in Jared Quayle's veins secured the Aggies a tough conference win. The Ags move to 16-1 on the season and 4-0 in the WAC. / By Craig Morris

WAC hype doesn’t disappoint as Aggies escape pesky Vandals, 70-61
In defense of last season's conference championship, Utah State followed up last week's sweep at the Duel in the Desert with a victory over the University of Idaho in the Spectrum Monday night. / By Craig Morris

Aggies continue pace with nation's highest field goal percentage
The USU men's basketball team started off its campaign for the WAC championship with a win against the Idaho Vandals, 70-61. / By Connor Jones



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