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November 14, 2008

Fun Stuff

1. "The days of the digital watch are numbered."--Tom Stoppard, playwright (Thanks to Tom Hodges)

2. Palin-dromes: "Wasilla's all I saw." "Harass Sarah!"

3. "If you don't think too good, don’t think too much."--Ted Williams (1918-2002), philosopher-athlete (Thanks to alert WORDster Karl Petruso)

4. "I don't know anything that mars good literature so completely as too much truth."--Mark Twain (1835-1910), writer

5. "The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity." --Dorothy Parker (1893-1967), writer

6. "The First Amendment was the iPod of 1791." --Ken Paulson, editor, USA Today

7. "That's not writing. That's typing." --Truman Capote (1924-1964), writer

8. "The future of the book is the blurb." --Marshall McLuhan (1911-1980), sociologist

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'Green Lantern: Secret Origin' another good graphic novel in cries
Geoff Johns has raised the bar so high with this series and, thanks to the exemplary writing of Green Lantern Corps scribe Peter Tomasi and the now legendary pencil work of Ethan Van Sciver, this franchise that the building excitement for the 2009 conclusion to his Green Lantern trilogy, dubbed The Blackest Night, is at an all-time high. / By Mack Perry

Mountain Meadows book called a vehicle for healing
The book Massacre at Mountain Meadows is allowing descendants of the 1857 massacre's victims' families to finally be able to reach a point where they can heal, said Richard Turley, one of the book's three authors. / By Megan Wiseman

Opinion: Truth about 'Twilight' series -- vampire books are boring and bloodless
It is hard not to get swept up in this vampire mania they call Twilight. With people arguing back and forth before the last book came out about which love interest would win out in the fourth book. The "Team Jacob" and "Team Edward" shirts were everywhere. People have become absorbed in this fantasy world and I am left asking why. / By Debra Hawkins

USU alum and author urges writers to steal ideas for inspiration
"Steal, by all means steal," said USU graduate Brandon Schrand as he spoke to students and faculty at the Haight Alumni House Tuesday afternoon. / By Megan Wiseman


'Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead' -- So what?
Gertrude's demand in William Shakespeare's Hamlet, "more matter with less art," would be an apt recommendation for the USU Theatre production of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead. / By Seth Hawkins


Eating fast and cheap: Where's the best (and worst) dollar menu?
Starving students need food, we need it fast and we need it cheap. Dollar menus scattered throughout many fast food joints fill this pivotal role. But with so many choices ranging from tacos to salads to a burger and fries, where is the best place to get the biggest bang for your singular buck? / By Seth Bracken

For gas station hot chocolate, you need a Maverik
Ideally, I would love to make a daily morning run to Starbucks to pick up a hot chocolate once temperatures dip below freezing. Unfortunately, at $3.95 for an 18 ounce cup, this is not a luxury I can afford. / By Amanda Mears

It's fall -- the season to make soup from scratch
By late October Logan has entered the razor's edge of fall. The typical Loganite waits for the pleasant fall weather to careen down into the frigid throes of winter. / By Shannon Johnson

Providence serving up sauerkraut with a side of tradition
The more the annual Turkey and Sauerkraut Dinner changes, the more it stays the same. Folks who are familiar with the proud history of sauerkraut in Providence can tell you all about the ways they used to celebrate their city's German lineage. / By G. Christopher Terry

Hyde Park mayor's wife spoofs herself in annual Pumpkin Walk display
Bubble, bubble, who's in trouble? Three local mayors got publicity this weekend after their names were associated with a scene depicting their wives as witches at North Logan's annual Pumpkin Walk. / By Brittny Goodsell Jones

Review: Some delicious 'just desserts' for those who can't tolerate dairy products
I have taken it upon myself to do a little searching to discover the secret dessert restaurants in Cache County that tend to get overlooked due to the famous, and sometimes overused ice cream. / By Diane Denning

'Thriller' dances its way into Halloween tradition
Growing up on the tail end of four burly brothers, I never have been as much thrilled by a dance performance as by a last-minute touchdown or a large piece of meat. But Odyssey Dance Theatre's "Thriller" is a show that can be enjoyed by everyone. / By Ashley Schiller

'Tis the season to get lost in a corn maze in Wellsville
Utterly lost, freezing cold, frustrated because everything looks familiar as if I had been here 10 times before, and I probably have, and to think, I paid $6 to do this. / By Seth Bracken

