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a silent salute: The audience "claps" at Joke Night during Deaf Awareness week. Click Arts&Life for a link to story. / Photo by Leah Lopshire

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December 16, 2008

As part of my own personal "war on Christmas" (which a Utah state senator has offered legislation to outlaw), the WORD celebrates the season by going on hiatus until January. May all out days be merry and bright, and here’s to a safe, healthy and saner New Year. HoHoHo!

Empty Minds: "Of all the people expressing their mental vacuity, none has a better excuse for an empty head than the newspaperman: If he pauses to restock his brain, he invites onrushing deadlines to trample him flat. Broadcasting the contents of empty minds is what most of us do most of the time, and nobody more relentlessly than I."

--Russell Baker, Pulitzer-winning columnist

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'The Undercover Economist' explains the why of it all
The Undercover Economist
is written by Tim Harford and is about the U.S. economy. Throughout the book the author was able to keep my attention the entire time, which is a great accomplishment since I usually have no interest at all in the economy. / By Stephanie Bassett

Review: 'Secret Invasion' vs. 'Final Crisis'
Massive, company-wide crossover events have become something of a hackneyed crutch that both Marvel and DC have become far too reliant on over the last couple of years. It's not difficult to see why. / By Mack Perry


Modern Thanksgiving dinners differ from the 1621 table, but gratefulness has not changed
As Thanksgiving nears, our stomachs growl as we imagine sinking our teeth into our Thanksgiving turkeys, the stuffing, our pumpkin pies and of course, mashed potatoes. Most of us may think that the pilgrims ate turkey with the Indians that first Thanksgiving, but we have been misled. / By Stephane Bassett

Wellsville arts supporter seeks donations for Tabernacle Arts Center
When Dawnene Wilson moved to Wellsville a little over three years ago, she wanted to start a children's choir. She had no idea she would be asked to direct a play, or become involved in a fund-raising campaign for the Wellsville Tabernacle Center for the Arts. / By Chari Ingraham

Review: Local talent shines in 'Little Women'
It's a shame every good thing has to come to an end. The Ellen Eccles Theater recently finished its run of Little Women, called "A Little Musical" by local composer Jay Richards, who wrote the music, lyrics and book for the musical, based on the beloved novel by Louisa May Alcott. / By Lisa Christensen


After the perfect wedding, the airport hassle
A strapless, long, white, ruched dress complemented with a plain veil and hidden white slippers. This is what my outfit consisted of on the most enchanting day in a man and woman's life. My wedding day was finally here. / By Kelly Brinkerhoff

Locked out of your car -- again? Amanda explains it all
I am not a normally spacey person; however, I do manage to lock my keys in my car at least four times year. To say I have some experience in this field is an understatement, so for those who find themselves in an unfortunate lockout situation I have carefully broken down your available options. / By Amanda Mears

Former volunteer steps up to take over Newton library duties
Sara Rigby stepped up to the plate when Cleo Griffin retired from her position as director of the Newton Library this month. / By Rachel Christensen

American Legion canteen: Smithfield's secret watering hole
For roughly five decades a bar has sat right on Main Street, and many city residents don't even know it exists. / By Tim Olsen

Interior design student applauds USU's 'No.1' program
After spending hundreds of hours on each project USU interior design junior, Jessie Lambourne, says that it takes "an intense passion to stick with such a hard program." / By Megan Wiseman

North Logan holiday lighting contest begins
Get out your box of decorations. The Lights of Christmas home decorating contest has begun. / By Melissa Salcedo

Peer instruction at USU helps students improve grades
Each year more than 7,000 students participate in Supplemental Instruction (SI) at Utah State University. / By Sarah Miller

Not all Aggies get to go home for Thanksgiving
Many students will go home and spend time with their family, eat lots of turkey, and enjoy playing and watching football. But what about USU students who can't make it home? What about students that don't even celebrate Thanksgiving? / By Jake Ipson

Santa Barbara's pride: Queen of California missions
Santa Barbara, the American Riviera, is the venue of some o California's most exquisite landscape and interesting places to visit. / By Adam Pollock

