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Friday, April 11,

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"For much of his career, he could outthink, out-hustle, out-report, outeat, outdrink and outwork any other journalist in the country. But if his excesses were occasionally unbridled, they were driven by his passion to get a good story and root out the bad guys. ... He could get excited about an investigation of public corruption or a bizarre animal story. We once spent weeks following a story about a dog on 'death row' that Bob believed was 'innocent.'"

--Howard Schneider, former Newsday editor, on the death yesterday of Bob Greene, larger-than-life investigative reporter, editor and Pulitzer winner, April 10, 2008

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MARCH 2008



Healthy Living Tips for College Students on the go: Eating healthy and exercise work hand in hand
Where the warm weather is right around the corner, people are more prone to be concerned with how they look. It seems like most college students rush out the door with a bagel in their hand and call their morning a fresh start. For lunch they run and grab a candy bar, some chips and a soda. So really their only fair shot at one decent meal in the day is dinner. / By Heather Maile

Scariest part of trip to Israel? Getting there and back
I am not a cultured traveler by any means, but during this year's Spring Break my eyes gazed upon the world's oldest city, the world's largest collection of Holocaust-related materials, and the world's lowest point below sea level. / By Cameron Salony

A blaze inside: how a 'hotshot' firefighter jumps into the fire
His nose was buried deep into the dirt while the massive fire burned all around him, he could feel the heat cooking his left arm as he lay still and silent on the floor of the forest. A fire was raging outside of his protective shroud, and all he could do was listen to the shrieking and war like sounds that had him engulfed in terror. / By Trevor Brasfield

Soy candles promote clean air, inside and out
What goes into a candle must come out," said Grey Wilson, general manager of Scentinel Candle. During the winter in Logan, residents are concerned about the inversion and its effect on their health and the environment. Ironically, many who burn candles are unknowingly reducing the quality of air within their home. / By Jenifer Jones and Mariah Harrison

Student from India adjusts to snow, countryside, and an odd three-letter combination
GRE, TOEFL, Visa, I-20, OPT, and USCIS are part of Jimmy Parija's common language. He became quite familiar with these international student terms before taking his 8,124-mile trip from his native India to Utah State University. However, there is another acronym with which Parija was not too familiar before coming to Utah: LDS. / By Cameron Salony


Have fun adding a little fiber to your diet
You know that when a doctor tells a patient to get more dietary fiber, that that person's life has been nowhere near pleasant lately. Unfortunately, for Americans, it is a common diagnosis. / By Maddie Wilson

Local sculptor to participate in tribute piece for USU van accident victims killed in 2005
It has been said the most popular sculpture usually involves nudes, equestrians or Indians. Mark Degraffenried says the ultimate success is in a piece that manages to include all three; a nude Indian on a horse. Or at least that's what he jokes about with his wife and family of five in their home at the base of the Clarkston Mountains in Utah. / By Kelsey Koenen

USU students to attend major party conventions this summer
Two Utah State University students will mingle with politicians during the two major parties' 2008 national conventions this summer. / By Cameron Salony

Baking & Cooking 101: The perfect chocolate chip cookie starts with un-melted butter
Knowing how to bake a good cookie can save you at times when your mother-in-law is coming to town, you need to take your neighbor a treat, or your husband and kids simply want a good sweet. So, I am going to teach you all how to bake the perfect chocolate chip cookie. / By Errin Stevenson

Tour guide in Israel enjoys life in difficult places
Meet Ushi Engel, a tour guide in Israel. She studied in Haifa and Tel Aviv for four years to become a licensed tour guide. Within this four-year study program, tour guides must pass speaking tests in English, Hebrew and at least one other language. / By Cameron Salony

CAPSA: How many hands do angels have?
A fact unknown to many is that the rate of domestic violence reaches its height in the next few months. / By Greg Aullman

Cruise a fun option for spring break
Thirteen USU students ranging in age from 19 to 26 decided to cruise to Ensenada, Mexico, for spring break. / By Jason Chesney

