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Monday, January 21, 2008

"I've always been all over the lot in my writing. Except for poetry -- even though they say all the old-time sportswriters use plenty of it. Maybe it's just part of what we do."

--Frank DeFord, 2006


APRIL 2007



Providence excited about book that takes town into the 21st century
The Providence Historic Preservation Commission is gearing up to release a town history book in honor of the city's sesquicentennial celebration. / By Maddie Wilson

The origins of the Utah Air National Guard: roof rats, parades and a lot of flying
Nov. 18, 1946, was not an infamous day in world or even national history; however, it did change the lives of 56 men and thousands more who have belonged to the Utah Air National Guard over the past 60 years. / By Christiana Elieson

Richmond getting updated town history book in September
Stories of the "good ol' days" come to life in the new history book being published in early September on the history of Richmond. / By Jena Stout

Providence approves history book for sesquicentennial
It's official: Providence will get a new history book just in time for the sesquicentennial celebration. / By Trevor Brasfield


Just for a lark, a look at two burgs named Hyde Park
A newcomer to Cache Valley may look at city names such as Logan and Smithfield and think very little of them, but what about Hyde Park? It's a name associated with Hyde Park, N.Y., and one of America's most famous presidents. / By Laura Mecham


What's that animal in Paradise? An import from Peru
Chad and Heather Jackson of Paradise own six llamas, an unusual sight in Cache Valley as these animals are native to South America. / By Marilyn Shelton

Smithfield keeping Health Days tradition alive and well
At 96 years, Lawrence Cantwell said he can still remember participating in the first Health Days parade. He marched through Smithfield as part of a harmonic band with the boys in his seventh-grade class. / By Arie Kirk

Professors bungee-jump for Ryan's Place fundraiser
USU professors Les Roka and Shannon Browne went bungee-jumping Saturday, while their students and other fans watched from the ground. / By Mikaylie Kartchner

Faith journey of new Presbyterian pastor included Hawaiian barbecues, Jerusalem bombings
Having bombs lobbed over your head and being mistaken for an Arab in a Jewish town is not many people's idea of an educational trip, yet for pastor Paul Heins it was one of many instances that have shaped his life. / By Trevor Brasfield

Motorcycle in foyer, pews on floor, pigeons in the heights -- making home in a church is fun and odd
As you approach the church, it seems a stately and imposing structure - slightly worn after 104 years, but still sturdy and dignified. A metal plaque informs passers-by that it was constructed in 1903 as the Hyrum First Ward Meetinghouse, and that it's on the National Registry of Historic Places. / By Devin Felix

Air National Guard veteran got his start in a P-51 over Nazi Germany
The date that will live in infamy was a day that changed the United States and a day that young Roland R. Wright, and future Utah Air National Guard general, knew he would be headed to a war overseas as soon as his mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was over. / By Christiana Elieson

Daughters of the Utah Pioneers Museum preserving Wellsville history
The museum, in the basement of the Wellsville Tabernacle, is a collection of artifacts and memories of a town steeped in history. / By Riki Richards

Wellsville tabernacle in need of repairs
The Tabernacle experienced some water damage this year so a place on the north roof will have to be repaired, said Clark Maughan, member of the Wellsville Historical Society. / By Riki Richards

Richmond library going strong at 93
“It was built in 1914 and is, for the most part, the same today as it was back then,” said Library Director Juliene Parish. / By Jena Stout

Devotion of early settlers reflected in Nibley and Millville cemetery
When visiting the Nibley and Millville cemetery the neatly trimmed green grass and well-maintained roads are easily overlooked. / By Shannon K. Johnson

Nibley-owned barn packs a lot of history in its walls
It doesn't look like much with its gray and auburn boards that have warped as the barn has stood for more than 100 years. / By Shannon K. Johnson

Charm of Lewiston includes slow pace, wide-open space
In a town seemingly left behind by the '50s, dirt trails and cattle outnumber people. Entertainment for outsiders is hard to find, but for those who know Lewiston, there is no place they would rather be. / By Stevie Stewart