Coming soon: the reinventing Barbie bash
Have you ever stopped and wondered why there is no Bookworm Barbie, Engineer Barbie or maybe a Grandma Barbie? Maybe you have, but Mattel created the stereotype of the Barbie where most of us don't have to think about it. / By Katie Jo Matekovic

Mendon's May Day one of the most historic town celebrations
The first Saturday of every May holds a special meaning to those who are familiar with the city of Mendon. Dancing, music, food, and other festivities combine to create one of the oldest celebrations in the country: May Day. / By Chari Ingraham

Aggies from Newton reminisce about growing up rural
Chris Haws and Kendell Fabricius are sprawled on the living room couches in their apartment near Utah State University. They're reminiscing about growing up in Newton, from building forts to backyard displays of pyrotechnics. / By Rachel Christensen

Fear and (self)loathing in Logan: OK, I'm jealous
I've never been a huge fan of Natalie Merchant. But her song, Jealousy, well. . . . I can relate. In fact, I think I might have written it. Just kidding. But it certainly feels like I could have. "Is she fine/So well bred/The perfect girl/A social deb," the song starts out. / By Kelly Greenwood

Cleo Griffin: Newton's retired librarian can't quit working with what she loves
Although Cleo Griffin retired from her position as director of the Newton Library Nov. 6, the avid reader still plans to work for the library and remain close to her readers. / By Rachel Christensen

Aggie Connection puts school spirit to work for alumni donations
For many college students, finding a job is a difficult task. Finding a job you get excited to go to is even more difficult. / By Melissa Salcedo

Hyde Park's Helen Seamons recalls simple joys, self-sufficiency -- and roller-skating to Smithfield
When Helen Seamons was in junior high, she and a girlfriend roller-skated more than three miles from Hyde Park to Smithfield down the US-91 highway, just because they could. / By Brittny Goodsell Jones

It may be only one room, but this museum contains Millville's history
The museum contains many old antiques that show the way life was in the early 1900s. It contains such items as parts of the old post office from Millville and items from an old co-op store. There are displays portraying what school was like back then and what houses would have mainly looked like in the olden days. / By Jake Ipson

Going green: Ways a college student can conserve resources
Face paint, school colors and university apparel may be everywhere in a college student's life. But whether you bleed red, blue, orange or purple, here are some simple ways to bring more green into your life living away from home. / By Megan Wiseman

Retirement home residents enjoy Monday evenings with university ward
Every Monday, the Williamsburg retirement community holds a community activity night, called Family Home Evening. / By Jake Ipson

All I want is a perfect haircut -- is that too much to ask?
I must admit it -- I've lost faith. Maybe I've just been chasing an unfalsifiable premise this whole time. Because as far as I'm concerned, I cannot prove that the perfect hairdresser exists. / By Kelly Greenwood

Student's dilemma: To work or not to work?
Some may say that there is only one or the other, while others may feel that the other will only get in the way of the one. I say that: How can you not do both? / By Craig Morris

Column: Clothes make the woman, especially in politics
I want to talk about an issue that is pressing on the minds of the country. When the votes were tallied up and the new president elect took the stage, the minds of women across American thought: "what the heck is Michelle Obama wearing?" / By Shannon K. Johnson

Column: Michelle Obama's dress disaster
As the first African-American president approached the podium, there was only one thing I could think about: "Dude. What's with Michelle's dress?" / By Ashley Schiller

Good scares abound at the Green Canyon Farms corn maze
I was lost and scared to death. I hid in the corn . . . waiting for the chainsaw man to finally creep past me so I could quickly get away without having to hear that dreaded chainsaw get fired up again. / By Stephanie Bassett


The 5 greatest James Bond films
Ever since the 2006 release of Casino Royale, the critically acclaimed, realism-heavy reboot of the Bond franchise, and the announcement that the next Bond film to star Daniel Craig would be a direct sequel (the first in the franchise's history), the anticipation for said sequel has reached an all-time high. And all this despite the film's truly awful title. / By Mack Perry

Column: Chick flicks: a guy's worst penance ever
If it's true that hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, then I'm in big trouble. / By Seth Hawkins