The pain of rating 'le pain' -- le tough job, but someone has to do it, oui?
As a self-proclaimed connoisseur of french bread, the task of reviewing the four main types of french bread readily available in the valley seemed no problem at all. / By Lisa Christensen

It's never too early to start planning for Spring Break
Already thinking of a way to get away from the snow? Sick of spending your spring breaks in Utah? With the right information and timing you could have the best spring break possible, and not pay an arm and a leg. / By Bethany Crane

USU offers self-defense class for women
Utah State University is offering a way for female students to learn self-defense and gain awareness. The physical education class, offered on campus, officially called Rape Aggression Defense (R.A.D.), is a women-only course taught by USU campus police officers. / By Sarah Miller

'The Howl' is a tradition that USU should keep, students say
Students have generally positive feelings about USU's annual Halloween party, The Howl . / By Nicholas Peterson

Should USU ban social networking sites from campus computer labs?
Many universities are starting to ban sites such as Facebook and Myspace from their on-campus WiFi, while others are eliminating the use of laptops all together. / By Jean West

Some advice on getting started in photojournalism
A picture is worth a thousand words, and often a photojournalist can tell an entire story with one great shot. Action and emotion are seldom conveyed so accurately or intimately in words as they are through a single moment stolen from time. / By Patrick Oden

Study Abroad offers golden opportunities for USU students
Utah State University students are offered many opportunities throughout their college career, but few outshine the chance to travel abroad. / By Nicole Brown

Tremonton man breaks world land-speed record at Bonneville
A sea of white, stretching as far as the eye can see, lies in front of Gary Spencer. Seated inside his '71 Camaro, Spencer focuses on the view in front of him. All around him are friends and family, supporting him in his latest endeavor, along with trucks, trailers and fellow competitors looking on. But in the moments before the race starts, none of that matters. / By Dave Archer

Balancing cost of college and a wedding can keep students in the poorhouse
The pressure is on in a culture where younger marriages are not only accepted but, in many cases, expected. Soon, wedding bells are ringing despite him being 21 and her just 18, and having three long collegiate years to go. Just like that, the proverbial poor college student just got poorer. / By Lisa Christensen


An interview with the surprising front man of Pop Evil
Recently I was given the privilege of sharing a few minutes with one of my favorite new front men, Leigh Kakaty of the band Pop Evil. Here is the interview that occurred. / By Ben Hansen

Review: Muse's 'Absolution' is bloody brilliant
The album that scorched the UK charts spreading like wild fire across the world can only be described with two words: bloody brilliant. / By Cody Littlewood

Energetic Jason Reeves connects with USU audience
True to form, Jason Reeves did deliver an amazing show to an audience of screaming USU students Tuesday night at the Spectrum. Also true to form, he ran around like a little kid before the show. / By Whitney Schulte

Tesla concert proves it is still a great band
Wednesday was the first date of Tesla's new tour in support of the band's yet-to-be released album Forever More. The audience in SLC was given a preview of what was to come, mixed with some of the band's best works that have assured its status as multi-platinum throughout the years. / By Ben Hansen

Pop Evil breaks out in SLC
Catchy name. Classic look. Good music. Who knew? / By Ben Hansen

Wild Art

Views of the USU-BYU football game / Photos by Leah Lopshire


Biz Features

Review: Late lunch at Cafe Sabor is a pleasure
Imagine trying to go to a restaurant and avoid anything with wheat in it. Such a challenge is nothing new to me -- I have Celiac disease, the name for those who have an allergy to wheat and similar grains, rye, barley and triticale. / By Shannon K. Johnson

Review: Best bar for students? The White Owl
I recently underwent a bar-hopping escapade around Logan to discover what each establishment has to offer the overwhelming student population here in the Valley. / By Greg Boyles

Review: Hamilton's has exceptional food in a casual atmosphere
Fine dining in Utah is an interesting concept. Although there are few high-class restaurants at our grasp, in comparison with the rest of the nation we live in a casual community where anything more than khaki pants and a button-up shirt to go out and eat would simply be too fancy. / By Britta Anderson

Review: Heavenly fettucine alfredo at Callaway's in Smithfield
Callaway's is worth the drive to Smithfield from Logan. If you have a debate about whether to go to Olive Garden or Callaway's, for just a few dollars more you can receive superior food. / By Bethany Crane

Review: If eating dinner in China were as tasty as the food at Hunan Village, I'd move there
Almost every time my wife and I go to Ogden or Salt Lake City we either stop by this restaurant and eat, or at least discuss the option. / By Ron Wallace