Ag College to start student-run organic vegetable farm
The USU College of Agriculture will begin a student-run organic vegetable farm about one mile north of campus this spring. / By Lisa Rose Woodworth

If you're tired of blah winter weather, Hawaii is the place for you
Winter in Logan this year has seemed longer and colder than usual. I found myself yearning for the warmth of the sun. / By Natalie Archibald

Six young people to take on Arctic
Global warming activist and accomplished Arctic explorer Will Steger will accompany six college-aged travelers on a 1,400-mile dogsled expedition beginning March 28. / By Jacob Fullmer

Healthy living tips for college students on the go: Organize, de-junk and spring clean
Now that it is officially spring, it's time to start getting down and dirty cleaning that lovely place you call home. There are plenty of resources to help you do your organizing, de-junking, and spring cleaning. / By Heather Maile

Cooking's popularity grows in Cache Valley -- take a class, shine up your kitchen skills
If cooking does not come easily to you, here in Logan, you have several options for cooking training, whether you want to learn to cook specific types of food, to handle knives, or to decorate a cake. / By Angeline Olschewski

Marrying young is a cultural standard in Utah
Thin brunettes, voluptuous blondes, petite redheads -- it devours all of them in Utah: young marriage. It's that time of year again, Valentine's day come and gone, Spring, the perfect time for receptions, just an inhale and exhale or less away. / By Kelsey Koenen

Campus police train hard to deal with everything from traffic to murder
Going through the police academy is not the last time each officer is expected to perform physical training tests. / By M. Kathryn Hanberg

Can it last a lifetime? Secrets of a long and happy marriage
Marriage has quickly come to be a very fluid concept these days. Marriages fall apart just as quickly as they start. / By Corinne Smith

Aggie Blood drive: 'That little pinch will save up to three lives'
Kara Brown walked into the Taggart Student Center and up the stairs to the Sunburst lounge. She was nervous to give blood for her first time, but after her dad was diagnosed with cancer and she knew they did everything they could do to save his life, she wanted to give another family the opportunity to know the same thing. / By Jessica Collett

Lessons of motherhood, No. 10: The No. 1 medicine is love
Love is the strongest medicine, treat, and gift we can give to a child. / By Errin Stevenson

'Connections' at USU helps keep freshmen coming back
The freshman year represents a stressful transition for many college students. Although most people look forward to the new freedoms and social experiences that are associated with college, many students are unable to successfully manage the transition. / By Michelle Bills Butler

Aggies like Facebook, especially its groups
There are nearly 9,000 people in the Utah State network on Facebook. These people include students, alumni and even a few professors. While Facebook is primarily used as a social networking site, to help people keep in touch with friends, many Utah State students use Facebook to keep up with classes. / By Katie Reeves

'Beauty and the Beast' graces local stage
The echoing applause of avid patrons flood the theater hall. Round upon round of raucous roaring fans thank the performers for their expert execution of the production. Disney's Beauty and the Beast has touched the hearts of young and old across the globe. The opportunity to experience the magic is soon to be that of Cache Valley.

Radio Club ready to launch USU student-run station
Utah State University will soon have its very own student-run radio station. / By Dannon Loveland

Spring break memories: From family to Sin City
Spring break is an opportunity for relaxation and escape. Many people plan huge, extravagant trips to Mexico or Israel. I wasn't so fortunate. But in a way, I still created great memories for myself. / By Marshall Young

How young is 'too young' for marriage
A wedding is the biggest day of your life. "I do" are the two most important words you'll say to that special someone. Your wedding day is a day of love and commitment, but why do so many "I dos" turn into "I don'ts"? / By Blair Fairman

Winter Inversions take toll on Utah asthmatics
If you have asthma, winter is the worst time of the year. Why? One word--Inversions! / By Kym Ridl

Remorse a factor in cheaters' success, student's study says
Cheaters never prosper, but remorseful cheaters could be getting away with it more often than others. New Utah State University undergraduate research is focusing on how people caught cheating are judged if they feel bad about what they did. / By Jacob Fullmer