La Ranchera store in downtown Logan still does things the traditional way
The owner of La Ranchera Market has sandy hair and blue eyes -- but initial impressions can be deceiving. Horacio Leonhardt came to the United States from Argentina and has run La Ranchera, a Hispanic grocery store on 96 W. 100 North, for four years. / By Miriah Griffith
La Ranchera en el centro de Logan sigue haciendo las cosas tradicionalmente

USU's 'Anything Goes' light and fun
USU Theatre's production of Cole Porter's musical Anything Goes is a cute and lighthearted rendition. / By Britt Shepherd

Same name, same job, same interests for two of a kind in Lewiston
Kimbur and Kimber each own one of Lewiston's two tiny gas stations. A mile apart on Lewiston's long, desolate Main Street, the gas stations are not all that the owners have in common. / By Stevie Stewart

Bust-a-Groove competition brings breakdancers, poppers to USU
People came from far and wide to see the annual Bust-a-Groove competition Friday night. / By Britt Shepherd

A-Week activities range from comedy, 5K race to True Aggie Night
Two showings in the TSC Ballroom of the recently released movie Deja Vu kicked off this year's "A-Week" celebrations. / By Britt Shepherd

North Logan offering series of gardening workshops
The city has caught a case of spring fever this April, and is offering a gardening series in the city library that will offer nine workshops on gardening skills. / By Emily Redfield

Men take to sidewalks in high heels to promote sexual assault awareness
Men in high heels -- not something you'd expect to see very often in Logan, Utah. That is, unless there's a good cause involved. / By Gideon Oakes

Caboose in Newton back yard serves as Steam Gauge Museum
A green and yellow caboose in the Newton neighborhood may look unusual, but the 100-plus steam gauges inside are in the perfect place. / By Lisa Rose

Tremonton elemetary kids packing in crowds for school plays
Elementary school plays are helping kids to "build self-esteem, confidence, develop their talents and give them opportunities to be exposed to theater." / By Jessica Wakley

Nibley Easter egg hunt has largest turnout ever
Hundreds of youngsters gathered together in "eggs"citement for Nibley's annual Easter Egg Hunt Saturday morning. / By Alison Baugh

Sorority VP knows the score better than Mr. Know-It-All
"Ha. Vice president of a sorority? That's like being the second smartest person in a school of idiots." / By Rebekah Bradway

USU offers tips to recognize, avoid alcohol abuse at annual screening
As part of the ninth annual National Screening Day, the USU Student Wellness Center had a confidential alcohol screening for students Thursday in the TSC Ballroom. / By Stevie Stewart

Cracker Barrel specializes in gargantuan burgers, Cache Valley cattle brands
A sign outside the Cracker Barrel Café in Paradise advertises its "home style country cookin'." Inside you can sit at the bar or at a booth. If you sit at the bar you will see decorative symbols painted underneath it. / By Marilyn Shelton

Providence library, wearing bull's-eye, has its own charms, director says
The Cache County Library Providence-River Heights Branch had 3,000 more users than in 2005-06, but faces an uncertain future. / By Maddie Wilson


Lewiston's city-owned theater provides nostalgia trip -- all the way back to 'Gay Divorcee'
Taking the road less traveled also proves to be less expensive for movie-goes in Cache Valley. The added nostalgia is said to be well-worth the journey as town-owned theaters are rare nowadays. / By Stevie Stewart


Type O Negative toys with crowd, then lets rip with a gothic assault
Type O Negative. When ordinary people hear those words, they think "blood type." But true music fans know those words carry a far different meaning. / By Shannon Gibbs

'American Idol' fans urged to try out at 'So You Think You Can Sing'
There was a lot of commotion Saturday coming from the south end of Logan. It could have been the Grand Opening of the Celebration Center, or it could have been the second week of the "So You Think You Can Sing" auditions. / By Britt Shepherd

Practice venue grows out of grass-roots musicians' activism
Many Cache Valley musicians' dream is to have a clean, supervised building to practice with bands, and put on concerts that don't suck the money right out of their wallets. / By Ben Hibshman

Bloody good: The Swellers rock with high-energy show
It's common for guitarists to play so hard their fingers bleed. During the Independent Music Club's concert Monday night, Nick Diener of The Swellers proved it happens. / By Ben Hibshman