Review: Center Street Grill offers that all-American diner feeling, complete with good sandwiches
Being human, most of us crave the All-American meal: burgers loaded with all the fixings and sticks of sliced potatoes deep-fried in hot oil. / By Kelly Brinkerhoff

Keeping it shipshape for three decades at Shaffer House Bakery
After the atomic bomb was dropped in Japan, Don Shaffer was shipped to the Marshall Islands on the U.S.S. New Jersey. He and his fellow sailors weren't doing much so when they needed someone to volunteer as a baker, he said yes. / By Arie Kirk

How to avoid hauling student debt around for the rest of your life
Who cares if you're in debt, right? After college when you are bringing in the big money with your new career you'll pay off all of your credit cards and make up for what you've spent. Unfortunately, this is the outlook the majority of college students have on their current financial status. / By Lacy Broberg

Hawn's in Hyrum: Helping folks forget their troubles for almost 6 decades
Hawn's Lounge, a local favorite, is still bringing in the customers with a largely local clientele after 57 years of operation, says owner Morris Nielsen. Nielsen opened Hawn's Lounge in 1951, converting it from a simple pool hall into a full functioning bar that also offers basic fast food such as hamburgers and rib sandwiches. Nielsen continues working in the bar. / By Seth Bracken

Famous fruit: Zollinger's apples bring people to River Heights
More than 15,000 trees grow on a fruit and tree farm that has been in the family for three generations. At least 1,000 trees have branches drooping from the weight of round, juicy apples ready to be harvested. / By Diane Denning


Some Nibley residents aren't fans of flower boxes on road medians
Road construction on 3200 South is expected to be finished within a few weeks. Planter boxes are one of the tasks on the agenda. / By Aubreyann Hansen

Valley law enforcement gears up for a safe Halloween
Fiery haystacks and homemade bombs probably won't explode trick-or-treaters into the Halloween weekend this year. That's because the number of incidents that usually happen on Halloween night in Cache Valley has gone done in the last five years, said Chief Deputy Dave Bennett of Cache County Sheriff's Office. / By Brittny Goodsell Jones

Cache Rendezvous for October 30, 2008 -- click for video

River Heights adopts laws for flood damage prevention
The City Council unanimously voted to adopt a flood damage prevention ordinance Tuesday. / By Diane Denning

Drug odor leads to arrest of sisters after hours in IHOP parking lot
Two sisters, 18 and 21, were arrested and booked into Cache County Jail Friday night on suspicion of possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia, said Logan Police Capitan Jeff Curtis. The arresting officers noticed a suspicious-looking car after all of the neighboring businesses were closed, said Curtis. / By Seth Bracken

ATV News for October 27, 2008 -- click for video

Hyde Park council hears arguments for and against Prop. 1
Let the battle begin. Arguments were made for and against Proposition 1 at a City Council Wednesday by two Cache Valley citizens. / By Brittny Goodsell Jones

Richmond council changes law to allow ATV's on public roads
Laws concerning OHV's and ATV's, and Proposition 1 were hot topics of discussion at the recent Richmond City Council meeting. / By Jami Elzinga

Cache Rendezvous for October 23, 2008 -- click for video

IHC asks Tremonton to donate $1 million, gets $15,000
The City Council voted to donate $15,000 toward the construction of the new Bear River Valley Hospital after much debate Tuesday night. / By Dave Archer

More Cache Valley residents carrying concealed weapons
With the world witnessing brutal shootings in schools and communities it is not a surprise at the increase number in concealed firearm permits. In Utah alone there are approximately 132,000 issued permit holders that are allowed to carry on campus of public colleges and universities, and in most public places. / By Katie Jo Matekovic

Brigham City landowners oppose natural gas line
Ruby Pipeline Project, LLC -- part of El Paso Corp. based in Houston -- calls its proposed 42-inch pipeline through Northern Utah "a win-win project for natural gas cunsumers and producers." Landowners call it the loss of a legacy they have worked a lifetime for. / By Amy Macavinta

Practice of booting cars should get the boot itself, students say
Many Logan city residents and students of Utah State University feel that the "booting" that takes place in the valley is unfair. / By Russ Maxfield

Nibley considers ways to keep city lights looking small and stylish
Nibley wants to keep its small town feeling and have it presented through every aspect, including the light fixtures that could soon have an ordinance requiring the same style of pole throughout the city. / By Aubreyann Hansen