Not going to Mexico? How to spend your break in Logan
Throw the books in the closet and head for the South! Students across campus will be heading out of town Friday, March 7, the beginning of Spring Break. But what about those who have to stay and work here in Logan? / By Jordan Parrish

Lessons of motherhood, No. 9: My personal favorite baby items
As you shop around local stores for all your baby goods, you will think to yourself, " What is the better product? What do I need?" Well, at least I did. / By Errin Stevenson

Youths turn wintry Herald Journal route into Hawaii trip
A temperature of 7 below zero doesn't affect Ryan's determination to deliver the newspaper at 5:30 in the morning. What keeps him warm is imagining what the beaches of Hawaii look like come October. / By Brittny Goodsell Jones

New mayor of Franklin reflects on his favorite town
"You knew your neighbor, you could help them, and they'd help you back," says Wayne Priestley. / By Greg Aullman

Whether to ban smoking on campus is still undecided
Smoking on campus is not a heated debate. Of course, most smokers will stand up in protest, and there are several students who adamantly believe that no one should smoke, ever. But for most students, the issue is quiet, and takes a backseat to other campus concerns. / By Blaine Adams


Documentary on Thompson's walk promotes peace among residents of 'reddest state'
The documentary A Soldier's Peace had its Logan debut Friday at Utah State University as part of the Activism: An American Heritage weekend. / By C. Ann Jensen


Reunited Eve 6 to perform in Logan
Three years without a performance or a record deal, the newly reformed band Eve 6 will show its commitment to a refound identity when the band performs in Logan. / By Jacob Fullmer

Serj Tankian converts the masses in SLC
Brilliant music. Politically charged, potent lyrics. An insane general admission crowd. Bottom line -- different band, same Serj. / By Ben Hansen

Car crash sent me on a journey into Canada's freshest music
In a moment, a maroon flash came into my vision, obstructing the road on which I was traveling, and within those precious seconds my life got turned upside down. / By Trevor Brasfield

Kaki King's journey into revenge a stunningly good trip
However, her lyrics aren't the only thing that haunts the CD. Much of the album daunted by a slightly eerie feel that permeates throughout the incredulous melodies and soundscapes, giving the CD a Nick Drake-worthy feeling of morose embitterment and sadness. / By Jon Jacobs

Linkin Park rocks Utah -- right through two encores
Lead vocalist Chester Bennington provided quite the show for the eyes and ears, jumping off stage objects, walking directly into the audience of frenzied fans, running around the stage and performing to the audience in every direction. / By Ben Hansen

'Red of Tooth and Claw' whets the appetite for the (slightly) morbid audiophile
A new release by Indiana's Murder by Death may be the best album of the year so far. / By Jon Jacobs

Wild Art

Holi Festival of Colors: I am curious (magenta) / Photos by Davis Archibald

Protesters mark five years of Iraq war -- photos by Davis Archibald

Completing perfection: Aggies' last home game / Photos by Tyler Larson and Seili Lewis

Traditional ways come alive at USU Pow Wow / Photos by Tyler Larson

Miss USU Native American Pageant crowns Emily Largo winner / Photos by Davis Archibald

Logan real estate enjoying a healthy 'buyer's market'
A hot topic throughout the United States is that the real estate market is hitting rock bottom, but that is not the case in our local market in Logan. / By Andy Tolton

Biz Features

Lewiston barber's been at the task for 52 years
What do some residents of Soda Springs, Idaho, and Wellsville have in common? They are both willing to travel to Lewiston's sole barbershop, run by Vaughn Blair. / By Davis Archibald

USU celebrates agriculture (including the raw speed of the pig)
Utah State University has stock in Thursday's celebration of America's No. 1 export, agriculture. The land is the reason for National Agriculture Day and also USU's founding. / By Lisa Rose Woodworth

Shaffer House Bakery succeeds by cutting no corners
Walk into Shaffer House Baker and the sweet smell of doughnuts, cookies and cakes fills your nose, but that's not the only thing the Shaffer House has to entice people. / By C. Ann Jensen