Thank you, Rock Gods, for White Zombie box set
In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I must give thanks . . . to the Gods of Rock 'n' Roll. If not for them giving inspiration to Rob Zombie and all associated, I would not have been able to re-experience the ultimate heart-pounding, jaw-dropping, "OH MY GOD I LOVE THIS SONG, GOTTA HAVE THIS ALBUM" feeling I got the first time I heard White Zombie. / By Shannon Gibbs

Rachael Yamagata stands out in SLC concert
Although there has been a constantly rotating lineup throughout the tour, this night of the tour included the always popular Rachael Yamagata, accompanied by folk artist sensation Meiko, Lenka, Catherine Feeny, Thao Nguyen and Emily Wells. The all-female lineup played to a packed house at the Avalon Theater, and did not disappoint. / By Ben Hansen

Bestor's Best Singer Search is looking for talent in Logan
Kurt Bestor is bringing "Bestor's Best Singer Search" back to Logan. In only its second year, the search has become known as Utah's version of American Idol. The event will take place at Utah State University's Taggart Student Center from noon to 3 p.m. Nov. 20.

Keep your iPods and MP3's -- I want my music on vinyl
On my 21st birthday something magical happened. No, it wasn't that I was finally allowed into the ever-elusive dive bar or even that I could finally gamble away my meager savings. Instead, on my 21st birthday I finally received a record player. / By Amanda Mears

Metallica delivers a knockout punch in Utah
That was my question as I entered the Energy Solutions Arena in Salt Lake City on Monday night. Metallica, the thrash metal, chart-topping, lords of the '80s mullet have long since passed the days of wearing the outdated hairstyle. / By Ben Hansen

Wild Art

USU observes Veterans Day with flags, big guns / Photos by Leah Lopshire

USU football team pounds Hawaii: Photos by Leah Lopshire

Aggie students cast their ballots in the TSC: Photos by Leah Losphire

Fall color all around us: Photos by Megan Wiseman


Biz Features

Smithfield Implement's sales improve despite pinched economy
For nearly a century the Smithfield Implement Company has been serving customers. Despite the intrusion of modern day box stores such as Wal-Mart, Lowe's and Home Depot, "The Imp,"as it has come to be known by locals, continues to increase its sales. / By Tim Olsen

Global Village Gifts supports Fair Trade artisans around the world
Since opening its doors in November 2003, Global Village Gifts has been providing Logan customers with a place to purchase handmade goods that benefit families and communities around the globe. / By Nicole Brown

Bargain shopping for gasoline is still a smart move
In the past month gas prices have dropped dramatically, but that doesn't mean the price every gas station is offering is the best deal. / By Jeff Eddington

Hyde Park woman's Sugar 'N Spice helps with home decor
A lot of Cache Valley ladies have a house. Janna Barlow hopes to make them homes. / By Brittny Goodsell Jones

Birch Creek Golf Course a money-maker for Smithfield
Ranked the No. 4 municipal golf course in the United States by Golf Magazine in 2002, Birch Creek Golf Course has grown a lot from its humble beginnings in 1963. / By Tim Olsen

Review: French fries can fix us right up, as long as they come from McDonald's
For a sodium-aholic, french fries are the holy grail of all foods. Not only are fries naturally salty but they can be easily salted to heart attack levels without as many raised eyebrows that come from salting baked potatoes and steaks. / By Debra Hawkins

Best deal on a fast-food combo meal? That depends
When we go to a place and buy a combo meal we probably want to know if we are getting a great deal. Of course when it comes to the quality of the meal that is usually a personal decision. / By Ronald Wallace

Review: Logan's two pupuserias serve authentic, delicious Salvadoran home cooking
Pupusas (poo-poo-suz) are as fun to pronounce as they are to eat (Go ahead, say it a few times). The simple Salvadorian corn tortillas may be stuffed with cheese, beans, meat or loroco, a flavorful flower grown in El Salvador and other Central American countries. / By Ashley Schiller

Newton's Plum Crazy Greenhouse playing 'beat the clock' with winter
Two months ago Colleen Woodward started a project she thought would last two weeks. In two days, the race against daylight and cold weather will end and the project will finally be complete. / By Rachel Christensen