Hyrum hustles to build bigger garage for Senior Center
A three-bay garage will be constructed at the Senior Citizens Center at a cost of $66,500, because the current garage is too small and the center is storing food and cars together. / By Seth Bracken

ATV News for October 20, 2008 -- click for video

After years of planning, Cache Humane Society finally has a shelter
"Life with 14 indoor cats was hard," explains Terri Baker. "There were two litter boxes that needed to be changed twice a day, countless hours spent vacuuming and cleaning, and vet bills that were 14 time more expensive than we would like." / By Jeffrey Eddington

Providence signs on to cooperative highway pact for SR 165
The City Council voted unanimously to approve the Cooperative Corridor Agreement on State Road 165, even though Mayor Randy Simmons and other council members voiced dissatisfaction with the measure. / By Graham Terry

Many Utahns think new liquor law is a positive step
Even with all of the debate regarding alcohol sales and the increased size of a shot, the compromise seems to make the majority of citizens happy. Paul Creech, a bartender at the White Owl bar in Logan, Utah, said he thinks it's an even trade off. / By Robert Sutherland

Mendon council votes to back Proposition 1
In a unanimous vote, the City Council has agreed to stand in favor of the plan to preserve Cache Valley, known as Proposition One. / By Chari Ingraham

Cache Rendezvous for October 16, 2008 -- click for video

River Heights slows traffic speed on Clover Ridge
The City Council unanimously agreed Tuesday to reduce the speed limit from 25 to 15 mph on Clover Ridge. / By Diane Denning

ATV News for October 13, 2008 -- click for video

River Heights still working on city law for cell towers
The Planning Commission discussed an ordinance that could allow cell phone towers to be erected around the city. / By Diane Denning

Democratic candidates for governor, Congress meet Tremonton voters
Although Box Elder County, much like the rest of Utah, is known for its conservative values and predominantly Republican voter base, it was leaders from the other significant party who made a stop in Tremonton Wednesday night. / By Dave Archer

Cache Rendezvous for October 9, 2008 -- click for video

Home trailer business approved by Richmond P&Z
A unanimous decision from the Zoning Committee will allow Devin Migliori to store large metal camping trailers in his back yard. / By Jami Elzinga

Blogger to attend national summit
Conservative blogger Gideon Oakes, a Utah State University senior studying print journalism, will attend the second annual Defending the American Dream Summit Friday and Saturday in Washington, D.C.

Hyrum will sell 40 acres in Left Hand Fork canyon
A 40-acre lot will be placed for auction at a minimum bid of $300,000, says Mayor Dean Howard. / By Seth Bracken

ATV News for October 6, 2008 -- click for video

Newton town library soon will have new staff
Sara Rigby is training to become the town's head librarian and five others have submitted applications to become library helpers, Mayor Clair Christiansen told the Town Council Thursday. / By Rachel Christensen

Paradise cites safety issues, asks UDOT for wider highway
Councilwoman Margaret Obray is writing a formal letter to UDOT to demand that a project is started before any fatal accidents occur. "We can't wait for a death," said Obray, "we need about 4 more feet of asphalt." / By Codey Littlewood

Utah State group volunteers to help North Logan with safety audits
The North Logan City Planning Commission did not discuss the plans for a subdivision of property as was on their agenda, but instead heard plans that a transportation program has that will affect Cache Valley. / By Melissa Salcedo

Millville council unanimously approves everything on agenda
The City Council met in a rather uncontroversial meeting as all the action items on the agenda were approved unanimously. / By Jake Ipson

Tremonton cops hope crosswalk 'sting' helps drivers see pedestrians
The Tremonton Police Department is hoping that nearly 60 citations handed out over the past few months will be enough to help drivers remember to be aware of pedestrians crossing the street. / By Dave Archer

Police warn Tremonton ATV drivers to know the law before taking to streets
Tremonton Police Chief Dave Nance has a warning to those who drive their all-terrain vehicles (ATV) on city streets: Make sure they meet the proper requirements, or you may find yourself with a citation on your hands. / By Dave Archer

City planning commission accepts plan for Hyde Park Commons
Sketch plans for a proposed commercial development called Hyde Park Commons were accepted by the Planning and Zoning Commission on Wednesday. The development is scheduled to be built at approximately 400 West and Center and the area is made up of 21 acres. / By Brittny Goodsell Jones

Box Elder residents will get new fire stations
Residents living within the new Central Box Elder Fire Special Service District had the chance last week to attend public hearings and have their questions answered about how much the new district will cost them. / By Dave Archer