Hyrum's Bear Creek Bakery makes old-fashioned good food
If you are looking for a great meal, look no further then Bear Creek Bakery. Located downtown in Hyrum, right on Main Street, sits a little restaurant that has a lot to offer. / By Jake Ipson


Across Bridgerland

Valley residents react to new law on alco-pops
The Utah Senate has passed a new liquor law that will require alco-pops to be sold only in state liquor stores. Alco-pops include different flavored beverages such as malt beverages that have fruit juices and flavorings along with the alcohol. The catch is, it will also increase the size of a shot in drinks served in bars and restaurants, as in changing the size of a shot from one ounce to one and a half ounces. / By Ashley Zarate

Utah ag department will rewrite proposed milk product labeling law
The new labeling law that the Utah Department of Agriculture and Food proposed last month expired at the public hearing recently. / By Stephanie Hebert

Report brings Utah sex education and STD prevention into the spotlight
Utah has always been considered a relatively safe place to live, especially Logan, which has been declared for two of the last three years to be the safest metropolitan place in America. However, there is a monster lurking in the shadows. / By Lindsay Anderson

Local News

ATV News for March 31, 2008: Utah caucuses, student housing changes, and 'Big Air' at the Beav
In today's edition of ATV News, we watch what happened during our recent Democratic and Republican caucuses, we take a look at changes taking place in our student housing, and we go on a rainforest adventure with the 4H Aggie For Kids. In ATV Sports we see some of the contenders in the "Big Air Show" at Beaver Mountain.

North Logan considers business development proposal
A proposal was made recently by Craig Bott, CEO of Grow Utah Ventures, to encourage young businesses and entrepreneurs to grow specifically in Cache Valley. / By Bethany Crane

Nibley sets public hearing Thursday for solutions to city's growth challenges
The city of Nibley will have a public hearing Thursday to discuss the growth of the youth in the city and possible solutions involving sports. / By Ashley Zarate

Cache County sponsors youth safety council idea
Cache County will be raising the level of safety awareness come the end of this school year, by starting a youth safety council. There will be safety counsels for both the north and the south. / By Leah Lopshire

Annexation increases Smithfield by 56 acres
Smithfield city will now be nearly 56 acres bigger after the City Council voted to annex a piece of property in their meeting Wednesday. / By Lisa Christensen

Activities for campus ResLife week announced
The Residence Hall Association general council meeting covered many important upcoming events yesterday. Next week is ResLife Week, a week of large activities for all who attend Utah State. / By M. Kathryn Hanberg

River Heights council postpones decision on Hawthorne gate
Some citizens of River Heights may be taking a new route to their homes in the near future. / By Paul Kelley

Cache Rendezvous for March 27, 2008: April Fool's pranks, pizza, and the new ASUSU prez
The guys at Manskills will give you some great ideas for April Fool's pranks. Also, we were in the mood for pizza today. We took a look at Frederico's Pizza, a hangout that has been popular for more than 30 years. We also have a great recipe for a dessert pizza to top off any meal. We interviewed the big man on campus, ASUSU's new student body President Grady Brimley. Also, we have the down low on how to get the smoothest feet for summer. / Producer: Jessica Hyde. Associate Producer: Jessica Walker. Hosts: Kenny Reid & Richard Epperson. Director: J. Mitchell

Box Elder teacher is back in his clasroom
"Mr. B." is back in the classroom with his students this week, but there is still no additional information on just what prompted the Box Elder School District to place the popular teacher on administrative leave. /By Amy Macavinta

Richmond council OK's creation of youth safety council
The City Council met Tuesday and approved two separate proposals aimed at benefitting local youth./ By Matt Sonnenberg

Brigham City will install UV filters in public pool to combat crytospordium: 'The 24-hour flu on steroids'
Last summer, cryptosporidium outbreaks throughout the state caught swimmers and health officials by surprise, but Brigham City pool managers plan to be prepared this year./ By Amy Macavinta

ATV news for March 24, 2008: Skiing fatalities, war anniversary, and NCAA tourney
In the first A-TV News of the spring, we have the latest details on two Utah fatal skiing accidents resulting and look at how Logan dealt with the five-year anniversary of the Iraq war. We also have this week's weather and an update on USU's athletics and the NCAA Tournament. / Producer: Blake VanTussenbrook. Associate Producer: Chris Garff. Director: Megan Tschida. Anchors: Blake VanTussenbrook & Heidi Kulicke. Sport: Rick King.