Wild Art

Blacksmith Fork fires rage above Hyrum / Photos by Shannon Gibbs

Take a Pie for Psi Chi: A fundraiser full of gooey fun. Photos by Devin Felix

Walk a Mile in Her Shoes: A photo page by Patrick Oden and Gideon Oakes

Reluctant spring: Photos of warm-cool-warm-cool weather at USU by Devin Felix


Meet Joe Needham: downtown advocate, bicyclist, diamond merchant
He started working at 13, bought his first house at 15, ran for City Council at 27, and won. / By Christy Jensen

Owner hopes to preserve Old Rock Church, Providence Inn as example of small-town West
From religious services to social activities and Star Wars wedding receptions, the Old Rock Church and Providence Inn serve as the historical heart of Providence, according to owner Karl Sethaler. / By Maddie Wilson

Sushi and Asian food restaurant finds acceptance in Smithfield
After opening their doors three weeks ago, the operators of Kazoku Asian Grill and Sushi said they have seen a high turnout from valley residents. / By Arie Kirk

Cache Valley craft makers show their skills at Hyde Park store
If you're looking for some house decoration ideas, Sugar N' Spice has a lot to choose from. / By Laura Mecham

'Active senior' housing expansion, day care approved in Nibley
Not only will more "active senior" housing be coming to Nibley, but also three new businesses as approved Wednesday night by the Planning and Zoning Commission. / By Alison Baugh


Across Bridgerland

Bee disorder in two dozen states spares Utah so far, but honey producers still nervous
For the moment, anyway, colony collapse disorder has spared the Beehive State, but Utah bees and keepers still have plenty to worry about. / By David Sweeney

Tremonton driver pleads guilty to minor in possession of alcohol
A Tremonton resident pleaded guilty Monday in 1st Judicial District Court for unlawful possession of alcohol by a minor. / By Jessica Wakley

Local News

Richmond to keep an eye on its cemetery after dark
Some concerns were mentioned during Tuesday night’s City Council meeting that strange activity was happening in the cemetery late at night. / By Jena Stout

Water levels so far in Newton have farmers optimistic
Above-average water levels in the Newton Reservoir make for a promising year for farmers. / By Lisa Rose

Newton residents ask: Why no school in our town?
The morning bell at White Pine Middle School in Richmond rings at 7:25 a.m., but the bus ride for Newton children starts as early as 6:30 a.m. Two hours daily on a bus might make more sense if the school district did not own a plot of land in Newton to build an elementary school. But they do. / By Lisa Rose

Nibley's explosive growth an opportunity for some, an uneasy feeling for others
In the last seven years the population of Nibley has doubled. When compared with the 20 previous years it took to do this, the obvious growth and change are issues for the people of Nibley. / By Alison Baugh

Nibley councilman discusses jurisdiction, planning with commission
Recently appointed Councilman Larry Jacobson opened a discussion at the Planning and Zoning Commission meeting Wednesday. / By Shannon K. Johnson

Aggies for Africa to live like refugees with Saltines, shanties
About 25 USU students will be taking a road trip to Denver this weekend, not to ski or go clubbing, but to live in cardboard shanties and subsist on Saltines. / By Jen Beasley

North Logan planners split over protective strips on flag lots
The Planning Commission reached a split decision after a heated debate Thursday night regarding protective strips in subdivisions. / By Emily Redfield

North Logan preparing to open city cemetery within a year
Following the trend of other cities in Cache Valley, North Logan is developing a city cemetery so its residents can be buried in "the best place to call home." / By Emily Redfield

Utah State Named Best Value College
Utah State University is one of the nation’s best value undergraduate institutions, according to The Princeton Review. / By Whitney Wilkinson

Research student wins award at USU
Mention the word "research" to college students and most of them will cringe and shudder, relating the word with hours and hours of reading, studying and note taking. / By Dave Archer

Paradise council agrees to buy 125-gallon propane tank
The Town Council has approved a motion to purchase a 125-gallon propane tank. / By Marilyn Shelton

Cache Rendezvous broadcast for 04/26/07

Providence council rejects Logan library plan
Ending a hotly contested issue that has spanned months, the Providence City Council voted 3-2 against a plan to provide access to the Logan library for all residents. / By Trevor Brasfield

Richmond resident offers to help get lights for Main Street
In hopes to accommodate citizens and visitors, Richmond resident Glen Gantz asked the City Council on Tuesday if he could proceed in finding streets lights for Main Street. / By Jena Stout