Cache Rendezvous for October 2, 2008 -- click for video


When dining out, don't forget a tip is part of the price
The lowest level of Hell is reserved for those who received good service at a restaurant and either didn't leave a tip at all or left some insulting amount that amounts to less than 5 percent of the check. / By Seth Bracken

Aggies, be proud of your school
As this year's game day shirt boldly exclaims, we are proud of our "A's." Excitedly lining up for that first chance to kiss on the A at midnight, grabbing a scoop of free Aggie ice cream whenever the opportunity presents itself and eating cheeseburgers in the shape of hot dogs are all a part of what makes us Aggies. / By Debra Hawkins

Racial prejudice can be institutional as well as individual
His name is Daniel Josue Fonseca. He must not speak English. That seems to have been the assumption at Fonseca's Salt Lake County high school. / By Ashley Schiller

Fix illegal immigration now
Not only is the cost of securing the border unattainable, but the manpower behind it is also unattainable. / By Stephanie Bassett

We must act to save endangered rhinos
Around the world there are species of animals that are close to being put on the endangered species list if they are not already on it. This continues to happen for many animals every year until they become extinct. / By Ron Wallace

America on a path to repeat the dangers of the past
What Americans once thought was a series of horrible governmental systems is now a looming possibility for this great nation. For too long, America has watched and thought, "Surely that can't happen to us. We're too strong, too structured to let that happen." / By Seth Hawkins

Freedom of speech demands publication of ideas, popular or not
The Jewel of Medina
is a historical novel written by Sherry Jones. Its focus is Aisha, the wife of the prophet Mohammad who was betrothed to him at either 6 or7 and married at 9. These facts alone cause people to raise some eyebrows, it's true, but the novel is more revering of an extraordinary woman than anything. It is not hostile toward Muslims. / By Bethany Crane

Next U.S. president will appoint at least one Supreme Court judge
On Nov. 4, Americans will step into voting booths and choose a national leader who will influence politics and laws. Most don't consider the power he has over the courts. / By Shannon Johnson

Minority voice: 'We're your neighbors, not conversion projects'
"Please at least leave us alone in our living rooms. Let me have my toaster, my TV, and our steel-belted radios and I won't say anything. Just leave us alone!" Howard Beele cries on the movie Network. This is the same cry echoed by the minority in Utah. / By Cody Littlewood

At Whit's End: Hollywood celebs line up to oppose movement to ban gay marriage
Do you believe that marriage between a man and a woman should be the only legal form of marriage recognized in California? Steven Spielberg, Brad Pitt and the members of the band Fall Out Boy do not. They are among many celebrities who oppose California's Proposition 8. / By Whitney Schulte

Airport conversations: Stranger than fiction
I was in the Denver airport a while back waiting for my connecting flight to Salt Lake City when I noticed a young man sporting a yellow and brown checkered shirt walk up, place his bag on an empty seat, and settle in the chair adjacent to it. The seat he'd chosen rested back to back with a young woman, most likely the same age, who was immersed in conversation about tattoos with a Native American woman in her early 40s. / By Greg Boyles

Four-day work week may not work for some
As the economy sinks into a dismal abyss, Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman has offered a solution to those feeling the repercussions of rising gas prices. That is, if you work for the government. / By Amanda Mears

Life and death collide on a midsummer day
I walked down the long, green hall of the second-floor patient wing. I could see the warm sun shining through the thin window shades as I passed each room. It was the middle of summer, with the temperature teasing 120 degrees. / By Britta Anderson

Report sexual violence, keep USU campus safe
In the past few years, Utah has been ranked anywhere between 13th and 16th in the nation. Pretty good ranking isn't it? But, what you don't know is what the ranking is for. Utah is ranked 13th to 16th in the nation when it comes to rape on college campuses. Doesn't sound so good any more, does it. / By Diane Denning

Baby blues don't always wait until after childbirth
From the time the pregnancy test comes back positive until the time the mother holds that little baby in her arms for the first time, pregnant women are usually described as ecstatic, happy and glowing. / By Debra Hawkins

CERN's proton collider experiment not worth the risk to humanity
Things couldn't get much worse, right? Well, in the spring of 2009, a group of European physicists could create a black hole that would consume the Earth. Yeah, you read that last part right. / By Mack Perry

Real poverty smells like burning dogs
Poverty exists. I had the same conversation time after time with the people I met in the ghettos of Argentina, many of them American Mormon missionaries, like myself at the time. How could we ever explain this poverty to the rest of the world? / By Seth Bracken