Cache Rendezvous for March 20, 2008

ATV news for March 17, 2008: ASUSU elections, WAC tourney, and USU fundraising
This week in ATV News we will let you know the results of the ASUSU elections. In sports we take a look at how the basketball team did in the WAC tournament. Also, USU surpassed a bold fundraising goal nearly two years early, and we will show you where some students spent their Spring Break. / Producer: Richard Epperson. Director Kenny Reed. Anchors: Chris Garff, Matt Jensen and Blake Van Tussenbrook.

North Logan plans to improve road along 200 East
After a year of planning and investment North Logan has made progress in trying to put the final arrangements in place for a road along 200 East. There are few things that are built along there and it is a place that would help relieve the congestion of Main Street. / By Bethany Crane

Hyde Park P&Z sends Foothill Heights plans forward to city council
Hyde Park's Planning and Zoning Commission voted Wednesday night to send the Foothill Heights subdivision final plat to next week's City Council meeting for approval. In the interim, developer David Harris will work to fix a few concerns raised by the commission. / By C. Jake Williams

Cache Rendezvous for March 6, 2008: Spring break options on the cheap
On this week's edition of Cache Rendezvous we look at some cheap spring break options you can do here in Utah, and find out about gun safety from those guys from Manskills. We also take a look at snow-shoeing in Valley Ventures, and interview the director of Career Services. And we highlight another local artist in Rendezvous Unplugged. / Producer: Richard Epperson. Associate Producer Chris Garff. Director: Chris Garff. Hosts: Matt Jensen and Jay Mitchell

Brimley Beats West for ASUSU President
Complete Associated Students of Utah State University election results. / Report by Marshall Young

Millville plans to create town Web site
Have you ever tried to look up the city of Millville on the Internet? It may have been difficult, considering the city has no official Web site. / By Leah Lopshire

ATV News for March 3, 2008

$185,000 in Tier II funds given to scholarships and student needs
Of the Tier II tuition money available to students more than $185,000, including $81,000 for scholarships, $43,062 for the staffing of the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender and Allied Services and $6,000 for the writing center to expand their services to the entire campus, were passed as a part of Tier II tuition increases, by the ASUSU Executive Council. / By Debra Hawkins

Some Nibley residents think mayor's 'to do' list is just for show
Mayor Gerald Knight continues to work toward completing the goals and visions he made for 2008. Knight has an ambitious list of seven goals he would like to complete this year and has already started working on most of them. / By Ashley Zarate

Residents concerned about Mendon's zoning ordinance changes
Many residents expressed concern recently about changes made to the city zoning ordinance. The changes under consideration would affect many residents involved in 4H as well as agricultural businesses. / By M. Kathryn Hanberg

Law and Motion day at 1st District: Dozens of moments in court
As most people go about their day, filling it with work or school, they seldom think of another segment of society which fills the courtrooms and struggle to retain their freedom. Monday's Law and Motion day at the 1st District Court was an opportunity for those recently charged with crimes to come before a judge and settle the matter in court. / By Lisa Christensen

Utah State students deeply involved in US presidential campaign
When the school year began, USU's College Republicans had two members -- Jaron Janson and his old roommate. Now, six months later, the group has more than 200 students on its e-mail list. / By Arie Kirk

North Logan's cemetery committee can keep plotting and planning, council says
A larger than normal crowd appeared at the City Council meeting, fighting to keep the cemetery committee intact as it nears the end of the 10 year-long task of creating a cemetery for North Logan. Convinced their use is not over, council members passed a motion to leave the committee in charge of what is left to be done. / By Bethany Crane