ATV News broadcast for 04/23/07
ATV News visits the memorial for the Virginia Tech students who were killed in last week's shooting. We also take a look at USU's safety, and the emergency response plan if we were ever in a similar situation. ATV News attended all the A-week activities and has highlights. / Producer: Britt Shepherd. Associate Producer: Dave Connell. Anchors: Amanda Wouden and Britt Shepherd. Sports Anchor: Paul Garrett

Burglar gets six months in jail for break-ins in which she sought drugs
First District Court Judge Gordon J. Low sentenced Michelle Grajeda on Monday to at least six months in Cache County Jail for burglary. / By Devin Felix
A una ladrona se le dan seis meses en la cárcel por haberse metido en casas para buscar drogas

Logan teen pleads guilty to drug charges, gets jail time
Diego Cardona, a 19-year-old Logan resident, pleaded guilty Monday to three charges pending against him and was sentenced to jail and fined by 1st District Court Judge Gordon Low. / By Christy Jensen and Marilyn Shelton

Police investigating prowler appearing in two bedrooms
Logan police are investigating two separate incidents of prowling that are believed to be related. / By Riki Richards

Police get report of gunshot and scream, but fireworks likely to blame
A Logan resident called police Sunday night after hearing a loud noise she thought was a gunshot, followed by a high-pitched scream, but police determined the noise was likely caused by fireworks. / By Devin Felix

Nibley City Council fills vacancy
Former Councilman Scott Wells' seat is to be filled by Larry Jacobson, a former Planning and Zoning commission member. / By Shannon K. Johnson

Man arrested, jailed for outstanding warrant
Brian Behm was arrested Tuesday on an outstanding warrant. The warrant was issued when Behm failed to appear in court. According to the Logan municipal court records, the original charge was a traffic ticket and driving with a suspended licenses. / By Shannon K. Johnson

Golf course proposed for west side of Hyrum; landowners complain
West Hyrum may be home to a new 18-hole golf course and upscale housing community in the next few years, but not if some nearby landowners have anything to say about it. / By Devin Felix
Campo de golf propuesto para el lado oeste de Hyrum; los terratenientes se quejan

A ruined shirt leads to conflict, and possibly to court
A shirt went to a dry cleaner, only to come back ruined. Then, according to a report to police, came a threat. / By Trevor Brasfield

Complaints lead to owner being ordered to give up some of her dogs
Reports of animal neglect made to the Logan City Police Department a week apart by different people, leading to a pet owner being ordered to give up some of her pets. / By Stevie Stewart

Richmond considers adding walking trails
Richmond could be looking at some new walking trails in hopes to increase home values and encourage tourism. / By Jena Stout

Logan woman scares off intruder
Early Thursday, a woman called the Logan City Police Department to say her roommate awoke to find an unknown man crawling at the bottom of her bed, according to a media release from the LCPD. When the roommate asked the stranger what he was doing, he ran out of the room. / By Maddie Wilson

Student has music player stolen from locker
A student at Logan High School reported Wednesday that his Zune mp3 player had been stolen out of his P.E. locker. / By Emily Redfield

North Logan OKs division of shopping center, although not without grumbling
The North Logan City Council unanimously voted to allow the North Logan Marketplace Shopping Center to divide its plat into four lots. / By Emily Redfield

Sonic customer creates a ruckus ending with calls to police
A Sonic customer yelled and swore at employees of the fast-food restaurant Monday because he claimed his hamburger tasted "stale." / By Laura Mecham

Hyde Park business told to fix road as condition of permit
The Planning and Zoning Commission told Agri-Service Wednesday that the road in front of its building and the surrounding area must come into compliance with city ordinances before the company will be issued a permit. / By Laura Mecham

LGBT group says volumes in National Day of Silence
When Braden Baugh broke his silence to come out of the closet, there was no fanfare, parade, or big announcement. He simply began to tell the truth. If people asked him if he was gay, he said yes. / By Jennifer Beasley

USU student gets community service, fines, probation for alcohol possession
First District Court Judge Cheryl Russell sentenced a 20-year-old USU student Wednesday to 32 hours of community service. / By Emily Redfield