Border fence is not a good answer to immigration problems
So far neither presidential hopeful nor current government leader has inspired us on the topic of immigration reform. / By Greg Boyles

Cyclists, stay safe by knowing the rules of the road
Gas prices continue to soar and everyone is looking for ways to keep their cars parked. So, do you start using the public transportation system or take the route many Logan residents have and change from a four-wheeled vehicle to a two-wheeled vehicle? / By Diane Denning

Yet again, LDS church unduly influences Utah's laws
The Utah Legislature is reconsidering the alcohol laws that require a cover charge in private clubs, after a press release from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints gave ambiguous support for liquor law reform. / By Seth Bracken

Utah should dump laws requiring private drinking clubs
Liquor laws are a touchy subject in Utah. From the ban on buying alcohol on Sundays to the fact that most grocery stores are not stocked with a variety of liquor options, it is clear that Utah does things a little differently. / By Amanda Mears

BLM is to blame for slaughtering wild horses in southeastern Utah
One of the most beautiful sights a person can see in the San Rafael Swell is a herd of wild horses crossing an open plain. Their hooves sound like a dozen fingers gently drumming an ancient rhythm atop the surrounding plateaus. / By Ashley Schiller

Before you chomp that cheeseburger, consider this
It's a good thing we Americans are at the top of the food chain. As the ever-reigning omnivores (with a few vegetarian exceptions), we don't have to think for a second about what we eat. We eat whatever, whenever, and however we want. / By Kelly Greenwood

USU Greeks seek campus support, recognition for service
In the midst of all the organizations on campus there is one sector that is entrenched in the campus . . . the Greeks. Greeks statistically graduate at a higher rate; their alumni donate at a higher rate, are more successful after college, and are more involved than any other organizations. / By Cody Littlewood

Voting a 'straight ticket' should not be an option
The only relief we will get is when America finally steps into those voting booths on Nov. 4, silencing one candidate. In all of the heat coming down on the presidential election, it seems that some of us have forgotten they are not the only people being elected that day. / By Debra Hawkins

Blame for financial crisis seesm widespread
A firestorm of blame is targeted at President Bush as this economic crisis unfolds. The critics fingers automatically point at the Bush administration as if they are on autopilot. Both sides of the aisle are in the midst of trying to win a presidential election. This in turn causes the finger to be pointed at the other side before the whole situation has been diagnosed. / By Kelly Brinkerhoff

Stop fighting over who's the most biased and give us real election info
If there was a dollar for every news story that accused other media outlets of being biased, then we could pay off the national debt and balance the federal budget in one fell swoop. / By Shannon K. Johnson


Time for a new Aggie football coach?
When you talk about Utah State football around campus or with the fans, it's a little disheartening or frustrating right now. It's a tough topic because of their current record and almost always you can't help but talk about their coach, Brent Guy. / By Ron Wallace

Climbing the China Cave in Logan Canyon is not for the faint of heart
I have my right leg stretched out as far as my tendons will allow it with my left leg turned in, pressed against cold, slick lime stone. Simultaneously I am leaning backward, held only by my right hand, which is clenching the inside of a deep pocket in the side of the mountain. / By Greg Boyles

Tips on training for a half-marathon
Shut that fitness magazine, click off the work-out videos, and put down the "Wii fitness" paddle, it's time to stop wasting time and start running for greatness. / By Faith Vera

Porcupine Reservoir one of Cache Valley's hidden jewels
A family destination hidden in a picturesque setting, Porcupine Reservoir offers everything that the weekend vacationer could desire. / By Cody Littlewood

Outdoor fitness opportunities abundant in Logan
"You can't call those caves," says Mark McLaws a student at Utah State University who recently hiked the Wind Caves Trail up Logan Canyon. / By Megan Wiseman

Why isn't European soccer more popular in Logan?
European soccer has exported itself globally much like American baseball and basketball. Europe is the premier place for soccer players to play. Fans from all over come to European soccer matches to watch the best talent in the world. But, the exportation of European soccer has yet to become popular in the USA and in Logan. / By Adam Pollock

USU football team needs 15,000 fans at home games to keep 1A status
Utah State football might drop to DI-AA if attendance at home games does not reach 15,000. / By Ryan Avila

Editorial: Camera ban at Aggie games is unfair, unjustified
USU athletes and local Princess Diana types can rest safe knowing the USU Athletics Department is doing its part to prevent the lethal force of Cache Valley paparazzi. / By Seth R. Hawkins


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