City 'gateways' discussed by Smithfield P&Z
The Planning and Zoning committee discussed land use for the proposed "gateway" areas at the north and south ends of the city Wednesday night. / By Lisa Christensen

Lewiston council funds planning study for new sewer system
The City Council passed a motion to move forward with a sewer planning study after hearing from Zan P. Murray of J-U-B Engineers Inc. last week. / By Davis Archibald

Millville council seeks replacement for Pierson
The City Council will have a new job on its hands trying to replace Councilman Ryan Pierson. / By Leah Lopshire

Physics professor to give 'Last Lecture' on complexity
The Utah State University Honors Program has announced that Dr. David Peak, professor of physics, will give the 33rd annual Last Lecture at 12:30 p.m. April 2 in the Taggart Student Center Ballroom. His title is "Complexity and the New Academy: They Put My Office Where?" / By Cameron Salony

Preliminary hearing for Wellsville woman will be April 1
Christine A. Forman, 29, Wellsville, appeared Tuesday before 1st District Court Judge Ben Hadfield to set a date for a preliminary hearing, as a result of violating probation on her 2004 conviction for forgery and theft. The preliminary hearing was set for April 1. / By M. Kathryn Hanberg

Garland woman's arraignment rescheduled for April 14
Arraignment for LeAnn Smith of Garland was postponed for a third time Monday while she seeks legal counsel. Smith, 40, has been charged with seven counts of theft. / By Amy Bodily

National & International News

Idaho dairy producer battles U.S. military
Steve Cann, a determined Franklin County dairyman, is waging a war against the U.S. military. Cann wants the milk he and other Idaho and Utah dairies produce to be available to the soldiers involved in Operation Freedom. / By Rodney D. Boam


Strange musings from the bakery: How MySpace gave me an aneurysm
I was on MySpace this morning. Then I was on OtherPeople'sSpaces. Then right back to MySpace, because the other people's Internet fifes really troubled me. / By David Baker

You can get through college with no debt if you plan it right
Attending college is not cheap, but taking out loans and getting into debt is like paying twice for your education. Lenders are everywhere willing to lend you money because they plan on you repaying the money you borrowed plus interest. This May I will graduate from Utah State University with a degree, a wife, and a debt-free budget -- three things I didn't have before attending school. / By Bronden Jessup

Strange musings from the bakery: Thoughts from Salt Lake International
I think David Copperfield -- yeah, the magician, not the Dickens character -- is sitting in terminal D3 of the Salt Lake Airport watching an HD TV tuned to some British version of CNN, getting the down-low on Tiger Wood's comeback victory in some, no doubt, excruciatingly boring golf tournament. / By David Baker

Don't like the media's images of women? Join Dove's campaign
Every day both women and men are bombarded with images of beauty and perfection. Over 78 percent of women in America compare themselves to the perfect size 2, tan, sexy models that appear on the magazine covers. / By Hayley Hayden

Strange musings from the bakery: A turkey without a flock and other fowl jokes
How did I get from that sleepy-eyed optimism to this state of worry as I'm walking swiftly away from the camo backdrop and the din of turkey calls that fill the exhibit hall at the National Wild Turkey Federation National Convention? / By David Baker

Strange musings from the bakery: The Spring Break Chronicles, Volume 1
Where in one pull of the lever - the boring pressing of a button on newer slots - can send a flood of coins spewing out of the machine and around your ankles. But, there aren't coins anymore either. Vegas operates on vouchers. Bar coded-receipts have replaced the Hawaiian shirt full of dollar tokens. / By David Baker

Strange musings from the bakery: The Spring Break Chronicles, Volume 2 -- Don't look directly into the mustache
The Chili's in St. George is as good a place as any to decide you want to change your life. / By David Baker

Free shower at the HPER not just about saving money
I'm a hippie, a conservationist, and a green-living person, or whatever you want to call us. I ride a bike everywhere, I try to eat only organic foods and heal my ailments with herbs. But in the same breath I'm a cheapskate, which has fueled me being a hippie. / By C. Ann Jensen