Kids romp through Tremonton egg hunt
Children ran through a sea of color, gathering eggs, when the fire engines sounded their horns, signaling the beginning of the hunt. / By Jessica Wakley

Neighbors feud over cat, birds, catnapping
A Logan resident called police to say his neighbor apprehended his cat and would not give it back. / By Jessica Wakley

Lewiston woman asks council for help with messy neighbors
After personally confronting her neighbors about their "messy yard," a Lewiston woman approached the City Council Tuesday night for assistance in beautifying her neighborhood. / By Stevie Stewart

Teen caught with illegal pills at school
A 15-year-old male student was caught at South Cache Middle School possessing medication that was prescribed for someone else and had been bought off the street. / By Alison Baugh

Knocking on the wrong door leads to intoxication citation
A Logan resident awoke to a knock at the door Saturday night and found an intoxicated man at his doorstep. / By Lisa Rose

'It's right' to deface a car with spray paint, defendant tells judge at sentencing
When asked by 1st District Court Judge Gordon J. Low what she thought about buying spray paint and defacing someone's car, the defendant responded, "I'd think it's right." / By Alison Baugh

Five arrested in marijuana bust near elementary school
Five arrests resulted from a drug bust near an elementary school Sunday afternoon. Officer Nathan Argyle of the Logan City Police Department responded to a report of marijuana odor from an apartment near 300 W. 200 North. / By Miriah Griffith

Nibley re-examining the cost of sewage removal
The price of sewage removal is again changing for the citizens of Nibley. / By Shannon K. Johnson

Sunset Park likely to get new neighbors in Nibley
Residents of Sunset Park may be seeing new neighbors if the development for Sunset Parks II goes as planned. / By Shannon K. Johnson

Diagnostic evaluation ordered for woman who had controlled substance
Irene Freeman, who pleaded guilty to possession of a controlled substance, was issued an order Thursday in court for a diagnostic evaluation at the Utah State Prison. / By Laura Mecham

Enjoy the mayo in your life, 'Last Lecture' professor says
For those who "doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world," English Professor Patricia Gantt adds 41 years of educational insight to Margaret Mead's famous aphorism: when life gives you mayonnaise, eat it. / By David Sweeney

Red Cross to have festival April 21 as part of chapter's 'reinvention'
“It’s important for our community to know that we are not funded by the government or by national Red Cross,” said Executive Director Susan Shaw. “The generosity and goodness of our community supports our chapter.” / By Miriah Griffith

North Logan seeking applicants to fill vacant council seat
North Logan is taking applications for a new council member because of the recent resignation. / By Emily Redfield

Cache Rendezvous broadcast for 04/12/07
"Walk a Mile in Her Shoes" puts men in high heels to raise awareness of sexual assault. Also in this broadcast, stories on interior design for graduate students, wedding ideas on Fashion Forward, and the USU bus system. / Producer: Chad Giles. Associate Producer: Mariah Harrison. Anchors: Landen Bench and Amanda Wouden.

Smithfield dentist to go to trial April 29 on gun, drug and sex charges
Smithfield dentist Matthew O. Lyman was bound over to face trial April 29 at his preliminary hearing Friday in 1st District Court. / By Shannon K. Johnson

ATV News broadcast for 04/09/07
In this newscast we take you out to the American West Heritage Center for Baby Animal Days. We also take a closer look at the good cause behind many of the beautiful tulips springing up around Cache Valley. Finnally we show you how Aggie athletes are giving back through charity. / Producer: Albert Poulson. Associate Producer: Ranae Bangerter. Anchors: Britt Shepherd and Cena Pope. Sports Producer and Anchor: Amanda Wouden.

Wellsville to await study before trying to fix sewer system
The City Council decided to wait for an engineering study to be done before making any major decisions about the town's sewer system. / By Riki Richards

Watts unveils plan to put council and police in expanded justice building
Plans for an addition to the city justice building, a revamp of the City Block, and new options for "green" energy were discussed at the City Council meeting Tuesday night. / By Christy Jensen

Newton studies installing 'children at play' signs
The Town Council discussed a request from citizens to post "children at play" signs on Third South. / By Lisa Rose

Cache Rendezvous broadcast for 04/05/07
Easter is this Sunday and we have a special edition of Cache Rendezvous that takes a look at religious Easter celebrations, things to do with your family and even what jewelry to wear. / Producer: Cena Pope. Associate Producer: Britt Shepard. Hosts: Chad Giles and Albert Poulson.