Review: Callaway's might be heaven, or at least spaghetti enchantment
If I could find a way to make sweet love to Callaway's spaghetti, I would. / By Ashley Zarate

Review: For a tasty 'shake' without milk products, try Jamba Juice
Yes, it is hard to sit back and watch everyone else enjoy their satisfying dessert while I grudgingly sip my water, hoping some luscious flavor will all of a sudden sneak in and take my taste buds to a new level. So, what can those of us do who no longer enjoy ice cream's simple, cold, creamy, delicacy? / By Diane Denning

Review: Firehouse Pizza didn't live up to my expectations
It was quite loud considering it was 8 p.m. and there were hardly any other customers in there besides us. The clink of plates, the chatter of other customers, the music in the background and the TV that played close to us all seemed to be a little overwhelming and I felt I had to yell so my waitress could hear me. / By Stephanie Bassett

Review: Juniper's Take Out -- not fast food, but 'scrumptious'
Juniper's will treat you right every time you go. Their countertop reads "This is not a fast food restaurant," and they mean it. / By Craig Morris

Out in Paradise, the Cracker Barrel's back
The Cracker Barrel Café & Catering has reopened under new ownership. / By Cody Littlewood


Woman pleads guilty to DUI
Tracy Wood, 39, pleaded guilty to a reduced charge of driving under the influence (DUI) Monday. Wood appeared before Judge Ben Hadfield at the Box Elder County First District Court in Brigham City. / By Dave Archer

Father who lied to protect daughter is sentenced
Some say there can't be a price on the love a parent has for their child. One father will pay with jail time for covering up a lie for his daughter. / By Aubreyann Hansen

After-school kids' program at risk for lack of funding
The long-running After School Club program of Cache Valley is in jeopardy of being shut down. / By Nick Peterson

Council hears public comments on proposed Nibley community center
City Council signed a resolution which states the willingness and intent of the city to join with Cache County School District to build a community center as an addition on the new Nibley Elementary School. / By Aubreyann Hansen

Residents of Nibley subdivision appeal to city to adopt their road
City Council has not seen as many audience members in at least the past three months as they did Thursday. Homeowners in the Tuscany subdivision turned out to discuss having their private road adopted as a public road in Nibley. / By Aubreyann Hansen

Newton not yet in full support of county library system
Although the concept of a Cache County library system has won favor in the eyes of the county's bigger cities, small towns such as Newton hesitate. / By Rachel Christenen

Investigation continuing into death of USU student
Tragedy struck Utah State University early Friday when police responded to a 911 call at the Sigma Nu fraternity, at 800 East and 700 North. An 18-year-old freshman, Michael Starks, was found unresponsive at the scene and was later pronounced dead at Logan Regional Hospital. / By Tim Olsen

Smithfield establishes rules for lighted commercial signs, bans the color red
To light or not to light? That was the question posed to the Planning Commission when they gathered together Wednesday night. / By Tim Olsen

Newton residents must register dogs and kennels
Residents with dogs and kennels will have to visit Town Hall before April 1 to complete registration, said Karla Ferguson, town recorder, during the Newton Planning Commission Thursday. / By Rachel Christensen

DUI offender draws 2-day jail sentence
Tuesday in 1st District Court, 41-year-old Joseph Clark pleaded guilty to a class A misdemeanor DUI charge. / By Tim Olsen

Tremonton streets will get extra chip and seal
TREMONTON -- A number of Tremonton's streets will soon be getting upgrades, thanks to the City Council's decision to grant Public Works Director Paul Fulgham's request for extra funds next year. / By Dave Archer

Mendon P&Z addresses accessory building woes
The Planning and Zoning Committee discussed Wednesday night several obstacles it has faced for accessory buildings. / By Chari Ingraham

USU student second in Utah Public Relations Student of the Year contest
Breea Heiner of USU took runner up in the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) Greater Salt Lake Chapter's Utah PR Student of the Year award.