Cheating death on the slopes of the Absarokas
The sky was a radiant blue, the peaks of the Teton's glistened with crystalline snow in the distance, and the audible shrieks of joy could be heard all throughout the mountains as our skis carved perfect powder turns in the Wyoming backcountry. / By Trevor Brasfield

Utah State Football team deep, even at QB
Four players have a shot to earn the starting quarterback nod in what Utah State football coach Brent Guy is calling a 'wide-open' race. / By C. Jake Williams

Exercise hydration: a guide to how often, how much, and with what
Staying hydrated during exercise is a must. Choosing just how to do so can be tricky, though. / By Maddie Stapley

NIT loss sends Aggie men home until next year
The career of one of Utah State's most talented and popular players ever, and the season for his team, ended Wednesday night with a loss at Illinois State 61-57. / By C. Jake Williams

Craving a natural high? Run the Salt Lake City marathon in April
A new high has crossed the state of Utah and is quickly catching on among youth and adult alike. Symptoms of this new high include mental relaxation and a state of euphoria lasting five to 10 minutes. / By Katie Gaz

Beaver Mountain closes x-country race season with the annual Uller Chase
Anyone can "rock the race" this year, said Josh Anderson, director of the annual Uller Chase, Beaver Mountain's final winter cross-country ski race that's being held for people of all ages and skill levels. / By Monica Swapp

Carroll's legacy in the Spectrum sweetened by perfect home record
The Spectrum careers for seniors Jaycee Carroll, Stephen DuCharme and Kris Clark culminated with a perfect regular season record Monday night. Utah State (21-9, 10-4 WAC) defeated Fresno State 79-66. / By C. Jake Williams

Confessions and concessions: Cleaning Spectrum raises respect for maintenance crew
Twenty-five brooms, 13 dustpans, four mops, 25 33-gallon garbage bags and nearly three hours later we accomplished our mission: make it look as if there had never been a basketball game. / By Cameron Salony

Children welcome to golf at Brigham City's Eagle Mountain course
Kids are thrilled with the snow now, but it won't be long before school is out, it is 90 degrees outside and those same kids could trade in their complaints of boredom for a round of golf. / By Amy Bodily

Cache Valley offers dozens of opportunities for fitness and better health
Summer is right around the corner and for a lot of people that means one thing: eating healthy and having a fit body. Whatever happened to staying fit during the other three seasons? Do they matter? Can somebody still be healthy, yet have poor eating habits and lack exercise 75 percent of the year? / By Abby Davis

Riding the revolution: Snowboarding company takes stand against ski-only resorts
"There are four resorts in North America that still don't allow snowboarding," the mission statement reads in bold white text. "In the face of this blatant disregard for the Constitution of the United States of America, poaching isn't simply a peaceful form of protest; it's truly your patriotic duty. It's time we take a stand and let these elitists know that it's not acceptable to discriminate." / By Amanda Mears

Aggies one win from sharing regular-season WAC title
Boise State (22-8, 12-4 WAC), the only three-loss team in the WAC, played host to Utah State Thursday night with sole ownership of the regular season WAC title on the line. After defeating the Broncos 88-69, the Aggies (22-9, 11-4) are one win from securing a share of that title. / By C. Jake Williams

Best place to spend the summer just might be Logan
If you haven't made summer plans yet, be sure to put Logan on the list. Logan is one of Utah's best kept secrets and is a great place to spend a weekend, a year, or the rest of your life. / By Stephanie Bassett

'Lifties' love mountain job but find it has pitfalls
From a distance the skiers and snowboarders on the mountain look like leaves in the fall slowly descending back and forth down the mountain side. All are spaced away from each other just enough to avoid a collision. Some fall faster than others, and some skip going back and forth and just head straight down. They all have a trail of powder following them. / By Emily Redfield

Snowboarders groove on the thrills, power, peace of it all
What sport can make one person feel sexy, another relaxed, others empowered and even some peaceful? / By Aubreyann Hansen

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