USU student wins Richter7 PR Student of the Year award
Megan Lisonbee Scott of Salt Lake City, a senior majoring in public relations at Utah State University, won the Utah PR Student of the Year competition, sponsored by Richter7, the state’s largest, locally-owned advertising and public relations agency.

Cache planners hear how Virginia handled highway construction
The Cache Metropolitan Planning Organization heard from a guest speaker from Charlottesville, Va., at its monthly meeting Monday night. / By Miriah Griffith

A-TV News broadcast for 04/02/07
In this edition of A-TV News, we explore gambling events, such as poker night, that are a rising trend. WebCT is changing to Blackboard Vista, and this winter's precipitation is a little low for this time of year. / Producer: Ranae Bangerter. Associate Producer: Amanda Wouden. Anchors: Cena Pope
and Paul Garrett. Sports: Chad Giles.

National & International News

Environmental historian pessimistic that New Orleans will ever recover
Lawrence Culver, an environmental historian and assistant history professor at USU, knows his is a pessimistic field. "The stereotype of us is that our job is to go on the History Channel, lean into the camera, and say, 'We're doomed,'" said Lawrence Culver. / By Jen Beasley

Environmental historian pessimistic that New Orleans will ever recover
Lawrence Culver, an environmental historian and assistant history professor at USU, knows his is a pessimistic field. "The stereotype of us is that our job is to go on the History Channel, lean into the camera, and say, 'We're doomed,'" said Lawrence Culver. / By Jen Beasley


Why you should care about David Halberstam
I was listening to Bob Dylan's 1965 classic Desolation Row when I heard the news that David Halberstam had died Monday morning in a car crash in California. What an appropriate juxtaposition, I thought. Halberstam and Dylan had much in common: Great writing skills, status inside and outside the establishment, and the skill of tweaking the noses of those in power. / By Michael S. Sweeney

Time to get over America's victim mentality
I've got a painful truth to tell: America has lost its mind. As a society, we have become so concentrated on ourselves that we have forgotten that anybody else exists. / By Gideon Oakes


Hyde Park runner finds peace of mind in his dozens of marathons
Joel Allred said his career of more than 15 years as a principal and teacher has sometimes been stressful, but he says he runs to "beat it all out on the pavement." He must be beating that pavement pretty hard because he's run 40 marathons and plans on racing in many more. / By Laura Mecham

Tremonton girl doesn't let prosthetic arm keep her from starring in soccer, basketball
A girl who plays soccer and basketball and participates in the student council has a prosthetic arm but lets "nothing stop her from doing the things she wants to do," said Sharri Oyler, the girl's mother. / By Jessica Wakley

Jaycee Carroll declares for the NBA Draft
Utah State fans have long known that star shooting guard Jaycee Carroll would most likely end up in the NBA one day. They just didn't expect that day to come so soon, however. / By Dave Archer

Jazzed for the NBA playoffs, but the foe is tough
All is well in Jazz land . . . well, sort of, anyway. For the first time since 2003, when Karl Malone and John Stockton still donned the purple and white, the Utah Jazz are in the NBA playoffs. / By Dave Archer

Scores of runners raise money for Child and Family Support Center
People of all ages participated in the Race Against Child Abuse in Wellsville on Saturday to commemorate Child Abuse Prevention Month. / By Riki Richards

Utah's fastest schoolgirl a blur on the track, a comedian off it
The fastest girl in Utah attends school in Tremonton. She is a team comedian and is only 15. / By Jessica Wakley

Aggie basketball season a disappointing success
It's hard to imagine something that could be so aptly described by two words that have such completely different meanings. The word "success" usually describes something that is good, the mark of a goal or an achievement reached. Trying to use the word "disappointment" to describe the same thing is about as easy as trying to mix oil and water. / By Dave Archer

5-kilometer run to benefit micro-loan program in Peru
The Cache Valley Salute 5K run/walk benefiting micro-banking in Peru will be at 9 a.m. Saturday at the Nelson Field House. / By Cassia West


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