Man pleads guilty to forcible sexual abuse
A man pleaded guilty Monday to forcible sexual abuse, a second-degree felony. His sentencing will be at 1:30 p.m. Dec. 29. / By Chari Ingraham

Richmond city sees no advantages in joining a countywide library system
A topic of heated discussion in Cache Valley is the proposed countywide library system. It would link all the city libraries together. Unfortunately it is a great cost to everyone involved, not to mention all the training it would take for employees to learn and time it would take to install all the new software and telecommunication equipment. / By Jami Elzinga

Mendon's May Day one of the most historic town celebrations
The first Saturday of every May holds a special meaning to those who are familiar with the city of Mendon. Dancing, music, food, and other festivities combine to create one of the oldest celebrations in the country: May Day. / By Chari Ingraham

Two arrested in Logan on marijuana counts
Joshua Sinner, 21, and Briany Stockton, 20, were arrested Nov. 8 and booked on charges of possession of marijuana and drug paraphanelia within 1,000 feet of a church. / By Rachel Christensen

Want to buy a bank? Richmond's selling one
The building that served as a bank for 95 years in the city of Richmond is up for grabs. / By Jami Elzinga

North Logan man sentenced on drug charges
First District Court was the scene Monday where a North Logan man pleaded guilty to distributing controlled substances. / By Melissa Salcedo

Lewiston man sentenced on marijuana charges
A Lewiston man was sentenced in 1st District Court Monday on two accounts of possessing and distributing marijuana. / By Diane Denning

Money a major obstacle for countywide library plans
With only Logan showing full support and North Logan expressing possible interest, development of a Cache County library system waits for more support, says Cache County Executive Lynn Lemon. / By Rachel Christensen

Judge orders defendant to pay public defender's full fees
Judge Thomas L. Willmore of the 1st District Court told Amy Stankiewicz she would have to pay back fees for her public defender, during her video arraignment Monday. / By Rachel Christensen

Nibley P&Z considers changes to building code
Planning and Zoning Commission discussed updating and approving the design standards for commercial and institutional use so new buildings have a code to follow. / By Aubreyann Hansen

Mendon finishes marking streets, planning trail to school
The City Council announced on Thursday night the completion of its street signs and the finalizing of plans to create a trail leading to the elementary school. / By Chari Ingraham

Smithfield women honored for saving child's life
What constitutes a hero? Well, much to their embarrassment, that's exactly what Chief of Police Johnny W. McCoy called three city residents when he presented them each with a Citizen Award at the City Council meeting Wednesday night. / By Tim Olsen

Millville P&Z discovers 'loophole' in building permit ordinance
One of Millville's newest ordinances was put to use in the Nov. 13 planning and zoning meeting. Two people had to pay deposits before they could begin building. / By Jake Ipson

Hyde Park council approves Northern Meadows plans despite traffic safety concerns
Preliminary plans for a hot topic subdivision that borders North Logan were approved Wednesday 3 to 1 at the City Council meeting. Northern Meadows Subdivision, at 730 South and 50 East streets, is getting attention because it brings up development of new roads in the future and may create busier roads in the meantime. / By Brittny Goodsell Jones

Man sentenced to 30 days in jail on drug charge
A Providence resident, 54, pleaded guilty on Monday to a 3rd degree felony of drug possession and will serve 30 days in the Cache County Jail. / By Seth Bracken

River Heights residents brave cold to celebrate new Ryan's Park restrooms
Little girls were actually allowed, but hesitantly ran into the boys' bathroom for a tour at the opening ceremonies for the new bathrooms at Ryan's Park Place. The bathrooms are directly east of Ryan's Park located at 600 East and 550 South. / By Diane Denning

Steep section of River Heights Blvd. will be closed for the winter, council decides
The City Council unanimously voted to close part of River Heights Boulevard from Nov. 15 to March 15. The road will be closed from 400 East Street to 434 East Street. This part of the road is a one-way street that meets up with Country Road, also known as 380 East in Logan. / By Diane Denning

UDOT says SR 165 through Providence will be category five road, allowing more development
After signing a cooperative corridor agreement making SR-165 in Providence a category four road -- "with a gun to our head" as Mayor Randy Simmons put it -- the City Council will get what it originally wanted from the agreement, thanks to some politicking by State Rep. Curt Webb. / By G. Christopher Terry

Logan man arrested, booked on marijuana counts
A 20-year-old-male was arrested on suspicion of possession of marijuana Tuesday by the Logan City Police. / By Chari Ingraham

Nibley city, Cache school district seek ways to share space
City Council will have a public hearing Nov. 20 for Nibley residents to voice their opinions about the city collaborating with the school district for a new meeting room attached to the new elementary school. / By Aubreyann Hansen

Smithfield man sentenced
A 59-year-old Smithfield man who pleaded guilty to two misdemeanor charges was sentenced in 1st Judicial Court Monday. / By Brittny Goodsell Jones

Sprinklers to be installed at Wellsville's park
The City Council discussed the bid on a sprinkler system for the new park by Wellsville Dam in a meeting Wednesday night. / By Chari Ingraham

North Logan hears public comment on setback ordinance
The main focus for the City Council meeting Wednesday night was a public hearing regarding proposed ordinances that will eliminate the city's requirement for a 15-foot setback along canals. / By Melissa Salcedo

Millville public hearing lasts 4 minutes for lack of comments
The City Council held a public hearing for two items on the agenda. The public hearing opened at 8 p.m. and was closed for public input by 8:04 due to the lack of comments from the public. / By Jake Ipson

Hyrum receives Tree City award
Is your city a tree hugging city? Hyrum is, and officially has been for five years. / By Seth Bracken

Mendon librarian working to get county library system on the ballot
Win Gardner, director of Mendon Cottage Library, knows what it's all about when it comes to creating educational opportunities for Cache Valley. After all, she helped create Bridgerland Literacy, a non-profit program designed to help illiterate adults, teens, and children in Cache Valley. / By Chari Ingraham

Utah State's 'Howl' gets through Halloween with only three arrests
Three arrests were made Friday at the traditional Utah State University Howl. Capt. Steve Milne of the USU Police Department said the three arrests were "way down compared to years past." / By Jake Ipson

Some Nibley residents aren't fans of flower boxes on road medians
Road construction on 3200 South is expected to be finished within a few weeks. Planter boxes are one of the tasks on the agenda. / By Aubreyann Hansen


Count your 'ordinary blessings' this Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving is tomorrow and we all have a lot to be thankful for. Food is the most obvious one, with most of us looking forward to a feast grand enough to make Ghandi on a hunger strike drool. Most of us also have at least one change of clothes and a roof over our heads. Many of us even have cars. / By Lisa Christensen

Diamond rings are memorable gifts at any time
It was over 15 years ago around this time of year. Our Christmas tree was up with bright white lights dancing on the branches. Snow had fallen, but was starting to melt and looked more brown than white. I was 4. I had my older sister Elizabeth, more commonly known as Buff, for Christmas this particular year. I knew exactly what to get her. / By Diane Denning

Returning Egypt's antiquarian treasure remains a problem
Small boys surrounded us, picking up stones that littered the ground around the hillside tomb entrances. Showing us their finds they were eager to search for whatever we wanted. / By Bethany Crane

At Whit's End: Heidi and Spencer prove that yes, some things do endure
Amid a sea of drama, the relationship that everyone said wouldn't last has come out on top in a way more than any of the fans (or "haters") could imagine. / By Whitney Schulte

Good luck, Obama -- an enormous task awaits
President-elect Barack Obama has been given a sow's ear and is expected to turn it into a silk purse. He is eloquent, pro-active, and eager to fix the problems that have been dealt to him. / By Bethany Crane

Yasuko's smile and pizza invitations light up Hub customers' lives
Anyone who has ever eaten at the Hub knows Yasuko Brown, the spunky Japanese woman who works at Pasta La Bella. She is a master salesperson and reels in undecided diners like giant trout. / By Ashley Schiller

Women don't need to choose work or children -- we can have both
I am a product of the feminist movement, but I am also the product of the 1950s housewife motif. I have spent most of my life confused about both. / By Debra Hawkins

Melamine is one more black mark on China in the global marketplace
Unless an issue is directly affecting us or our country sometimes we have a tendency to not worry or care about it. For one thing other countries' issues usually don't get put on the news, and some people think it's their problem and they need to deal with it. Since it is important that we know what is going on in the world I wanted to talk about one important problem that is affecting children in China right now. This is the issue of melamine. / By Ronald Wallace

Economic crisis could be Obama's ticket to two terms
A Republican president with record low approval ratings, skyrocketing deficit spending and a scorching economic downturn. Sound familiar? It should, we've been through it before several times. Both times there has been a regime change, a party shift. And both times it involved a Bush. / By Seth Bracken

Are Prop. 8 protesters arguing over a technicality?
Because of the vocal support for California's Proposition 8 by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the Roman Catholic Church, Knights of Columbus, and other organizations, there have been protests all over the country mainly targeting the LDS Church. / By Bethany Crane

Hubbub over Prop. 8 is silly
Democracy has spoken and the people of California said no to granting full-fledged marriage rights to homosexual couples. / By Lisa Christensen

Prop. 8 laughs in the face of 'justsice for all'
I just do not understand. It doesn't make sense why people have found it their personal duty to prevent same-sex couples from marrying. How does this hurt you? How does their happiness affect your life in anyway? / By Cody Littlewood

At Whit's End: Take that, Joe Jonas!
We all know millions of teen girls all over the country are "in love" with the unstoppable trio The Jonas Brothers. Well ladies, Joe Jonas was back on the market for a split second, amid a slew of drama from his ex. / By Whitney Schulte

Behold! The power of gatekeepers!
Last Thursday, a couple of hours after the rally started at the L.A. Mormon Temple, I found myself glued to the L.A. Times online article of the event. I lived on the L.A. temple grounds for eight months, so I wanted to soak up the details of the breaking news. / By April Larsen

Don't text and drive
I was running late to work and in a rush. I jumped into my white Mazda 626, started my car and pulled out of my driveway onto the road. As had become my routine, I pulled out my black Motorola flip phone and decided to send a text. / By Diane Denning

Bad day, you say? Hey, the bus tried to eat my face
I rarely divulge stories that portray me as a foul-mouthed dimwit who falls into the most moronic situations while attempting to function in everyday life, but my friends and family said it would be a crime for me to withhold the following from the public. / By Greg Boyles

At Whit's End: Celebs get their wish in election
We all know that being a Republican in Hollywood is the kiss of death for a celebrity. What we didn't know, was how many celebs would come out and endorse Barack Obama's presidential campaign. / By Whitney Schulte

After eight years of Bush, how could things possibly get worse?
As a liberal in Utah, I have a unique position and ability to help out those less fortunate than me, the conservatives. There are plenty to go around here in Utah, many more than you could ever shake a stick at, and I hold them in such a special place in my heart. / By Seth Bracken

Republican Party is not dead
Everything seemed to be against the Republican Party this year. The economic collapse right before the election, the price of oil and the untouchable satirically referred Messianic Obama. / By Shannon K. Johnson

Punishing Utah for Prop 8
Voting for it you are against it, and voting against it you are for it. That is how the sunshiny state of California had to vote Nov. 5 when deciding if Proposition 8 was the right thing to do. / By Kelly Brinkerhoff

Quest for the impossible is what keeps us moving forward
Why do we as humans always want for that which we can't have? Where does this undying need for the impossible come from? / By Cody Littlewood

Antibiotics not always the best cure
One billion people a year are diagnosed with acute or subacute rhinosinusitis in the United States. Symptoms of this illness include stuffy nose, tooth pain, and pressure in your face, which can worsen when you bend forward. Are these symptoms starting to sound familiar? / By Diane Denning

Laws against saggy pants are over the top
It's time to crack down on serious issues like drugs, underage drinking and, of course, sagging pants. In February 2008, lawmakers in Riviera Beach, Fla., passed a law banning baggy pants. They are just one of many cities across the southern United States trying to prevent the horrific crime of young men exposing their underwear in public. / By Amanda Mears

For a change, check out all political parties next time
Maybe you liked one candidate a little more than the other. A lesser of two evils presented itself, or if you don't like either maybe you thought of not voting at all. But what if by some happy chance you had another choice? / By Bethany Crane

A terrible tale of animal cruelty . . . and a kitten facing ticking clock
Hard News Cafe writer Whitney Schulte came to class with an urgent, sad story. She thought she'd hav time to write it herself, but events have moved so rapidly that she merely sends the photo above with a short plea to the editors: Could you post the picture to the Web and find someone to help? / By Whitney Schulte

At Whit's End: Waiting for the truth to emerge in Hudson family killings
Now that Jennifer Hudson's family members have been laid to rest, it's time to focus on finding the person who brutally killed Darnell Hudson Donerson, Jason Hudson and Julian King. / By Whitney Schulte

13 ways to win a copy editor's heart -- and look smarter in print
Being a copy editor for The Statesman can be a rewarding experience. Something about going through a story and finding a missed comma or a misspelling is just satisfying. The best part is that few people seem to want the job, so I'm hoping for relative job stability upon graduation. / By Lisa Christensen


Utah State hockey coach quits
USU hockey head coach Jerry Crossley walked out on the team after its recent loss to Eastern Washington. After speaking with the team, it became obvious this event would take place. / By Ryan Avila

Aggies remain unbeaten as they smash Weber State by 26
Gary Wilkinson led all scorers with 18 points, but Tai Wesley carried the team on his back, coming up just one assist short of a triple-double. / By Craig Morris

USU's 'Big Blue' an all-round great guy, and that's no bull
Yes, Blue is one busy bull at USU but there are some things that no one hears about him, such as how much he loves community service. / By Lacy Broberg

As with athletes, practice makes perfect for Aggie announcer
Rob Flygare is sitting in the chair where he will spend the next three hours. It is 30 minutes to game time. He is reviewing an endless list of names and numbers. The names run through his head "Number 73, Kenny Avon; number 2, Seyi Ajirotutu." / By Paul Kelley

Running is a way of life for Jennifer Day
Muscles taught, face down, every nerve in her body ready to explode, and at the shot of the gun, no thoughts, just power. / By Faith Vera

Dayna Christensen, Bear River's diving champion
Standing at the back of the diving board, focusing on the thin sheet of fiberglass that separates her from the water, a million things run through Dayna Christensen's mind. / By Dave Archer

Money thrown at professional sports is outrageous
I am an avid NBA and NFL fan, but who isn't, right? I go see the Jazz play whenever I can, and I spend countless hours on the couch on Sunday watching football. I join fantasy leagues in both and spend whatever free time I have tracking my favorite players and building dominant fantasy teams. / By Craig Morris

Ags start season right with 21-point win over Montana State-Northern
Utah State opened its regular season with a 71-50 victory over the Montana State Northern Lights at the Spectrum. Montana State came into the game 6-0 on the season and defending co-champions in the Frontier Conference of the NAIA. / By Craig Morris

Big opening win -- sign of things to come, or just beating up a weak opponent?
The Utah State Aggies won their 54th straight regular season non-conference home game Friday night against the Montana State Northern Lights, 71-50. The 20-point win left some Aggie fans wondering, is this a preview of the season to come or just an Aggie team playing OK against a less-talented, NAIA team? / By Connor H. Jones

Sportsman's Paradise offers fishing and hunting plus luxury
Nestled in the hills of southern Cache Valley lies one of the best hunting experiences in the west, Sportsman's Paradise. This company offers guided fly fishing, upland game hunting, and big game hunting opportunities with lodging, airport shuttle, and meals included. / By Cody Littlewood

When fans around the US think 'winner,' why don't they think USU?
Ask any die-hard college hoops fan to name five college teams that have dominated in the last decade and you'd probably hear names such as Duke, Gonzaga, North Carolina, Kansas and Texas. / By Connor Jones

Aggies hold on for 74-60 victory over Concordia
What looked like a blowout on paper turned out to be quite the competitive game as the Aggies held on for a 74-60 exhibition victory over Concordia. / By Craig Morris


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